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The second volume of “Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets” will be released in trade paperback on July 31.

The second story arc, documenting Johan Cross’ adventures as an Imperial agent heavily involved Boba Fett and hinted at a past between the two men – a plotting staple in most of John Ostrander’s writing.

If you’ve read my reviews of the comic, you’d be familiar with my love for this story. I felt the story was smart, introduced fresh aspects to the Star Wars Universe and delivered major payoff at the end. I recommend picking up the trade paperback, because I imagine the payoff is experienced twofold if read in one sitting – rather than spread over five or six months.

In the latest episode of Star Wars Beyond The Film, podcast #67, the team at The Star Wars Report Network give their insights into Hard Targets.

Co-hosts Mark Hurliman and Nathan Butler both praised and critiqued the story arc – giving valid points on both ends – even though I didn’t necessarily agree with all their conclusions.

If you haven’t caught this episode yet, it’s defiantly worth a listen. Both the hosts are well-read and avid fans of the Expanded Universe. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you’d like to invest in this title when it’s released, their insights will help with that decision.

Beware though; if you’d like to avoid spoilers concerning the plot and character development, listen to this podcast after you’ve read Hard Targets.

You can download it for free on iTunes. Agent of the Empire has been one of Dark Horse’s strongest titles the last couple years – let’s hope it comes back with a third volume this year – and maybe we’ll see another appearance of Boba Fett, too.

From “Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets” #5. During the confrontation between agent Johan Cross and bounty hunter Boba Fett, Cross hints at a past encounter the two men had. Will we ever see that story told?

From “Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets” #5. During the confrontation between agent Johan Cross and bounty hunter Boba Fett, Cross hints at a past encounter the two men had. Will we ever see that story told?

Note: This blog entry contains SPOILERS to “Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets” #5

We were brought full circle in “Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets” #5, finally learning what prompted the fight between Johan Cross and Boba Fett in the first issue.

In the previous issue, Cross and Candra Tymon rescued Bron Dooku, but their escape was interrupted by the arrival of Boba Fett – who was hired to bring in the young heir. The standoff is quickly joined by Lord Borgin’s forces, which receive immediate fire by Boba Fett.

Cross contributes firepower to Fett’s attack on Borgin’s men, giving Tymon and Bron opportunity to escape. Chief Jorrick and his men are gunned down, leaving the bounty hunter and imperial agent standing. It’s realized the first few panels from “Hard Targets” #1 are pulled from this faceoff.

What I found even more interesting was Boba Fett’s aside that he and Cross had battled before, and Fett had won. Is this a hint from writer John Ostrander that the two characters share a past, which we may get to see in future stories? Perhaps they’ve even worked side-by-side – Fett often being hired by the Empire, and Cross being an agent of the Empire?

The fight cumulates with Boba Fett’s firing an ion missile, which hits the Tymon and Bron’s escape vehicle – resulting in an explosion, destroying the ship. Boba Fett is baffled; the ion missile should have only shut down the engine, not creating a high explosion.  

Cross presses Boba Fett for an explanation as to why he would kill the target he was paid to capture alive. Boba Fett pushes back just as hard, reasoning that he could not have been responsible for the explosion. They come to the epiphany that Boba Fett was set up to take the fall – his employer would benefit from the boy’s death.

As far as Fett’s concerned, this is the second time in weeks he’s been set up for a murder that benefited Lord Borgin – the man who hired him – or was it? Last issue, Boba Fett said once he discovered the individual who set him up, he’d deal with them. Now is time for reckoning.

When we next see Cross, he is waiting for Borgin in the politician’s study. What we find out, could poissibly be the most complicated and surprising endgame I’ve ever read in a Star Wars comic.

Boba Fett was not hired by Borgin, but by Cross, through a third party. Fett was led to believe he was being hired by Borgin, to bring him Bron to give him political leverage. Cross discloses to Borgin that he planned to be confronted by Fett once rescuing Bron, and Tymon willingly sacrificed herself in the explosion that she set off herself.

Bron was taken into safekeeping until he comes to age. Borgin is ecstatic that Cross is on his side, but then becomes wary when the agent reveals that the entire operation was not to benefit Borgin, but to make Boba Fett believe the lord had set him up – marking him for death.

The Empire made Orom Malvern, the brother-in-law of Borgin, the new count, because he is not as politically hungry and easily malleable to do the Empire’s will.

Echoing panels from the first issue, Borgin is shot dead from sniper fire through the window. Cross’ plan worked perfectly, although he knows if Boba Fett were to ever figure out the ruse, he will also be killed. However, in his line of work, by the time the bounty hunter learns the truth, when Bron surfaces as an adult, he most likely will already be dead.

This story arc ended with great payoff and left me stunned. Some of the best writing coming out of Dark Horse is in the pages of “Agent of the Empire.”

Note: This blog entry contains SPOILERS to “Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets #1.”

“Agent of the Empire” is a fresh approach to the Star Wars Expanded Universe that combines the traditional space opera with elements of espionage and secret agents. The adventures of Imperial Intelligence officer Jahan Cross take place before the events of Episode IV.

Last month Dark Horse Comics released the first issue of “Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets,” which is the second story arch in the series. The first issue opens with a literal bang as Cross tussles with Boba Fett – for reasons unknown to the reader.

Boba stops short of killing Cross, but warns the agent to not get in his way again. The scene ends with Cross stealing a speeder and taking off in pursuit of Boba Fett. Cross discloses his mission is, in fact, to get in the bounty hunters way.

Ten days earlier on Alderann, the home world of Cross, there was a celebration hosted by Bail Organa to honor the current Count Dooku – but things quickly turned sour after the count is assassinated by “Boba Fett” – or so it seemed at first.

After a short foot chase the assassin escapes via jet pack, removes his helmet and reveals himself as none other than Jahan Cross – who was under the impression he was assigned to kill the count because he was an enemy of the empire. He is later told by Agent Armand Isard the count was actually neutral, but was killed as a favor to a influential person close to the Empire.

Cross doesn’t know what to think of this new information and struggles with the fact he may have killed an innocent man.

“Do you know the difference between you and a hired gun like Boba Fett, Agent Cross? You’re cheaper.” – Agent Isard.

The story is engaging and the colors pop from the panels with brilliant tones of red, orange and blue. John Ostrander’s story promises an interesting premise and I’m excited for the remaining four issues in the story arch. The illustrations by Davide Fabbri are rich in detail and the colors by Wes Dzioba explode from the page.

"Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets #2" will be released Nov. 21.