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This late Christmas present from my wife finally arrived in the mail - an iPhone hard case to replace my broken one. I think the image image of Boba Fett erupting from the Sarlacc is pretty metaphorical for the New Year.

About 16,000 participated in an online poll at on who they most want to see return in Episode VII. The results were a near landslide, with Boba Fett receiving nearly a quarter of the votes. Twenty-three percent of the people polled voted for Boba Fett.

The best way to illustrate the scale of these results, the runner up was Darth Maul with 12 percent and Chewbacca with 11 percent. included 20 characters in the poll, excluding “obvious” choices like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Darth Vader.

Earlier this year, came up with similar results during their March Madness Character Tournament. If you take the same characters out, that IGN omitted, and you’d be left also with Boba Fett as the top choice – note, he did make the semi-finals during that tourney.

While I was excited to learn these results, the result articles made my teeth grind – the writer commenting that Boba Fett is dead, a fact we all know is false. Even if you’re only considering G-Level canon, you cannot conclude Boba died.

A rule of thumb for genre television and movies has always been – if you don’t see a body, you can’t know 100 percent they’re fate is sealed. That being said, this story has been making the rounds and I must imagine has come to the attention of Lucasfilm officials.

Let’s continue to cross our fingers that we’ll see the “resurrection” of Boba Fett in the sequel trilogy. reported exciting news by posting photos of more Disney exclusive Star Wars/Disney mash-up merchandise. These will be available at Disney Parks by the end of May.

Chris Wyman shared photos of the “Sarlacc Attack” set, which features Goofy as Chewbacca, Donald Duck as Han Solo, Minnie Mouse as Leia, Mickey Mouse as Luke Skywalker and Pete as Boba Fett – keeping true to past mash-ups Disney released in the past.

The above photos were taken by Chris Wyman. Find the latest Star Wars related news by bookmarking - one of the best resources on the Internet.

“I deliver. Once I’ve caught my prey, nothing stops me from bringing it in – nothing. If I take on the job, I complete it and everybody in the galaxy knows that.”

Zen Studios released the first trailer for its digital Star Wars Pinball game, the first tables including Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Starting Feb. 26-27, the games can be downloaded on Xbox LIVE, Playstation Network and through multiple mobile platforms.

The trailer teases viewers with engaging game play, which features fast moving graphics, authentic sounding audio and iconic homage to the original trilogy.

The first trailer introduces the gravely, accented voice of Boba Fett and pans to a view of a vast arena, which includes the Sarlacc Pit; secret doors harboring Stormtroopers, Jabba the Hutt and Darth Vader; icons of other bounty hunters; and dozens of moving pieces.

The Boba Fett game will feature several options to execute action. The goal for the player is to complete missions by scoring a certain amount of points, triggering letters to spell out specific words, or hitting various targets – all the while avoiding being sucked into the Sarlacc Pit.  

This isn’t Zen Studio’s first venture into digital pinball. After a number of original titles, they’ve released a half dozen Marvel franchise theme games. Officials stated there will be about 10 Star Wars digital tables available planned for this series.

I’m excited to check out this game, once it’s available. This is a fresh way to experience the Star Wars universe and there’s a reason pinball games have been a popular arcade style game for more than three decades. However, I wonder who this game is aimed toward – I feel it will be embraced more so by the original trilogy generation.

I have a feeling Zen Studios is also not quite sure which demographic will download this game the most, explaining their choices in initial releases. The Empire table will appeal to the OT players, the Boba Fett table will demonstrate stand alone character power and the Clone Wars table is probably targeted toward the younglings.

Depending on which of these versions proves most popular will most likely decide which direction the company steers for future releases.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think:

My wife got me the LEGO Star Wars Dessert Skiff set for Valentine’s Day. This is an item I’ve had my eye on for a while now, so I was pretty excited to receive it.

LEGO has evolved quite a lot since I was a kid. Its licensed products are definitely the bread and butter that have kept them alive and strong over the years. This LEGO set captures the rescue scene from Return of the Jedi, where Jabba and friends condemn Luke Skywalker to 1,000 years in the belly of the Sarlacc.

The set includes the LEGO figures of Luke Skywalker, Lando Calrissian, Boba Fett and Kithaba. Of course, it also features the Dessert Skiff and Sarlacc Pit. The skiff has some cool functions, including a retractable plank, a firing missile and a weapons locker.

An instruction manual makes it easy to construct the skiff and the Sarlacc Pit. The set also comes with extra pieces, like the Sarlacc teeth, just in case you lose a few items. This is handy, especially if you’re buying this for children who may not be constructing these pieces for display; rather they end up in a toy box.

There’s amazing detail put into the characters and other items. It’s also easy to put together, I constructed my set in under an hour. There’s enough characters included, that the set offers plenty of imaginary scenarios to play with. You can run through a number of alternative outcomes to the scene, whereas anybody could end up in the mouth of the Sarlacc (which can open and close.)

Accessories for the LEGO figures include four blasters, a Lightsaber and axe. The Boba Fett minifigure comes with his jetpack and removable helmet – the case is the same for Lando. These LEGO sets are a ton of fun and easily accompany each other to create larger play sets to recreate scenes from the films or make your own adventures.

I highly recommend this LEGO set for collectors of any age. This is a good item to start with, which can supplement sets like Jabba’s Palace, etc.  

From “Boba Fett: Twin Engines of Destruction.” While recovering from escaping the belly of the Sarlacc, an imposter named Jodo Kast has been posing as Boba Fett in order to land higher profile bounties. However, toying with the reputation of the most infamous bounty hunter in the galaxy can quickly catch up to you, as Kast finds out when he comes face-to-face with the real Boba Fett.

From "Star Wars: Dark Empire #4." Han Solo is rattled by the resurfacing of Boba Fett, who most in the galaxy believed perished to the Sarlacc. Boba and Dengar are in pursuit of Solo and Leia as they attempt to escape Nar Shadda and retrieve Luke Skywalker who is has plummeted further into the Dark Side.