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Nintendo Console Case: Gamers may be interested in picking up this Boba Fett carrying case for Nintendo consoles, which will be released April 5 and is currently up for pre-order at This case can hold any Nintendo 2DS or 3DS console, including the 3DS XL and up to six games. This is an officially licensed product and also comes in designs for Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper.

LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary: Also up for pre-order on, the revised edition of LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary will ship out May 5. It’s become standard for Boba Fett to be featured on any LEGO Star Wars dictionary or sticker book, but this time around, he’s even more prominently displayed on the cover. The book will also feature an exclusive minifigure, which has yet to be announced.

Tin Money Bank: There’s lots of officially licensed products also coming out this year, and amongst these is a Boba Fett money bank by the Tin Box Company. The cylinder design with Boba Fett’s design wrapped around it is a fun, kid-friendly money bank and a perfect gift idea for the coming year.

Boba Fett Windup: Another new licensee is Schylling Toys, which is putting out a number of Star Wars windup, including Boba Fett. Promoted as being a windup robot, this item is lithographed with a plastic trim and measures almost 8 inches tall. It’s a classic idea I haven’t seen in a while – wind it up and watch it roll!

My local Meijer has marked down the 2011-2012 LEGO Star Wars sticker books, featuring dozens of Boba Fett stickers. Has anyone seen the newest edition on shelves anywhere?

Some new Valentine’s Day items are hitting stores, featuring our favorite bounty hunter. The coolest of these items is a heart-shaped collector’s tin.

While it holds eight lollipops for your sweetheart, the real treasure is the amazing comic art featured on the top of the tin – fully colored pop-art from Marvel-era Star Wars comics has been the trend this year for officially licensed seasonal products.

This tin could easily be repurposed for your needs, I’ve been using it to store my smaller collectibles like dog tags, minifigures and Fighter Pods.

If your Valentine is a LEGO fan, then they’d also love the LEGO Star Wars Valentine cards, brought to us by Hallmark. The set includes four designs, with eight cards of each design in the box. The Boba Fett card includes images of the Boba Fett minifigure and LEGO Slave I soaring in the background.

Have you seen any other Boba Fett related Valentine’s Day products? If so, send us some photos via Twitter or send them to

Check out this breathtaking photo entitled Bossk’s Cool Day Out, by Vesa Lehtimaki. We saw this shared by our friends at and just had to re-share. The imagery is perfect for this time of year; I can just imagine Jango Fett, dressed in his Santa Claus attire from the Advent Calendar, navigating Slave I.

One of my favorite holiday pastimes this month was the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. If you’re looking for more LEGO fun, then you may be interested in playing the Advent Calendar video game at

To get the fullest experience from this game, you’ll want to use the secret codes attached to each day’s box from the physical calendar – when peeling away each square, a code is printed on the bottom right-hand corner of the building instructions. These codes unlock characters and ships in the online game.

The game play is smooth and easy to grasp. Use the arrows to move your character and the spacebar to fire your weapon. It’s very reminiscent of the 16-bit Nintendo games like Mario Brothers. There graphics also run smoothly, so there’s no lag or buffering that Hasbro’s Fighter Pods online game suffered.

My favorite element of this game is playing with Jango Fett running around in a Santa Claus suit. You can still play this game online, even if you haven’t purchased the Advent Calendar – Jango is a default character and can be played with immediately – but entering codes to unlock other characters just enriches the experience.

Here’s a closer look at the exclusive Jango Fett, redesigned young Boba Fett and Slave I from the 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. Jango Fett comes in a snazzy Santa Claus outfit and you can alternate his gift sack with the sled’s jetpack “if you wish.” Boba Fett received a new design for his hair and slight differences in the legs. Click here to read more details on Amazon.

Keep an eye out for the LEGO Star Wars 2013 Advent Calendar, which includes a special edition Jango Fett dressed as Santa Claus and a young Boba Fett. This is a great way to expand your minifigure collection, while enjoying Advent. This is also the first time young Boba Fett has been offered since 2002.

LEGO’s Boba Fett keychain is now in stores, featuring LED lights that come from the feet when pressing the chest. The flashlight casts a large glow that can fill a room. Retail price is $13.99. Minifigure is also articulated like your standard figure.

It’s not the end of summer yet, but we’ve caught a look at a few Boba Fett-oriented decorations for Christmas.

The first item comes from Kurt’s Adler – an officially licensed Boba Fett helmet light set. These bulbs are only for indoor use and would be perfect for your Star Wars or Mandalorian theme mini-tree. Good luck finding a retailer for this item though; I couldn’t locate a store within 100 miles of my city. You may have to hope to find these lights via the Internet.

Hallmark recently announced its Star Wars keepsake ornaments for 2014. Attendees at San Diego Comic Con received a first look at renderings of upcoming ornaments at the Hasbro booth. Note, these were just renderings – the actual items will not be one-dimensional as you see in the photo pictured right.

The company is releasing a LEGO Star Wars ornament of Boba Fett. I’ll definitely be picking up this ornament at my local Hallmark store, or online – whichever I find it first.

There will also be a Jango Fett ornament available, designed after his appearance in Attack of the Clones and standing 4.5’’ high and is slated to have a retail price of $14.95.

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Here’s a round-up of all the Boba Fett related news from the past week or so. This is quite a month for our favorite bounty hunter, so rather than flood you with a series of posts, here are the highlights, including more news on SDCC and Celebration exclusives!

While making an appearance at a local convention in Cedar Falls last week, actor Jeremy Bulloch was joined by a chapter of Mandalorian Mercs to brighten the day of 7-year-old Jacob Fresher, a Star Wars fan who’s been fighting cancer the last two years. Jacob got to spend an hour with one of his heroes, received autographs and picked out his own souvenirs.

Gentile Giant announced it will offer an exclusive Boba Fett Deluxe Mini Bust at this year’s Sand Diego Comic Con. The bust is based off his appearance in Return of the Jedi and comes with multiple interchangeable arms, allowing numerous poses. Available at the Gentle Giant booth, this piece limited to 2,500 pieces is available for $150.

Another San Diego Comic Con exclusive this year includes Evel Fett, a 12-inch exclusive by Retro Outlaw. A mash-up of Boba Fett and iconic stuntman Evel Knievel, this figure features a removable cape and swagger stick. It’s available for $120 and the first 150 customers will also receive a free screen print.

LEGO announced its latest product from its Star Wars line, which features a Boba Fett Minifigure Keylight. This can be attached to your keychain and shines a light from the minifigure’s feet when its chest is pressed. I’ve yet to see a prototype of this item, so it’s not quite clear how bright the light actually is – but it still makes a great addition to your LEGO Star Wars collection.

Now on retail shelves is “Star Wars Mega Models,” a guide to building four papercraft models. The projects include a TIE Fighter, Boba Fett’s helmet, a miniature Yoda and Anakin’s Lightsaber. Most stores have this book on clearance for $11.04 and it can be found near other craft related Star Wars reference titles, including LEGO minifigure encyclopedias and origami guides.