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If you haven’t visited Jedi News today, then glide over and read the John Morton interview posted earlier this afternoon. The virtual sit-down was conducted with the Elstree Base of the Rebel Legion and – as pretty much everything coming from Bespin Boba – is engaging, fun and filled with trivia.

Morton talks about how he got involved with the Star Wars franchise; his first meeting with George Lucas and how Star Wars is still a big part of his life. He also announced he’ll start blogging regularly for Jedi News starting in the New Year – which is good news for those of us who’ve loved his features at the Official Star Wars Blog.

Click HERE to read his full interview.

Emily Morton was kind enough to share some photos from Celebration Europe with us. Pictured top center is Temuera Morrison leading his fellow Fetts in a traditional Haka warrior dance.Pictured middle, left, Jeremy Bulloch aims Nerf gun during an onstage game. Pictured middle, right, Morrison and Daniel Logan reenact the Battle of Genosis. Pictured bottom are John Morton and Dickey Beer at their autograph tables on the Celebration floor.

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If you haven’t read John Morton’s reflection piece at the Official Star Wars Blog, I highly suggest carving out some time to do so. Many fans are familiar with Morton as the Rebel pilot, Dak, but fans of the Fett also recognize him as one of the few individuals to strap into the Mandalorian armor in the Original Trilogy.

Morton stood in for Jeremy Bulloch for several scenes in Empire Strikes Back, actually completing two days of filming for several scenes in Cloud City. If you recall the film, one of his scenes is well remembered, Boba Fett staring down Darth Vader in the corridors of Bespin – Lando and Lobot nervously standing in rear.

He recalls his first time being asked for an autograph as Boba Fett, at a convention in 1997. Morton said he was apprehensive and instructed the young boy, to first gain Bulloch’s permission. He continues that Bulloch has passed along his blessing, and has always been gracious with sharing the spotlight – Morton eventually came to think of himself as “Bespin Boba” when asked for his signature.

This past Celebration Europe was the first time Lucasfilm brought all the Boba Fett performers on stage, to honor their contribution in a collaborative effort, no matter how small or large, to create a presentation of Boba Fett that not only appears uniform – but has resonated with fans for over 30 years.

While Morton wasn’t “featured” as Boba Fett until this past year, we hope he realizes, us fans, especially Fett-natics, have always held a special place in our hearts for John “Dak” Morton. In Karen Traviss’ Republic Commando novels, Spar looks for a clone he can pass off as a Fett heir.

Spar understands that the Fett name is more than one specific individual, but what the name correlates with – honor, respect and everything else Mandalorians value and enemies fear. In that same vain, the entity that is Boba Fett is beyond who the first to play the character was – but whether or not they brought the spirit of the character to the screen – even if it were but just during two days of filming.  

Check out John Morton’s post by clicking here, it’s a great read.

Jeremy Bulloch strapped into his Mandalorian armor on multiple occasions last week, as he joined staff for Caravan of the Force – a tour leading up to Celebration Europe II benfiting Make-A-Wish Foundation. Bulloch even appeared on stage of Celebration’s Boba Fett reunion panel, alongside Daniel Logan, John Morton and Dickey Beer.

When the panel was announced last year, I was hoping for a Boba Fett-oriented reveal. There were no news items shared, although there was a surprise appearance by Temuera Morrison, who participated in a re-creation of an Attack of the Clones scene with Logan.

The performers shared nostalgic memories of their experiences portraying Boba Fett, ranging from Bulloch being a proponent of Boba Fett surviving the Sarlacc, to Logan’s audition for the prequel films and Morton’s memory of receiving direction when standing in during Empire.

Even though there were no project announcements, I believe Lucasfilm officials held this panel to gauge the attendance and reactions from fans.

Lucasfilm officials announced yesterday four of the men who’ve portrayed Boba Fett on-screen will attend Star Wars Celebration Europe this July in Messe Essen, Germany.

This will include Daniel Logan, Jeremy Bulloch, Dickey Beer and John Morton. The latter two performers worked as stunt men during the filming of Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Rumors of a Boba Fett spin-off circulate the web, and actors like Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan and Temuera Morrison have been making more public appearances and giving more interviews.

Could this be a slow build up to a major announcement about a Boba Fett project? If it were, is there any better place to unveil the project that during a reunion of the Fett family this summer in Germany?

We already know George Lucas initially planned to make an announcement about Episode VII at the last Celebration, but it was postponed due to continued negotiations with Disney.

Five months ago Entertainment Weekly included Logan, Bulloch and Beer in their double-sized reunion issue. reports the four performers will be giving autographs at Celebration, but the first hint at something larger is the mention they’ll also be on the Celebration Stage.

This begs the question - what will they be doing on stage? Will it be a panel? A tribute reel? Or perhaps, the announcement of a future project - whether that’s a spin-off film, news about Episode VII or a new television series.