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While it’s not quite February, retail stores are stocking shelves with chocolate boxes, stuffed animals and other Valentine’s Day products. Amongst the aisles of peanut butter eggs and heart shaped lollipops are a number of Star Wars items.

My local Target had an abundance of Star Wars Valentine’s Day products released through Mars’ M&M line. Many of these items we’ve seen in the past, from candy dispensers, to coin banks and candy bowls. I found three Boba Fett related items on the shelves.

Mars continues to portray Boba Fett with the Blue M&M. The figure’s yellow shoulder pads, green helmet and gray limbs provide a fitting contrast to the candy company’s look, but I’m not a fan of the character’s stance. With his hands on his lips, the pose is more super hero than bounty hunter in my opinion.

The three items paying homage to Boba Fett are a candy dispenser, coin bank and personal fan. All three of these items carry pros and cons.

The candy dispenser has the Star Wars logo splashing across item’s front and is easy to load M&M candy into it. When turning the dial, the candy comes out two or three pieces at a time. This product makes a nice addition to your office desk, displaying your love for Star Wars and providing a nice way to keep candy at your desk.

The second item is a personal fan, which is hollow in the center where you can hold a mini bag of candy or loose, whichever you prefer. The fan is cool looking, but cumbersome to carry, doesn’t have much pick-up speed to be practical on hot days and you must apply constant pressure on the button to keep the blades spinning.

The final item I found was the candy bank. Like the previous two items, Boba Fett keeps the identical “superhero” stance. The bank is small and I imagine is aimed more toward young children to keep pennies in. It’s much too small to hold an adult’s “rainy day” fund.

Have you seen any other Boba Fett related Valentine’s Day merchandise at your local retail outlet? If so, let us know by commenting on this post below – maybe even with some included photos.