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Toward the first of the year, Fantasy Flight Games supplemented its Star Wars: The Card Game with the Edge of Darkness deluxe expansion. This added 132 cards to the game, including many bounty hunter characters and objectives – and of course Boba Fett oriented cards. I haven’t gotten my hands on this game yet, but it’s been clinging to my wish-list since February. If you’ve played with this expansion, contact us at and we’d be interested in interviewing you for a story on its game play, how easy it is to learn and what your gaming experience has been like.


If you were impressed by the 350 card base set of Star Wars Galactic Files, then you’ll be blown away to learn the second series of this card line introduces more than 300 new cards.

After these additions, it would be hard to argue with Topps claim this is the most comprehensive Star Wars trading card set ever seen. The set also introduces new insert sets, sketch cards, autographs and more.

Boba Fett is featured many times in this expansion, including a Medallion Relic card, dual autographs of Jeremy Bulloch and Alan Harris a.k.a Bossk, an autograph card for Daniel Logan and Bulloch, amongst others – many more Boba Fett cards than seen in the base set.

This year, Topps also debuted a new trading card set, Star Wars Jedi Legacy, which visually follows the parallel journeys of Luke and Anakin Skywalker – the set consists of 90 base cards and three insert sets including Connections, Influences and The Circle is Now Complete. Although this is a Jedi-centric series, Boba Fett is included in a half dozen insert cards. These include a Jeremy Bulloch autograph card.

You may have seen the prepackaged Star Wars Illustrated trading cards in this month’s Star Wars Insider. Here’s a peak at one of the cards featuring Boba Fett, seen partnered with Bossk, which continues the retcon relationship between the two bounty hunters adopted after The Clone Wars. The series debuts Nov. 6.

Dan Curto illustrated some sketch cards for the new installment of Star Wars Galactic Files trading cards, one of which, is of Boba Fett. Curto’s sketch cards are limited to 200 and can be found randomly throughout the booster packs worldwide. These are extremely hard to find and valuable, averaging one sketch card per booster box purchased.

Dan Curto illustrated some sketch cards for the new installment of Star Wars Galactic Files trading cards, one of which, is of Boba Fett. Curto’s sketch cards are limited to 200 and can be found randomly throughout the booster packs worldwide. These are extremely hard to find and valuable, averaging one sketch card per booster box purchased.

More exclusives announced for Celebration Europe II! The company, Mint in Box, will have available a bounty hunter card set, featuring six designs including Boba Fett, Bossk, IG-88, Dengar and others.

The cards will be available all three days of the show in Hall 5 of Messe Essen. They’re limited to 1,000 copies. The images are breathtaking and illustrated by Sebastien Lasnon. An even more limited number of matching box will be available as well.

For more information, visit Mint in Box. You may need a translator



The Boba Bounty announces its first Giveaway in celebration of reaching 50 followers on Twitter. This weekend, a random follower will be chosen to receive four free trading cards from Star Wars Galactic Files.

These cards include bounty hunters Bossk, Zuckuss and Durge, and Death Watch leader Pre Vizsla. To be eligible, just follow us at by Friday night at midnight.

If you’d like to help promote this giveaway, tweet who your favorite bounty hunter or Mandalorian is and why, followed by hashtag #bobabountygiveaway.

The random follower will be direct messaged, where we can obtain a mailing address to send the cards. The winner will have three days to accept the giveaway offer, or a runner-up will be chosen.

Thank you all for the continued support and readership! We’ll plan bigger giveaways each time we hit a milestone.

These limited edition art sleeves feature a sharp illustration of Boba Fett, which fit snugly on standard sized trading cards. A great way to protect your collection, whether you target specific characters or entire sets like Star Wars Galactic Files. The sleeves are snug enough, to still fit inside 9-pocket binder sleeves, once fitted over a trading card.

In 2011, Topps began brainstorming a new series of trading cards that would prove engaging, informative and collectible. With a base set consisting of 350 cards, the Star Wars Galactic Files succeeded in spades, including a comprehensive collection of characters from the films and Expanded Universe.

In a blog entry last month, product developer David Waldeck wrote Topps wanted a series that worked as a “Who’s Who” for the Star Wars Universe. He said in an era of Internet sites and Blu-ray extras, the bonus information provided through trading cards has diminished.

Waldeck said the series needed to be informative and possess interactivity between cards. The reverse of each card is packed with interest. Not only does each card provide a brief synopsis of the character card, but points out what era of the Star Wars timeline the person was active, and what other cards the individual has history with.

Boba Fett is featured on four of the 350 base cards. One provides information on the bounty hunter as a child, then two more for track Boba Fett as an adult at two different points in the film. The fourth card features his ship, Slave I, which he inherited from his father following his death. He is also mentioned in other character’s cards, like bounty hunter Aurra Sing.

What’s also nice about this series is it could easily be expanded upon. Theoretically, the series could track each character through the various eras they remained active – whether film or Expanded Universe. Though, this could be complicated depending on what direction Disney takes its newly adopted trilogy and other future films.

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In 2010, fans of The Clone Wars were treated with the release of a new series of trading cards entitled, “Rise of the Bounty Hunters.” The cards were inspired by the second season of the animated series, and focused on characters like Cad Bane, Aurra Sing and Boba Fett.

If you’ve viewed the second season of The Clone Wars then you’re aware the last story arch focuses on a young Boba Fett seeking revenge against Mace Windu for the death of his father. Of course, I’m biased but this was my favorite three episodes of the season.

The young Boba Fett is represented by half dozen cards, which screen captures various scenes from the episodes.

“Rise of the Bounty Hunters” includes sketch cards, animator sketch cards, foil-stamped parallels and motion cards. Along with retailers selling the series by individual packs, the cards were also made available in collectible tins that held eight packs. The tins were come in the shape of clone trooper helmets.

The back of each card depicts the episode the screen capture comes from, when the episode aired, the writer and director and trivia from the episode.

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