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Several pieces of action figure news dropped this month, including updates for Hasbro’s 6-inch line and Jakks Pacific’s giant sized 31-inch line. If you missed the announcements, here are a few Boba Fett related snippets that may be of interest.  

Vintage Boba Fett T-Shirt: While most designer T-Shirts popping up these days feature clever mash-ups; it’s refreshing to get a simple and elegant Boba Fett item once and awhile. Artist Mark Daniels of Sublevel Studio has unveiled one of his latest custom designs, which is a clean and beautiful illustration of the vintage Boba Fett action figure by Kenner. I personally, love this design, and at $12 it’s a great item for any collector or fanboy. This T-Shirt is available at – and the good news, this awesome shirt doesn’t have a running clock to make your purchase.

Giant Sized Action Figure: Jakks Pacific revealed images of this year’s lineup of 31-inch giant action figures, following the success of last year’s deluxe Darth Vader. I’m not sure how readily available these figures will be at retailers – they take up a lot of shelf space, so I can’t see stores stocking all the figures at one time – but the 31-inch Boba Fett reminds me a lot of the Saga Legends Boba Fett that hit stores earlier this year. How many of you plan to scoop up this giant sized action figure once it’s available?

Black Series Update: The fourth wave of Black Series 6-inch figures are presently up for pre-order, but some may noticed a change in the lineup – there’s no longer a tall fur ball in the wave. While Hasbro originally planned on releasing Chewbacca in this wave, the awkward positioning of Chewbacca to squeeze him into the packaging didn’t fly – so the figure’s release is being postponed. Instead, the hard to find figures of Boba Fett or a Stormtrooper will be included. This is great news for those still hunting for these earlier figures, especially for army builders.

It’s been more than 30 years since Kenner released its first Star Wars figures. There are lots of fans who still hunt down these vintage figures.

There are plenty of challenges that come with being a vintage collector, so for our second part of our “Let’s Talk Toys” series, we spoke with toy collector and YouTube reviewer, Darth Bools.

He discusses what goes into tracking down vintage figures, what’s important to know going in and what he loves about the line.

Boba Bounty: When did you start collecting Star Wars toys? What was the first line you got into?

Darth Bools: I first started collecting Star Wars toys when I was around 4 years old around 1989, after I received all my older brother’s vintage Kenner figures.

BB: How did you get started collecting vintage figures? Do you get a different thrill from scoring from the vintage line than you do modern figures?

DB: I first discovered Star Wars in the late 80’s. At the time vintage stuff was the only line available. My brother gave me all his figures and watched the movies with me. We looked through his old Kenner stuff and I immediately fell in love with the movies and the toys. I definitely get more of a buzz picking up vintage pieces. I love the modern stuff too, but you can’t beat the feel and the buzz of acquiring a vintage piece you’ve wanted for years and finally having it.

BB: What are challenges with finding vintage figures?

DB: The biggest challenges I’d say are the obvious things, such as condition of the pieces, be it loose, carded or sealed. Also, finding them complete with real their original accessories. A big issue these days is the legitimacy of a piece, especially buying online like through eBay. You will often find re-cards or repo weapons sold as the real thing, which is very annoying for vintage collectors. Always know your stuff before buying online.

BB: What is special about vintage figures that still capture the hearts of collector’s today?

DB: There are so many things that make them special! You have the nostalgia factor, wanting to own something you once had as a kid. There is an unexplainable feel and vibe that this stuff has, like the fact its part of the history of the movies and toys. I can’t quite describe it, but looking back now, the whole lack of articulation made them better, they just scream retro and vintage. The vintage Star Wars stuff goes hand-in-hand with the Original Trilogy. It’s essentially an extension of itself. Nothing could beat the feel of the vintage Kenner line; it will always remain a league of its own compared to modern lines.

BB: What’s your favorite vintage figure? Is there a toy in particular that continues to elude you?

DB: Very hard question. I really do adore the whole vintage Kenner run, but if I had to pick a single figure, I’d say the original telescoping Luke Skywalker. It’s such a lovely figure and a great representation of the look and feel of the vintage line. The one piece to elude me till my dying day is the same as nearly every vintage Star Wars collector, the beautiful prototype rocket firing Boba Fett. I would sell a couple of limbs for that piece!

BB: What would you recommend to someone starting a vintage Star Wars collection?

DB: For any first time vintage collector I’d start with loose figures and work up from there. Mainly just get the things that really appeal to you, the pieces you want. Just be mindful, when buying vintage, to do your research on pricing and legitimacy of its authenticity. There are a lot of sellers putting prices too high or repo pieces. A good place to go is, which offers a lot of vintage stuff and the prices are usually the average of what you would expect to be paying. They are a good pricing source guide.

BB: Where are the best places to find vintage Star Wars toys?

DB: EBay is great for finding a lot of vintage stuff. You can often find things you’re looking for on there, but as I said before, be cautious and do you research beforehand. Conventions are also great for finding deals from reputable dealers, as well as networking with them by chatting and getting their business cards and info for future purchases. If you’re lucky, like me, and have a vintage toy shop close by, they are always killer places to find rare vintage, very cheap.

BB: What’s the biggest difference between vintage and modern Star Wars? Just the articulation or is the difference more about nostalgia?

DB: Obviously there are major differences in molding and the tech used to produce these pieces. As I previously said, it’s mainly the look, feel and spirit of the items and their eras that make them different. They’re all part of the thing we love the most and will collect them as they continue to evolve over our life time.

BB: Anything else you’d like to share?

DB: All I can say is, collect what you love, keep collecting and, “May the force be with you!”

Check out more of Darth Bools’ impressive vintage collection on Instagram and watch his reviews on YouTube.