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It’s not the end of summer yet, but we’ve caught a look at a few Boba Fett-oriented decorations for Christmas.

The first item comes from Kurt’s Adler – an officially licensed Boba Fett helmet light set. These bulbs are only for indoor use and would be perfect for your Star Wars or Mandalorian theme mini-tree. Good luck finding a retailer for this item though; I couldn’t locate a store within 100 miles of my city. You may have to hope to find these lights via the Internet.

Hallmark recently announced its Star Wars keepsake ornaments for 2014. Attendees at San Diego Comic Con received a first look at renderings of upcoming ornaments at the Hasbro booth. Note, these were just renderings – the actual items will not be one-dimensional as you see in the photo pictured right.

The company is releasing a LEGO Star Wars ornament of Boba Fett. I’ll definitely be picking up this ornament at my local Hallmark store, or online – whichever I find it first.

There will also be a Jango Fett ornament available, designed after his appearance in Attack of the Clones and standing 4.5’’ high and is slated to have a retail price of $14.95.

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Another Boba Fett ornament for the Christmas tree, brought to you by the good people at Hallmark.

No tree is complete without the Slave I ornament by Hallmark. What’s really cool about this item is by pressing a small button on the ship’s side, the ornament makes sound effects, including two distinct engine roars and Boba Fett’s voice saying, “Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold.”