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The Star Wars Pet Fan Collection has proved vastly popular amongst animal lovers. Today a source from within Petco spoke with me and said they expect new items added to the line later this year, including, for sure, four more dog tags. The source said the line has become such a hit, consumers are driving from as far as 50 miles to find items sold out at their local stores or to scalp online for up to twice the retail price.

Petco will start selling Star Wars accessories for your pets on Sept. 1. Products from the Star Wars Pet Fans Collection were showcased at San Diego Comic Con and officially announced the line two days ago.

The products are designed through a partnership between Petco and Lucasfilm. These items range from costumes, to dog and cat toys, collars, pet beds and dog hoodies – including a design featuring Boba Fett’s iconic design.

Petco is celebrating its new line through a number of special events in New York City, West Hollywood, San Francisco, Orlando, San Diego, Chicago and Texas. For information on these upcoming events, visit