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RebelForce Radio launched another sister podcast, which will be released once a month and feature hosts Tricia Barr of the and Teresa Delgado of The show will present the female voices of Star Wars fandom, including spotlight interviews and fangirl perspectives.

The inaugural episode dropped last week, which featured an engaging interview with voice actress Catherine Taber – best known as the voice of Padme from The Clone Wars.

The first episode also featured a well balanced discussion of Boba Fett’s popularity and use in the films and Expanded Universe. This conversation earned my full respect and made me an official fan of their podcast, who will now become a loyal listener.

Barr and Delgado debated on whether the use of Boba Fett is exhausted in Star Wars, speculating the merit of both sides of the argument. What I appreciated is their respect for both perspectives, instead of attacking opposing views rather than insulting Boba Fett’s fan base.

The hosts speak clearly and are very articulate. There are no annoying speech habits, they don’t try to force jokes or tire the audience by repeating the same talking points over and over. I highly recommend this podcast. Barr and Delgado are endearing and you’ll find yourself looking up their other online projects following your first listen.

Between Fangirls Going Rogue and Radio 1138, Jason and Jimmy are putting together a strong, diverse stable of podcasts that I’m sure will provide comprehensive coverage and speculation of the Star Wars Universe going into a new era of the galaxy far, far away.

You can download Fangirls Going Rogue for free on iTunes or at Also, follow these ladies on Twitter @FGGoingRogue and at

Shotglass Digital launched a new companion podcast to its flagship, RebelForce Radio, which partners with Jedi News correspondents James Burns and Mark Newbold. The monthly podcast, Radio 1138, will feature in-depth conversations about Star Wars fandom centered in United Kingdom and other parts of Europe – which may go over the radar of U.S. based fan communities.

Its inaugural episode features highlights from a The Making of Return of the Jedi panel recorded live in London. The Q&A event was filled with engaging stories and Star Wars trivia from author Jonathan Rinzler, who was joined by Jeremy Bulloch.

Download October’s episode for free on iTunes or at to hear some great antidotes ranging from how many times Bulloch’s worn the Boba Fett armor off screen to the decision to have the bounty hunter befall the Sarlacc Pitt in ROTJ. has become a comprehensive source for Star Wars rumors and news, but I’m looking forward to receiving even more supplemental information about fan events and interviews happening overseas that those of us in the U.S. may not be privy to.

This should also be a great new source of actor news. We are rich with appearances and interviews from voice actors in the states, but this show could bring us more insights from Star Wars actors who work and live across the pond.

If you haven’t listened to this week’s RebelForce Radio, then download it now to check out an exclusive interview with Daniel Logan and Tom Kane at last weekend’s Marigold Festival in Illinois.

Logan and Kane take a stroll down memory lane, recounting stories from the set of Attack of the Clones and production for The Clone Wars.

Normally, I’d give a rundown of everything talked about, but this podcast is so informative and entertaining – you really need to listen to it for yourself.

However, if that’s not enough to intrigue you – here are some items addressed:

  • Daniel Logan talks about how he landed his first acting role, and later the part of Boba Fett, stemming from his involvement in Rugby.
  • Logan entertains fans with onset stories, including, drag racing golf carts, swinging Lightsabers and how he learned his onscreen father was decapitated.
  • Tom Kane gives insight on being a voice actor, what it takes to make it in the profession and reveals behind the scene stories from sound stages.
  • We learn a little more about the unaired sixth season of The Clone Wars
  • Mandalorian Mercs reveal a special surprise for Daniel Logan

RebelForce Radio broadcasted live from C2E2 over the weekend, where they caught up with actor Daniel Logan. His interview can be found 36 minutes into the episode.

  • Logan speaks on a number of topics include:
  • His growing up around conventions
  • Toying with the idea of getting a tattoo
  • Recalling the day he became an honorary member of the 501st
  • How he views Tuemera Morrison as a role model
  • Thoughts on the future of Star Wars cinema
  • He addresses unanswered questions about Boba Fett and The Clone Wars

Listen to Logan’s interview, and those of numerous other actors, by downloading RebelForce Radio through iTunes for free or hear it for free at