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Party store outlets are gearing up for Halloween and here’s one of the latest Boba Fett items for kids - an inflatable jet pack.

USA Today continues its ongoing Star Wars features, leading up to Star Wars Day on May 4. Staff writer Brian Truitt interviewed actor Jeremy Bulloch, who shared memories of being onset for the filming of Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Bulloch shared his initial thoughts on the Mandalorian armor, including worries of toppling over from the weight of Boba Fett’s jet pack. Also, how he approached the characteristics of the bounty hunter. Especially since his face was hidden, how he could use his training as an actor to convey the menace of the character.

Read the full story by clicking HERE.

Rovio released its Cloud City update today. They hype surrounding this release was well deserved, the new level came with an initial 20 levels – featuring new game features, a clever approach to Boba Fett and new secret Easter eggs planted throughout previous worlds.

When Angry Birds Star Wars debuted late last year, fans of both franchises praised the game for its inventiveness. The characters could power up as you progressed through the game, mastering the Force, and there we discovered other neat functions – like Pigs with blasters, which if attacked correctly, would turn their fatal blaster bolts on their comrades.

Cloud City executes similar friendly fire scenarios. When you attack Boba  Fett, his jet packs throttles him through the air, taking out Pig Troopers and wrecking blocks. The bounty hunter first appears in the 17th level of Cloud City.

Cloud City also features air vents, which changes the trajectory of the birds. This can be used to get extra distance in flight, flinging debris at enemies and other clever uses.  

Rovio also planted five jet packs throughout the worlds, which if collected opens up a Boba Fett’s Missions – similar to the Bonus Level or Path of the Jedi. This stage can also be gained by paying .99 cents, but it’s easy enough to collect the jet packs.

The jet packs can be found on the Death Star (2-32), Tatooine (1-23), Hoth (3-27), Cloud City (4-4) and Cloud City (4-19). The Death Star level proves the most challenging to grab, but can be done with a swing of Luke Skywalker’s Light Saber.

Once you’ve gathered all the jet packs, Boba Fett’s Missions opens up and it features eight levels. I imagine more will be added over time, most likely whenever Jabba’s Palace is introduced to the game. Also, there are no signs of Slave I in the game yet, but I’m eager to see how the ship will function when introduced.