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The New York Toy Fair is long past, but a huge thanks to for sending images of some upcoming Boba Fett products that flew past our radar. If you thought there were plenty of officially licensed Boba Fett items flooding retailers last year, just as much product seems to be coming down the pipeline for this year.

An image of the Boba Fatt plush toy from Angry Birds Star Wars II was released last year, but the vendor, Common Wealth, showcased the latest addition to its plush line at Toy Fair. Whether or not you’re a fan of the Angry Birds franchise, you can’t deny the adorable-factor for this plush toy, and you can’t deny this makes for a great, low-cost gift item for any Boba Fett fans.

This next items takes me back to the 90’s – Yomega, a leading manufacturer of Yo-Yo products is releasing a line of Star Wars Yo-Yos. While they are selling a limited line of professional Yo-Yos – one such Boba Fett design goes for $130 – the company showcased a more affordable Boba Fett Yo-Yo for about $22.

Cardinal has been a longtime vendor for licensed Star Wars products. These are the items most commonly found at Target’s bargain bins. We’ve seen a few of its products earlier this year, but some more items are coming down the road including a 50-piece Boba Fett puzzle.

Boba Fett makes the front page of the Independent Journal in September 1978. This was amongst his first public appearances, as he walks in a parade alongside Darth Vader - pumping up people for The Empire Strikes Back.

Kenner/Hasbro has a 30+ year history of releasing Boba Fett action figures as mail-away exclusives. Here is a 1979 toy commercial promoting the bounty hunter before the release of Empire Strikes Back.

I stumbled upon this while killing time on Tumblr today. It’s the mail-away offer for the original Boba Fett figure released by Kenner in the late 1970s. In fact, the offer expired May 31, 1979!

I have a few observations:

  • This is proof of how well done Hasbro has replicated the look of Kenner’s 1970s toy line packaging with their current Vintage Collection.
  • Boba Fett wasn’t available in stores, but only through this mail-away offer. Hasbro also releases special edition Boba Fett figures exclusively via mail. I wonder if this fact added to the unsuspected rise in Boba Fett’s popularity?
  • It’s important to note that when this toy was released, Boba Fett had yet to appear in the films. His scene was cut from A New Hope, and not added back until George Lucas released the Special Edition. We were only aware of his existence through 1978’s holiday special, “A Wookie Holiday.”
  • The third image is very amusing. Lucas likes to pretend the holiday special never happened and has tried his best to eradicate it from existence. Therefore, it’s interesting to see the program mentioned on officially licensed products.