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On sale through Aug. 31, UD Replicas has released a special edition Boba Fett Leather Street Jacket, limited to 750 pieces. Featuring the weathered paint chip design, the leather is molded to the chest, shoulder and back. The leather comes from cow hide and is high-end made, but the coolest feature is the iPhone pouch.

Stitched to the left forearm, where Boba Fett’s gauntlet is oriented, is a clear sleeve that holds your iPhone and allows you to work the phone without removing it – working like a faux mini computer component on your gauntlet.

This jacket is very impressive, and would be great to wear on a convention floor. However, like the Batman leather jacket, previewed a few weeks ago – I see one major problem – jackasses. I could see every wannabe tough guy at a bar wanting to pick a fight with the owner of this jacket – seeing the iconic imagery of Boba Fett as an unspoken threat.

What are your thoughts on this jacket? Would you wear it in public? Do you think it would paint a target on your back?