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imageThanks to the support of everyone, we’ve reached 500 “Likes” on our #BringBackBoba Campaign page.

With your continued support, we hope to gain the attention of the producers and writers of Star Wars Rebels and encourage them to further develop the story of young Boba Fett’s rise to the bounty hunter we see later in the Star Wars Saga.

For our second campaign challenge, we invite our friends to share the #BringBackBoba Campaign page with three of your friends – we’re hoping this will assist in reaching a benchmark of 1,000 “Likes” on Facebook.

  • In our first campaign challenge, we asked fans why they’d like to see Boba Fett’s return. Here is a sample of the responses that shared via Twitter:
  • @johnnyeleazu Such an iconic character, who wouldn’t bring back Boba Fett #BringBackBoba
  • @Amne97 #BringBackBoba I’d love to know what happens to him within the time period of Attack of the Clones and The Empire Strikes Back
  • @flyguy #BringBackBoba because dammit, we want to see @Daniel_Logan get the bucket on and hunt down a one handed @SamuelLJackson
  • @Ulic80 Boba Fett is an iconic character! Must be in #StarWarsRebels #BringBackBoba
  • @N7Trooper3 Boba is one of the most iconic characters of the Star Wars Universe. You can’t have Star Wars Rebels without him! #BringBackBoba
  • @MariahLambes I would #BringBackBoba because he has been my favorite character since I was 3 and both Jeremy Bulloch and @Daniel_Logan are awesome people!

You can join the campaign by “Liking” our page at Cheers to reaching 1,000!

imageOver the last couple months we’ve posted a number of speculative stories about how Boba Fett could be reintroduced in Star Wars Rebels, along with numerous other pieces on how writers could approach the show. As we launch our #BringBackBoba Campaign Challenge, we are now asking you all to chime in for our first prompt.

The first campaign challenge is for fans to use the hashtag, #BringBackBoba, on a social networking platform, with an explanation as to why you’d personally like to see Boba Fett return to Star Wars Rebels. Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or another site – we invite you to participate, hopefully catching the attention of the “powers-that-be” over at Lucasfilm and Disney.

Also, join the ongoing conversations over at the #BringBackBoba Campaign page on Facebook. Don’t forget to “Like” us and don’t hesitate to post on our wall.



The Boba Bounty announces its first Giveaway in celebration of reaching 50 followers on Twitter. This weekend, a random follower will be chosen to receive four free trading cards from Star Wars Galactic Files.

These cards include bounty hunters Bossk, Zuckuss and Durge, and Death Watch leader Pre Vizsla. To be eligible, just follow us at by Friday night at midnight.

If you’d like to help promote this giveaway, tweet who your favorite bounty hunter or Mandalorian is and why, followed by hashtag #bobabountygiveaway.

The random follower will be direct messaged, where we can obtain a mailing address to send the cards. The winner will have three days to accept the giveaway offer, or a runner-up will be chosen.

Thank you all for the continued support and readership! We’ll plan bigger giveaways each time we hit a milestone.

The match-up between Boba and Jango Fett went live this morning at midnight. Results will be determined April 2, giving a span of about four days to gather votes - so recruit as many friends and family as you can to vote for Boba! Here’s what we recommend:

  • You can only vote once, but you may vote multiple times on different platforms, so vote on your home, school and work computer, your phone, iPod or tablet devices.
  • Help spread the word by using #TeamBoba and #ThisIsMadness on Twitter.
  • Reblog this post to help spread our campaign to push Boba Fett into the third round.
  • Increase the volume of votes by lobbying friends and family to vote for Boba Fett via Facebook, Google+ and other social network platforms.

Thanks for your continued support in demonstrating the power of the Mandalorian’s fan base!

imageThe Boba Bounty will start being more active on it’s Twitter page. Here’s the posting schedule, which launched about a week ago. Each day will feature news, trivia, quotes or photos related to Boba Fett.

You can follow us at:

Sunday: Upcoming comics, novels and collectibles

Monday: The latest in news and rumors

Tuesday: Actor trivia and fun facts

Wednesday: Quote of the week

Thursday: Facts about Mandalore and its people

Friday: Link to a brand new blog post

Saturday: Movie stills, fan art or images from comics

We’re hoping if everything goes well, we can look forward to further uses of the Twitter page, including hashtag campaigns, live chats and more.