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Last April, a rumor followed the news of the LucasArts shut down, concerning the much anticipated game, 1313. It was reported by insiders multiple changes during development led to Boba Fett being the central figure of the game.

This led to plenty of conversation on forums and social media platforms. Some fans casted doubt on these rumors, citing early concepts shown at E3. Other fans totally believed the rumors and voiced disappointment – nonetheless, when shots of the game – confirming Boba Fett’s role – a delayed rage finally showed its face on the Internet.

IGN received a look at a 15 minute demo of 1313, which they report would have debuted at this year’s E3. The footage fully confirmed the rumors heard earlier this year. According to IGN, the game followed a young Boba Fett, working for Jabba the Hutt. Other bounty hunters were featured and they worked for other crime bosses. The game traced Boba Fett’s evolution from the prequels to the Original Trilogy.

IGN’s source also revealed the game would tie into Star Wars Underworld, a live-action television show that never got off the ground. I’m very disappointed this game was canceled, although I’m surprised fans didn’t voice their anger about its plug being pulled until now – other than now they can see actual screen grabs – but I’ve seen the Internet go running with much more vague rumors in the past.

Although this game is canceled, I have faith it will be show up as another project in the future. While the franchise now belongs to Disney, I don’t think the good people at Lucasfilm will suddenly abandon their trait of never throwing anything out. Kathleen Kennedy and other officials studied under George Lucas, and he was the biggest proponent of archiving concepts and finding the right time to reintroduce them in new ways.

Earlier today, reported that a version of the canceled-1313 video game was centered on the adventures of Boba Fett. The focus of 1313 had changed throughout development, but Kotaku’s sources said George Lucas assigned developers to go in this direction just before E3 – it has been argued by some Internet bloggers the game had possibly been rethought and sent in another direction since then.

We’ll never know for sure though, since the game was shelved. In fact, earlier this month, LucasArts, was announced as being shut down – leading to numerous layoffs – and officials said it would now only license projects.

While this leaves a door open for a third-party to pick up the development of 1313, sources told Kotaku, this is very unlikely. Evidence points to Disney wanting to separate itself from the prequel era, so if the project were to be picked up, it would most likely be refocused and reshaped to fit the coming sequel era. It’s hard to get too optimistic about this, since we have no clue where this new era will take us or who the major players are.

This is disappointing news. Even if the game’s focus had evolved past only following the bounty hunter, it’s hard to imagine he still wouldn’t have been included. Especially, if developers already created the model, lighting and other configurations for the character.