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Another busy week for the Mandalorian bounty hunter, and another Boba Fett round-up:

In June 1978, the prototype armor for Boba Fett was revealed to George Lucas in his home. Last week footage from this unveiling was first dropped on the Internet. As a tribute to “what could have been,” Sideshow Collectibles is working on a sixth scale figure of Boba Fett in his white prototype armor. The sneak peek of the figure looks highly detailed and fit for any collector’s display.

Japanese toy company, Medicom, is releasing their second addition to its Vintage Vinyl series. This Boba Fett figure stands about 9.5 inches and costs close to $100. Medicom does not ship internationally, so collectors will have to scour eBay or luck out at conventions to pick up this item.

Available in August, Bioworld Merchandising is taking pre-orders for its Mandalorian Insignia backpack. The backpack appears sturdy and features the color scheme of Boba Fett, with the Mythosaur patch embroidered on its side. This item has a list price of $59.99.

Perfect for your “Little Fett” to watch fireworks this Fourth of July, Kohls is selling a Boba Fett folding chair for the discounted price of $11.39. The chair is child size and comes with a carrying bag for storage. Made of polyester and steel, the chair can hold weight up to 80 pounds.

Comic Images released its new collection of Star Wars rag dolls this month. This plush toy is a great bedtime buddy for kids (or adults) and the design is less deformed than the officially licensed plush toys produced a year or so ago.

Giveaways are popping up everywhere – including on the #BringBackBoba Campaign page. We are giving away a free trade paperback copy of “Boba Fett: Enemy of the Empire” to one lucky person on our Facebook page. You can become eligible simply by “Liking” us on Facebook.

To celebrate reaching its 10,000th “Like” on Facebook, The Dented Helmet is giving away three shoulder patches, featuring Prototype Fett insignia. This patch is designed by Dented Helmet member Skaught and the contest runs through Monday.

In 2011, Hasbro released this exclusive figure of Boba Fett (Prototype Armor) as part of its Vintage Collection. It was only available as a mail-away offer after purchasing five Star Wars action figures and sending in the UPC codes, along with shipping and handling.

Boba Fett (Prototype Armor) is a repaint of the 30th Anniversary Collection action figure. Its accessories include two blaster pistols and a jet pack, seen previously from the Concept Boba Fett in the McQuarrie Signature Series.

This figure pays tribute to the evolution of Boba Fett’s character, which initially started as a glorified Storm Trooper. The back of the figures card contains the following blurb:

"This limited edition figure depicts the first costume ever produced for Boba Fett. The all-white armor reflects the character’s initial concept as a ‘super trooper’ before he evolved into the bounty hunter he is today. This prototype design was unveiled on June 28, 1978 in a screen test shot and is being worn by the assistant film editor for The Empire Strikes Back. In the 20-minute screen test, the sound designer describes the myriad weapons and features on this armored uniform for George Lucas and the Star Wars crew. For the first time ever, we created this special action figure to commemorate the birth of this favorite character from the Star Wars saga.”

Since the figure is a repaint, it doesn’t exactly replicate the prototype armor seen from the screen test. The armor captured in 1978 doesn’t include Wookie braids, cape, a different rocket and other details on the armor.

However, this figure might be one of my favorites. With 14 points of articulation, you can pose Boba Fett in any way you like, weather that’s patiently standing and cradling a weapon to preparing to fire on an enemy. The large blaster fits well in his right hand and snugly in its holster, but the smaller blaster fits funny in his left hand. I would have also liked for the helmet to be removable with a face underneath.

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