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Another interview from Sun City Sci Fi’s Boba Fest in Texas last weekend. Nerds On A Couch interview Daniel Logan about his experiences portraying young Boba Fett and his personal interests. Check out more of their stuff at and find them on Facebook.

Sneaky Studios is a New Zealand-based graphic design company, which creates original prints, clothing and branding, like its Cuppa-T line. The company focuses a lot on geek culture, with many of the designs based off science fiction and fantasy franchises, a dash of emerging technology – all mashed up with urban concepts.

One of its coolest lines are its shooting targets, which are oversized posters featuring popular characters. Produced in a limited run and for $43 American ($55 New Zealand) a pop, I wouldn’t suggest taking these to the gun range, but they make great wall hangings. I’d also suggest protecting your investment by framing the prints.

Sneaky Studios released a series of targets for the fictitious “Rebel, Jedi Training Council,” including a combat training target featuring the image of Boba Fett. The “Bounty Hunter” target is the third in the series and depicts the kill shot as the spacing between his armor plates, and a bonus target honed in at Boba Fett’s jetpack for bonus points.

This target is limited to 100 prints and they are signed by the artist and numbered. Printed on 220gsm premium stock paper, it measures 420 x 594 mm.

Daniel Logan was captured on film performing the Haka, following an appearance at the Toronto ComiCon earlier this week. The Haka is a traditional battle cry and war dance from Logan’s native New Zealand.