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Boba Fett is featured in a fold out cover of the latest issue of Wired Magazine, which just hit new stands and retail stores.

The first “Star Wars Insider” of 2013 presents a behind the scenes look at the audio play, “Smuggler’s Gambit,” which took fans by storm at Celebration VI this past August.

The piece includes concept art from Paul Bateman, putting a face to the characters of Ro Kurotora and Ryder Thorne. As previously reported on The Boba Bounty, the performance included a minor role of Boba Fett, voiced by The Clone War’s very own, Daniel Logan.

Director Kyle Newman shares his thoughts about the production, walking us through the stages of development and reminiscing about the radio plays he listened to as a youngster. It’s reinforced “Smuggler’s Gambit” is a work of fan fiction, but it showcased the power of fandom and what we can create together.

If you haven’t had a chance to plug into the audio play, visit for the full audio and some behind the scenes footage.

Issue #139 also highlights the trade paperback release of “Star Wars Blood Ties: Boba Fett is Dead.” The second volume of comics further delves into the genealogical consequences of the Fett family.

Dark Horse writer Tom Taylor created a stellar story of Boba Fett’s fate at the hands of a vengeful figure from his past – or so it is reported through the galaxy. The story expands on the relationship between Boba Fett’s half-brother, Connor Freeman, and Boba’s back story as a Protector.

Quite honestly, the tale is too riveting to go into further plot points, but I highly recommend picking up the book, which was released Jan. 23.

Also, look forward to Issue #140, which teases news on the development of Episode VII. Let’s hope we hear mention of our favorite bounty hunter.

Even the harshest critic of the prequel trilogy has to admit the most engaging characters in Episode II: Attack of the Clones was the portrayal of Daniel Logan as a young Boba Fett, and his father, Jango Fett, played by actor Temuera Morrison.

Boba Fett became a fan favorite from the original trilogy, even though his back story was fleshed out more so in the expanded universe of comics and novels. However, in Attack of the Clones, we received a cinematic look at the origin and motivations of the child bounty hunter.

In October’s edition of Star Wars Insider, readers are treated to two excerpts from interviews with these two actors.

From a 2005 interview, Logan recounts he was surprised when he was offered the role of a young Boba Fett after auditions. He went in thinking he was reading for the part of a Jedi. He also shares an amusing antidote of how he picked up a stick and twirled it around, pretending it was a lightsaber during the auditions.

Morrison’s interview is from earlier this year and he talks about the pressure of playing such a pivotal role to the franchise. The father and son dynamic we saw on the screen, also rang true, because he took Logan under his wing during filming – treating him like his own son.

The one disappointment for Morrison, he said, was being killed off so early in the franchise. Luckily for us, we can read more about Jango and Boba in written works.

Thinking back to the prequels, it was the relationship between the bounty hunter and son that stands out the most. While these interviews are short, it’s nice to receive some insight from the two actors on how they developed their characters, what it was like to work with George Lucas and relate to other cast and crew.  

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