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If you recall the Star Wars: Force Collection mobile card game from last year, you may remember how much of an utter disappointment it was – especially coming from a company like Komani.

Last week, Disney Interactive released Star Wars: Assault Team for iOS, Android and Windows devices – which are the game we hoped Force Collection would be.

A product of Disney Interactive, this is a turn-based combat game that spans the story of the entire film saga and features popular characters – including Boba Fett.

It’s in the style of a card game, by which it allows players to acquire character cards to assemble their dream team to complete missions and battle other players.

Unlike last year’s game – which was graphically no more than cardboard cut outs and lame game play – the graphics are brilliant and fun. There are hundreds of cards to come across, and you can improve your team’s skills through completing in-game missions.

Angry Birds Star Wars has reached its epic conclusion, but the story has just begun for Angry Birds Star Wars II. Rovio has released three levels thus far, but the prequel-inspired mobile game hints at an upcoming level based around Jango and Boba Fett’s focus in Episode III. But have you been able to find any Boba Fett Telepods in stores? Fans report they are nearly impossible to find.

Have you unlocked Boba Fett as a character in Tiny Death Star, yet? This new 8-bit mobile game just hit most phone and tablet platforms, allowing users to build businesses and residence levels in the Death Star.

There’s been speculation about whether or not Boba Fett would appear in Angry Birds Star Wars. This latest version of Angry Birds has two levels open for play - Tatoonie and the Death Star. It would appear though, future releases will include Boba Fett and Slave I - which is being hinted at through the publication official Angry Birds merchandise.

The above image comes from the Angry Birds coloring book and sticker book, which is now available at Wal-Mart and other retail stores. As you can see, Boba Fett is will be introduced as one of the pigs, wearing his Mandalorian helmet and a jet pack.

How Boba Fett will be used in Angry Birds Star Wars, along with Slave I, is still up in the air, but its exciting to know our favorite bounty hunter will be popping up on our phones soon enough.