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Toward the first of the year, Fantasy Flight Games supplemented its Star Wars: The Card Game with the Edge of Darkness deluxe expansion. This added 132 cards to the game, including many bounty hunter characters and objectives – and of course Boba Fett oriented cards. I haven’t gotten my hands on this game yet, but it’s been clinging to my wish-list since February. If you’ve played with this expansion, contact us at and we’d be interested in interviewing you for a story on its game play, how easy it is to learn and what your gaming experience has been like.

Jeremy Bulloch was interviewed for “Star Wars Insider” #140, where he shared his five favorite rogues in film. The list doesn’t include characters exclusively to the Star Wars Universe, except for three characters.

Of course, his number one pick is Boba Fett, comparing the bounty hunter to the character, The Man With No Name, from Clint Eastwood’s “A Fistful of Dollars.” This is no shocker since Bulloch has stated in the past he mirrored Eastwood’s performance for his portrayal of Boba Fett.

His inclusion of Jodo Kast proves that Bulloch is a reader of the Expanded Universe. He said Jodo Kast is an unproven rogue and that he’d be interested in seeing that characters past further delved into. Bulloch imagines there’s an untold history between Kast and Boba Fett – a past we only got the slightest peek at in the pages of “Twin Engines of Destruction.”

Other characters mentioned were Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Madmartigan from the film, “Willow.” To read his explanations for why these other characters make his list of top rogues, pick up the latest issue of “Star Wars Insider.”