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Looking for something colorful or breathtaking for your Geekcave? Some new Boba Fett artwork have made their way onto the Internet this past week.

It’s not too often limited edition prints are made at affordable prices, so it’s not shocker that Tom Hodges’ “Boba and his Bounty” sold out pretty fast. In fact, as you read this, the item has been removed from his etsy page – sold out before 8 a.m. two days ago.

If you missed out on Hodges’ piece, another affordable, but fantastic piece is available for pre-order at “Luke To The Rescue,” is a hand-numbered limited edition of 95 pieces, measuring 19 inches tall by 13 inches wide and available for $89.

The piece illustrates Luke’s heroic scene on the Desert Skiff in Return of the Jedi, as he faces off against Boba Fett during his rescue mission. The artist, James Silvani, has a unique and fresh approach to his artwork – fantastic for your child’s room or hanging over your collection of animated style Star Wars toys.

Subscribers to “Star Wars Insider” should have already received their copy of issue #143. If you don’t subscribe, be sure to pick it up to check out the Boba Fett snippets scattered throughout the issue.

Within the first few pages of the issue, we get a look at Boba Fett-centered artwork being featured at Celebration Europe. Two of the three pieces highlighted are the amazing paintings by Joe Corroney and Brian Rood, which have already made heavy rounds on the Internet. Corroney comments on his desire to show Fett and Slave Leia in an Expanded Universe type way, and Rood expresses his motivation to return Boba Fett to Kamino.

One of the coolest features in this issue is short interviews from the characters who appeared in Return of the Jedi at Jabba’s Palace. Jeremy Bulloch comments on his interactions during filming with the performer inside Jabba’s tail – and how he tried to make the most out of every scene, consciously thinking, what can he do in this scene to make Boba Fett look cool? What really got my attention though, was the photo used for Bulloch’s interview – showing Boba Fett in Jabba’s Palace – standing next to Bossk.

The issue also takes a closer look at the Comic Con exclusive, featuring Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite, the upcoming book, The Bounty Hunter Code, and a information on the upcoming “Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets” trade paperback.