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If you recall the Star Wars: Force Collection mobile card game from last year, you may remember how much of an utter disappointment it was – especially coming from a company like Komani.

Last week, Disney Interactive released Star Wars: Assault Team for iOS, Android and Windows devices – which are the game we hoped Force Collection would be.

A product of Disney Interactive, this is a turn-based combat game that spans the story of the entire film saga and features popular characters – including Boba Fett.

It’s in the style of a card game, by which it allows players to acquire character cards to assemble their dream team to complete missions and battle other players.

Unlike last year’s game – which was graphically no more than cardboard cut outs and lame game play – the graphics are brilliant and fun. There are hundreds of cards to come across, and you can improve your team’s skills through completing in-game missions.

imageEarlier today we got our first look at Boba Fett in Angry Birds Star Wars II, which debuts on Sept. 19. The character reveal came from Daniel Logan’s twitter page today, after being teased earlier this week. A 30-second YouTube video showcases the bounty hunting pig, being slung through the air as he annihilates targets with multiple missiles.   

This game is a true experiment in cross promoting – as Rovio’s #JoinThePorkSide hashtag campaign builds anticipation on social networking sites, the application is also being teased on the packaging of Telepods in the toy aisles of most retail stores.

In my opinion, this is the natural evolution of Angry Birds and could also lead to more interactive mobile games for Star Wars proper. Allowing users to “teleport” their own stable of characters into the game, gives more sense of ownership to the player.

What will be interesting to see is how this game will evolve. Will new waves of the Telepods line trigger updates to the app? Or would updates to the game trigger new waves of Telepods? I’m also intrigued to see if there will be an expansion in the game play – whether that a more intricate storyline, in-game trophies or other surprises.

One thing is for sure, this is different than what we’ve seen in the past. It’s not just merchandising based off a popular mobile game, but the toys literally enhance the gaming experience. It’ll be exciting to see how Rovio developers will one-up themselves and continue to expand on the interactive elements in future releases.



Rovio released an exclusive trailer of the Cloud City update to Angry Birds Star Wars late last week, showing the first footage of new dynamics to the game – including the anticipated addition of Boba Fett.

The images streaming out of and are being billed as the first public unveiling of Boba Fett, but images of the bounty hunter and Slave I, whether by accident or design, surfaced late last year through various Angry Birds Star Wars coloring books – as originally reported by The Boba Bounty.

MTV reports one of the new in-game obstacles features steam gates that have capacity to change the birds’ trajectory mid-flight. The Cloud City update will reportedly include 20 levels. Other surprises may lay in weight – since no new “good guys” have been hinted at (read Lando) through trailers or upcoming merchandise.

There’s no official date for release of Cloud City or how much of the levels include Boba Fett. We do know through promotional images, there are versions of Boba Fett with and without a blaster, and images of Slave I – which, will most likely appear at the “boss” stage of the planet stage.

Boba Fett’s jetpack should also prove interesting. While it makes the character more difficult to target, it also leads the bounty hunter into taking out his own side. This is nice, because he gives a nod to the anti-hero line Boba Fett walks in much of the Expanded Universe.

When Angry Birds Star Wars was announced, great speculation hit the Internet. Fans of both properties wondered what characters would be included, fan art circulated the blogs and the merchandise hit store shelves before the game was even released.

Angry Birds Star Wars launched Nov. 8 with two episodes open for game play – Tatooine and Death Star – each with 40 levels to attempt for three stars. These episodes represented the major two locations from A New Hope.

These episodes included the main characters from the first film: Obi Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca. Representing the Empire and the pigs are Imperial Troopers and Darth Vader.

The mobile app also features a Bonus episode with droids R2-D3 and C3PO, and Path of the Jedi also became available for a few extra dollars. This last episode is located in Dagobah – another major location from A New Hope.

It stands to reason the initial release of the game focuses on the first film of the original trilogy. However, teased to come next is an episode themed around Hoth – the ice planet and location of the secret Rebel base that opens up Empire Strikes Back.

If the game follows its current pattern, the following episodes will be developed around major locations from the Empire Strikes Back, including Hoth and Cloud City.  Additional levels will most likely be updated into Path of the Jedi.

I’m guessing these new episodes will introduce Boba Fett and Lando to the roster of Angry Birds Star Wars characters. I have two pieces of evidence to support this theory:

In October, I tweeted about my anticipation for the new Angry Birds game and my hope to see Boba Fett translated into the application. Within 24 hours my tweet was answered by the verified Angry Birds account:

“Well there’s a long future of opportunities ahead, so who knows,” was the reply I received, along with a winky face. I took this as a hint of Boba Fett’s inclusion and a reference to Rovio’s history of keeping its games fresh by continually adding new levels and developing new characters.

My second item of evidence is an image I posted a few days ago of Boba Fett and Slave I being included in Angry Birds Star Wars coloring book and sticker album. Whether this was an accidental inclusion or a purposeful nod – it confirms the bounty hunter is under development.

It’ll be interesting to see how fans of both franchises react to Boba Fett’s introduction. Many pieces of fan art illustrated the bounty hunter as a bird, but these images surfacing in coloring books and sticker albums obviously show Boba Fett as a pig.

Most likely, this is because he will be the “boss” at the last level of the Cloud City episode – similarly to Darth Vader being the boss at the last level of Death Star.

There’s been speculation about whether or not Boba Fett would appear in Angry Birds Star Wars. This latest version of Angry Birds has two levels open for play - Tatoonie and the Death Star. It would appear though, future releases will include Boba Fett and Slave I - which is being hinted at through the publication official Angry Birds merchandise.

The above image comes from the Angry Birds coloring book and sticker book, which is now available at Wal-Mart and other retail stores. As you can see, Boba Fett is will be introduced as one of the pigs, wearing his Mandalorian helmet and a jet pack.

How Boba Fett will be used in Angry Birds Star Wars, along with Slave I, is still up in the air, but its exciting to know our favorite bounty hunter will be popping up on our phones soon enough.