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imageDog the Bounty Hunter was interviewed last week by MTV during a promotional tour of his new show on CMT, “Dog & Beth: The Hunt.”

For some reason, he was asked to give advice on bounty hunting to Boba Fett – since there are rumors of a feature film spin-off for the Mandalorian.

This question seems out of left field to me. I got the impression he thought Boba Fett is an actual living person, who is being spotlighted in a new reality television show. At the very least - it’s obvious he’s not familiar with Boba Fetts mythos.

Here’s what he said:

“Be sure to know your prey. Be sure to know where he’s from, what he’s about, what his record is. Be sure you don’t go alone, have three or four people with you all the time and, may the Force be with you, because it will be.”

Rovio released an exclusive trailer of the Cloud City update to Angry Birds Star Wars late last week, showing the first footage of new dynamics to the game – including the anticipated addition of Boba Fett.

The images streaming out of and are being billed as the first public unveiling of Boba Fett, but images of the bounty hunter and Slave I, whether by accident or design, surfaced late last year through various Angry Birds Star Wars coloring books – as originally reported by The Boba Bounty.

MTV reports one of the new in-game obstacles features steam gates that have capacity to change the birds’ trajectory mid-flight. The Cloud City update will reportedly include 20 levels. Other surprises may lay in weight – since no new “good guys” have been hinted at (read Lando) through trailers or upcoming merchandise.

There’s no official date for release of Cloud City or how much of the levels include Boba Fett. We do know through promotional images, there are versions of Boba Fett with and without a blaster, and images of Slave I – which, will most likely appear at the “boss” stage of the planet stage.

Boba Fett’s jetpack should also prove interesting. While it makes the character more difficult to target, it also leads the bounty hunter into taking out his own side. This is nice, because he gives a nod to the anti-hero line Boba Fett walks in much of the Expanded Universe.