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Emily Morton was kind enough to share some photos from Celebration Europe with us. Pictured top center is Temuera Morrison leading his fellow Fetts in a traditional Haka warrior dance.Pictured middle, left, Jeremy Bulloch aims Nerf gun during an onstage game. Pictured middle, right, Morrison and Daniel Logan reenact the Battle of Genosis. Pictured bottom are John Morton and Dickey Beer at their autograph tables on the Celebration floor.

Lucasfilm officials announced yesterday four of the men who’ve portrayed Boba Fett on-screen will attend Star Wars Celebration Europe this July in Messe Essen, Germany.

This will include Daniel Logan, Jeremy Bulloch, Dickey Beer and John Morton. The latter two performers worked as stunt men during the filming of Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Rumors of a Boba Fett spin-off circulate the web, and actors like Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan and Temuera Morrison have been making more public appearances and giving more interviews.

Could this be a slow build up to a major announcement about a Boba Fett project? If it were, is there any better place to unveil the project that during a reunion of the Fett family this summer in Germany?

We already know George Lucas initially planned to make an announcement about Episode VII at the last Celebration, but it was postponed due to continued negotiations with Disney.

Five months ago Entertainment Weekly included Logan, Bulloch and Beer in their double-sized reunion issue. reports the four performers will be giving autographs at Celebration, but the first hint at something larger is the mention they’ll also be on the Celebration Stage.

This begs the question - what will they be doing on stage? Will it be a panel? A tribute reel? Or perhaps, the announcement of a future project - whether that’s a spin-off film, news about Episode VII or a new television series.


On-screen father and son duo, Temuera Morrison and Daniel Logan, reunited during a television spot last week to promote Con Nooga – an entertainment convention based out of Chattanooga, Tenn.

During their appearance on WDEF News 12, Morrison was asked about his thoughts on the rumored Boba Fett spin-off film. Morrison, who lives in New Zealand, started by saying he loves the opportunity to attend conventions state-side, because it gives him a chance to see his son (read, Daniel Logan.)

Morrison said when he heard Disney had bought Lucasfilm, that he figured this was a good time to show his face around. It was noted that Morrison’s age falls in line with how old Fett would be post-Return of the Jedi.

He also said he’s seen fans lobby for him to play the role of Boba Fett in new movies through social networking sites. The primary reason being Boba was a clone of Jango, so of course he’d look like his father.

It should be noted though, this isn’t necessary a requirement. In the comics, such as Twin Engines of Destruction, Boba Fett is shown to have his face scarred and destroyed by the digestive acids of the Sarlacc. Therefore, in theory, any actor could play the bounty hunter – since their face would be disfigured, not having to resemble Morrison’s likeness from Attack of the Clones.

Boba Fett is NOT dead.

After Disney announced its acquisition of Lucasfilm, speculation and rumors flew across the Internet. What continues to get under my skin is the notion from journalist and bloggers that Boba Fett died in the stomach of the Sarlacc.

Those who are familiar with the Expanded Universe, and recent interviews with George Lucas, know Boba Fett is far from dead.

The question remains though: who should be cast as Boba Fett in upcoming Star Wars sequels? I’ve come up with three likely suspects.

Jeremy Bulloch - The Original Man Behind the Mask

Jeremy Bulloch brought a subtle nuance to his portrayal of Boba Fett, which endeared the bounty hunter to audiences worldwide. The way he cradled his blaster while standing on the command deck of the Death Star; the slightest nod awarded to a disguised Leia in Jabba’s Palace; or his commanding presence in Cloud City are examples of how Bulloch used body language to define his character.

The fact that Bulloch is approach age 65 doesn’t necessarily mean he cannot suit up for the sequel trilogy. In a recent interview, Bulloch expressed his willingness to pick up his role as Boba Fett for Episode VII. He said he remains spry, and because Boba Fett wears a helmet, the more action oriented scenes could easily be performed by a stunt man – as they were in the original trilogy.

Boba Fett is a walking arsenal. It’s easy for an actor to appear stiff underneath all that armor and heavy clothes, but Bulloch has the chops to emote from underneath all those layers. There’s one problem though – Boba Fett is a clone of his father, Jango Fett – who we’ve seen unmasked in Attack of the Clones. Therefore, the film would be handicapped by having to explain how Boba Fett grew to look nothing like the template he was created from in Episode II.

Daniel Logan - Not Like Other Clones

We were introduced to Daniel Logan when he played the child Boba Fett in Attack of the Clones. It was good casting, because he carried a familial resemblance to his one screen father, Temuera Morrison. When Lucasfilm launched The Clone Wars, they brought Logan on to continue his role as young Boba Fett when appeared during the last story arch of the second season.

Over the last decade, Logan has grown a strong fan base of younger Star Wars fans and owns the role in that right. He is the Jeremy Bulloch of what I like to call, “the clone generation.” Logan’s involvement with Episode VII would keep continuity with George Lucas’ revised vision of the Star Wars Universe.

The problem arises in this casting choice because Logan is twentysomething, making him too young to appear in a film that assuming takes place years after Return of the Jedi. The filmmakers could parry this by saying his DNA was altered to slow aging, in contrast to Clone Troopers, whose aging was sped up. However, that seems too convenient.

Temuera Morrison - From Jango to Boba?

Ironically, the actor I feel is best to play Boba Fett in upcoming movies is none other than Temuera Morrison. This New Zealand-born actor first wore the Mandalorian armor in Attack of the Clones and for the first time on screen, we got to see the full capabilities of its weapons inventory.

Morrison gave a great performance in Attack of the Clones and was the highlight of the prequel trilogy for me – yeah, I’m biased. He made the character of Jango Fett his own and his performance earned continuing storylines from Mandalorian space in comics, books and television.

I believe Morrison would be a great casting choice because of several reasons. Being an unaltered clone of his father, you can only conclude Boba Fett would grow to look exactly like Jango Fett. Also, his age would seem more appropriate for the era the sequel trilogy will most likely take place in. The actor could actually remove his helmet in the film without a retcon being applied.

Even the harshest critic of the prequel trilogy has to admit the most engaging characters in Episode II: Attack of the Clones was the portrayal of Daniel Logan as a young Boba Fett, and his father, Jango Fett, played by actor Temuera Morrison.

Boba Fett became a fan favorite from the original trilogy, even though his back story was fleshed out more so in the expanded universe of comics and novels. However, in Attack of the Clones, we received a cinematic look at the origin and motivations of the child bounty hunter.

In October’s edition of Star Wars Insider, readers are treated to two excerpts from interviews with these two actors.

From a 2005 interview, Logan recounts he was surprised when he was offered the role of a young Boba Fett after auditions. He went in thinking he was reading for the part of a Jedi. He also shares an amusing antidote of how he picked up a stick and twirled it around, pretending it was a lightsaber during the auditions.

Morrison’s interview is from earlier this year and he talks about the pressure of playing such a pivotal role to the franchise. The father and son dynamic we saw on the screen, also rang true, because he took Logan under his wing during filming – treating him like his own son.

The one disappointment for Morrison, he said, was being killed off so early in the franchise. Luckily for us, we can read more about Jango and Boba in written works.

Thinking back to the prequels, it was the relationship between the bounty hunter and son that stands out the most. While these interviews are short, it’s nice to receive some insight from the two actors on how they developed their characters, what it was like to work with George Lucas and relate to other cast and crew.  

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