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Dave Filoni doesn’t post things online too often, but when he does – they tend to blow our minds. This was no truer than when he shared conceptual drawings from his personal sketchbook last week on the Official Star Wars Blog. They included concepts from the rumored (but unaired) Boba Fett story arc for The Clone Wars.

These episodes were originally meant to air in the fifth season of The Clone Wars, but were pushed to season six – something that was not uncommon. Writers have previously stated in interviews they always created more stories than episodes produced in a season.

After the cancellation of The Clone Wars, fans were afraid we’d never learn the details of Boba Fett’s development as a bounty hunter.

We hoped the episodes would be included in The Lost Missions, but those dreams were deflated on March 7, when season six was released on Netflix, without the arc – although by all reports, it was fully written and near completion – Daniel Logan even said he voiced the lines more than two years ago.

Filoni’s sketches were bitter sweet to view. One drawing showed Cad Bane and Boba Fett strolling across the Tatooine desert, talking candidly to one another. Another sketch shows Bane surrounded by a posse of bounty hunters, including young Boba Fett and his old ally Bossk.

These images reminded us we’ll never see (unless retooled for another series) these episodes, but it was exciting to see possible proof concerning speculation we posed last year.

In August, I theorized the story would showcase young Boba Fett leaving the mentorship of Aurra Sing and being taken under the wing of Cad Bane. Here are a few snippets from my previous story:

“There’s always been a comparison drawn between Cad Bane and Boba Fett. Bane was considered a notorious bounty hunter, at the top of the game, worked regularly for crime syndicates, like the Hutts, was armed to the teeth, held his own against Jedi to just name a few characteristics. In fact, there are more similarities in style between Boba and Bane than compared to Jango Fett.”

“One could speculate Cad Bane might have taken Boba under his wing while in prison, fulfilling more of a mentor role than Aurra Sing or Bossk.”

“Since the Boba Fett we see later along the timeline more closely mirror Cad Bane’s discipline and principles, we could assume he gained those traits by modeling himself after a mentor like Bane. As an associate of Cad Bane, this would also help understand how he became so familiar with the cartels.”

It’s also intriguing to see that in the sketches, he’s wearing what appears to be Mandalorian armor. There would have been some major growth for Boba Fett in these episodes, and I think it’s tragic they were not included in The Lost Missions.

I hope now that The Lost Missions have aired, Filoni can speak more about these sketches and what was planned for the story. However, there’s no reason this story couldn’t be retooled for Star Wars Rebels – of course, later in their mentorship/partnership.

What did you think about these images? Do you think the main themes of this type of story could be refitted for the world we’ll see in Rebels?

When images of the female Mandalorian came out of New York Toy Fair, revealed later as Sabine, there was plenty of speculation about who she might be. I was more focused on what her role could suggest happened to Mandalore following the Darth Maul story arc in season five of The Clone Wars.

The fallout of Darth Maul’s hostile takeover of planet Mandalore has consumed most of my thoughts on the show’s last season. When we left, the planet was in Civil War. Bo-Katan’s splinter group, the Nite Owls, was in heated battle to regain control from Maul’s Shadow Collective, including Death Watch.

Although the pacifistic government was overthrown, the planet’s neutral siding would mean there’d be no intervention by the Jedi or the Republic. If the Nite Owls were defeated, this would mean the planet would remain controlled by organized crime – right? It may not be that clean cut.

While the audience is aware Darth Maul was usurped by Sidious, nobody else survived the encounter that could enlighten either side of the conflict. Of course, Sidious wouldn’t advertise his victory; in fact, he’d use it to his advantage – the natural puppet master that he is. If he left Maul on the planet, but under his thumb, he could now influence the happenings of a planet previously outside his influence.

Through controlling the figure head of Mandalore, it would provide an emerging Empire with two advantages. The first, it neutralizes one of the most threatening warrior classes; and second, it allows the existence of Imperial outposts with no resistance when the Empire expands.

Of course, there would be Nite Owl members who survive the clash and either continue to fight, or go underground. Either way, their children would be raised to distrust and hate the Empire that controls their planet – sending their planet into depression as its resources and industry is taken over and used to pump out weapons and items for Imperial forces.

Sabine’s bucket is very similar to the design of the Nite Owls, which leads me to speculate she could be an offspring of one of the members. Also, her artistic tendencies could be a product of being a youth during the pacifistic regime, where arts could have been pushed more over the older roots of being warriors.


James Burns shared his findings from the UK Toy Fair (at least, the findings he was allowed to report on) on the Official Star Wars Blog.

Amongst his post, he gave us a first look at the prototypes for some new Chubbie Russian Dolls by Together Plus, including an adorable Boba Fett – which opens up to reveal Bossk, which opens up to reveal Zuckuss.

Last year, Jakks Pacific released a 20-inch Darth Vader action figure. By most reports, collectors loved this item and at the retail price of around $25 – it was a great addition to any Geekcave.

This year, Jakks Pacific will release a 20-inch Boba Fett action figure. I’m keeping my fingers crossed this will also be released with an electronic sound effects version, much like the Darth Vader release.

The New York Toy Fair is fast approaching and will give us a nice look at what we have to look forward to in terms of Boba Fett collectibles later this year. Meanwhile, we haven’t heard of too many figures from Hasbro’s new wave of Saga Legends action figures being spotted in stores - at least around the Midwest.

There was a strong focus on Boba Fett products last year, due to the planned (but canceled) release of Attack of the Clones 3D in theaters. The LEGO Advent Calendar is a good example of this.

Lucasfilm and Hasbro will certainly be changing their focus to Star Wars Rebels this coming year, so unless they #BringBackBoba - we could see less Boba Fett related toys included in upcoming toy lines. But we shall see! shared the bounty hunter-theme greeting card being sent out by Lucasfilm this year. Possibly my new favorite holiday-theme Star Wars illustration, it depicts our favorite headhunters caroling. Bossk’s face is priceless.

About 16,000 participated in an online poll at on who they most want to see return in Episode VII. The results were a near landslide, with Boba Fett receiving nearly a quarter of the votes. Twenty-three percent of the people polled voted for Boba Fett.

The best way to illustrate the scale of these results, the runner up was Darth Maul with 12 percent and Chewbacca with 11 percent. included 20 characters in the poll, excluding “obvious” choices like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Darth Vader.

Earlier this year, came up with similar results during their March Madness Character Tournament. If you take the same characters out, that IGN omitted, and you’d be left also with Boba Fett as the top choice – note, he did make the semi-finals during that tourney.

While I was excited to learn these results, the result articles made my teeth grind – the writer commenting that Boba Fett is dead, a fact we all know is false. Even if you’re only considering G-Level canon, you cannot conclude Boba died.

A rule of thumb for genre television and movies has always been – if you don’t see a body, you can’t know 100 percent they’re fate is sealed. That being said, this story has been making the rounds and I must imagine has come to the attention of Lucasfilm officials.

Let’s continue to cross our fingers that we’ll see the “resurrection” of Boba Fett in the sequel trilogy.

Last April, a rumor followed the news of the LucasArts shut down, concerning the much anticipated game, 1313. It was reported by insiders multiple changes during development led to Boba Fett being the central figure of the game.

This led to plenty of conversation on forums and social media platforms. Some fans casted doubt on these rumors, citing early concepts shown at E3. Other fans totally believed the rumors and voiced disappointment – nonetheless, when shots of the game – confirming Boba Fett’s role – a delayed rage finally showed its face on the Internet.

IGN received a look at a 15 minute demo of 1313, which they report would have debuted at this year’s E3. The footage fully confirmed the rumors heard earlier this year. According to IGN, the game followed a young Boba Fett, working for Jabba the Hutt. Other bounty hunters were featured and they worked for other crime bosses. The game traced Boba Fett’s evolution from the prequels to the Original Trilogy.

IGN’s source also revealed the game would tie into Star Wars Underworld, a live-action television show that never got off the ground. I’m very disappointed this game was canceled, although I’m surprised fans didn’t voice their anger about its plug being pulled until now – other than now they can see actual screen grabs – but I’ve seen the Internet go running with much more vague rumors in the past.

Although this game is canceled, I have faith it will be show up as another project in the future. While the franchise now belongs to Disney, I don’t think the good people at Lucasfilm will suddenly abandon their trait of never throwing anything out. Kathleen Kennedy and other officials studied under George Lucas, and he was the biggest proponent of archiving concepts and finding the right time to reintroduce them in new ways.

There’s been speculation Angry Birds Star Wars II is a testing bed for future Star Wars mobile games. We’ll will have a full in-depth review of the game coming soon, along with thoughts on what it could mean for Star Wars proper.

imageSome of the most comprehensive coverage from DragonCon came from none other than The Star Wars Report Podcast Network. A number of its hosts were in attendance, including Aaron Goins, who reported the happenings from the Daniel Logan and Matt Wood panel.

The Official Blog posted an article by Goins earlier this week, where he relayed to us what Logan and Woods had to say during their panel, which was moderated by Bryan Young. You can read the entire post by clicking here, but these were the highlights:

  • Daniel Logan hadn’t heard about Star Wars prior to auditioning. When asked about special skills, Logan listed the bo staff. Logan admitted that was an exaggeration at the time.
  • Matt Wood landed his first job at Lucasfilm at 17 years old, testing video games. It was a dream come true. He now is not only a voice actor, but sound editor for Lucasfilm. He was nominated for an Oscar for both WALL-E and There Will Be Blood.
  • Logan said not everything on set for Attack of the Clones was blue screen. The Slave I cockpit was a practical prop, along with the cave and balcony at the Genosis arena. He did have to use his imagination when interacting with Taun We, the only thing he had to work with was a lady in a hard hat.

You can listen to The Star Wars Report and Star Wars Bookworms podcasts for free on iTunes or visit

Mandalore had fallen into schism the last we visited it in The Clone Wars, and its leadership virtually dismantled. The premise of Disney’s new animated series deals with the rise of the rebellion, so is there room for a return to Mandalore?

imageThrough the Expanded Universe we learn the Empire catches Mandalore in its crosshairs, due to an interest in its natural resources. In addition to harvesting the planet’s Mandalorian Iron, the Empire also see’s the planet as a convenient outpost to the expansion of its power. What other reason would they set base on a planet in the Outer Rim?

Whether or not this concept will be explored in Star Wars Rebels, perhaps in later seasons, there’s another reason we may return to Mandalore. The generation that grew up with The Clone Wars has become endeared to the clones.

The clone troopers are beloved, and would Disney simply discard these characters completely? I doubt this, especially since Dave Filoni is personally attached to these characters, and he would know some continuity in characters is essential to keeping audiences watching each episode.

The problem then becomes, how do you include clones – who are aging aggressively, and according to present canon, are not around in the era right before Episode IV. The answer could come from what we read in Expanded Universe novels, like the Republic Commando books by Karen Traviss.

In Traviss’ novels we learn that Mandalore becomes a sanctuary for clones, especially those under the command of Skirata – a Mandalorian who assisted Jango Fett in the training of early clones. Of course, there’s no guarantee that they’d introduce characters like Fenn Shysa, Spar, Skirata, etc. But, they could carry over popular troopers from The Clone Wars and put them on Mandalore.

Mandalore could be the only safe place for former clone troopers, and the story could still fit within the stories premise. Are we assuming that in the title “Rebels,” the show is only referring to the Rebel Alliance?

Wouldn’t a faction of ex-clone troopers, discarded by their government, dealing with betraying their Jedi commanders, who are fighting against the occupation of their adoptive planet, Mandalore, be considered rebels?

Would you like to see clones featured in Star Wars Rebels? If so, in what capacity? Share your thoughts by clicking through to our #BringBackBoba Campaign page on Facebook.

Jeremy Bulloch strapped into his Mandalorian armor on multiple occasions last week, as he joined staff for Caravan of the Force – a tour leading up to Celebration Europe II benfiting Make-A-Wish Foundation. Bulloch even appeared on stage of Celebration’s Boba Fett reunion panel, alongside Daniel Logan, John Morton and Dickey Beer.

When the panel was announced last year, I was hoping for a Boba Fett-oriented reveal. There were no news items shared, although there was a surprise appearance by Temuera Morrison, who participated in a re-creation of an Attack of the Clones scene with Logan.

The performers shared nostalgic memories of their experiences portraying Boba Fett, ranging from Bulloch being a proponent of Boba Fett surviving the Sarlacc, to Logan’s audition for the prequel films and Morton’s memory of receiving direction when standing in during Empire.

Even though there were no project announcements, I believe Lucasfilm officials held this panel to gauge the attendance and reactions from fans.