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After months of very little collecting news, a tornado of announcements has fallen upon San Diego Comic Con. I was thrilled to see plenty of new Boba Fett merchandise previewed and with companies saving their biggest reveals for Celebration Europe next month – we can only assume even more Boba Fett-oriented collectibles are going to pop up next weekend. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve seen come out of the convention so far.

Hasbro officially announced the line-up for its second wave of Black Series 6-inch action figures. Wave 2 includes four characters, including Boba Fett, Han Solo, Slave Leia and Greedo. Boba Fett is the same figure included in the SDCC/Celebration exclusive box set, but without the Han Solo in Carbonite. These figures are scheduled to hit store shelves this fall.

Take its cue from the Skylanders franchise; Hasbro is introducing Angry Birds Star Wars II Telepods. These figurines are similar to the mystery bags we saw earlier this year, but with new sculpt and they can be digitally entered as playable characters in an Angry Birds Star Wars II online game. They can be purchased in figure packs or through sets – including a Bounty Hunter set, featuring Jango Fett and an Angry Birds version of Slave I in Boba Fett’s colors. The application and Telepods are debuting this September.

Even though Hasbro’s Class II vehicles released a few months ago didn’t fly off the shelves, the toy company plans to release another three vehicles this fall. In addition to Obi Wan and Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter, Hasbro will release Boba Fett’s Slave I. This is just a repaint of Jango Fett’s Slave I, which is currently clearance for $13 at Target.

The Clone Wars toy line was canceled earlier this year, but Hasbro is including characters from the animated series, along with Original Trilogy characters, in its Saga Legends line – waves coming in 2014. Hasbro officials report this line will feature less articulation, but at a lower price. They say the sculpts will remain highly detailed, but after being used to high articulation, the figures appear visibly stiff. Included in early waves will be Boba Fett, designed after his Episode V appearance.

Gentle Giant laid a surprise on fans during preview day at SDCC, when via Instagram, they revealed a new Holiday Special Boba Fett maquette. Fans remember Gentle Giant producing an animated style Boba Fett as a Celebration IV exclusive in 2007, but this statue is vastly different in style and its pose. The officials didn’t give any further details, like release date or price, but the images of the piece are amazing. I for one, I am eager to secure this item on my display shelves.

During the onslaught of information, images and news coming from the convention – The Dented Helmet posted a photo of a Prototype Helmet they helped develop with eFX Collectibles. The cast was designed after the actual hero helmet Boba Fett wore from The Empire Strikes Back.

Here’s a round-up of all the Boba Fett related news from the past week or so. This is quite a month for our favorite bounty hunter, so rather than flood you with a series of posts, here are the highlights, including more news on SDCC and Celebration exclusives!

While making an appearance at a local convention in Cedar Falls last week, actor Jeremy Bulloch was joined by a chapter of Mandalorian Mercs to brighten the day of 7-year-old Jacob Fresher, a Star Wars fan who’s been fighting cancer the last two years. Jacob got to spend an hour with one of his heroes, received autographs and picked out his own souvenirs.

Gentile Giant announced it will offer an exclusive Boba Fett Deluxe Mini Bust at this year’s Sand Diego Comic Con. The bust is based off his appearance in Return of the Jedi and comes with multiple interchangeable arms, allowing numerous poses. Available at the Gentle Giant booth, this piece limited to 2,500 pieces is available for $150.

Another San Diego Comic Con exclusive this year includes Evel Fett, a 12-inch exclusive by Retro Outlaw. A mash-up of Boba Fett and iconic stuntman Evel Knievel, this figure features a removable cape and swagger stick. It’s available for $120 and the first 150 customers will also receive a free screen print.

LEGO announced its latest product from its Star Wars line, which features a Boba Fett Minifigure Keylight. This can be attached to your keychain and shines a light from the minifigure’s feet when its chest is pressed. I’ve yet to see a prototype of this item, so it’s not quite clear how bright the light actually is – but it still makes a great addition to your LEGO Star Wars collection.

Now on retail shelves is “Star Wars Mega Models,” a guide to building four papercraft models. The projects include a TIE Fighter, Boba Fett’s helmet, a miniature Yoda and Anakin’s Lightsaber. Most stores have this book on clearance for $11.04 and it can be found near other craft related Star Wars reference titles, including LEGO minifigure encyclopedias and origami guides.