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When the Salt Lake City Comic Con FanXperience made its inaugural debut last year, it broke national records for a first-time convention, according to Forbes Magazine. On Jan. 29, more than 100 fans showed up in costume to participate in this year’s marketing material.

Amongst the cosplayers was non-other than Daniel Logan, who in his usual fashion, took time to meet fans and pose with them for photos and video. Logan recently moved from California to Salt Lake City, according to Deseret News, and will be a featured guest at the convention which is April 17-19.

Jeremy Bulloch is also slated to be a guest at the convention, so if you’re in the area, this is an event you’ll be sure not to miss!

One of the best things about Christmas is acquiring new Boba Fett prizes. Jeremy Bulloch has the right idea, as shared in this picture he posted on his official Facebook page yesterday evening.

Fanboy Moments is starting to promote their upcoming Bounty Bonanza tour, which hits the land down under the first week of March.

This is a dream lineup of scum and villainy – featuring appearances by Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett), Paul Blake (Greedo) and sculptor and prop builder Brian Muir as special guests.

Everyone is familiar with Bulloch and Blake, but for those not privy to Muir – he’s been involved in a hoard of pop culture franchises like Harry Potter, James Bond, Star Wars (of course),  Dark Crystal, Indiana Jones and more.

This event is different in dynamic compared to your usual convention. It’s designed to allow fans to “hang out” and socialize with their onscreen favorites, rather than a few minutes at an autograph table.

This event is early in planning, so who knows if more performers will be added to the roster of guests.

The two stops scheduled so far are Adelaine on March 1, Melbourne on March 2, Brisbane on March 7 and Sydney on March 8. Tickets range from $90 to $450, depending on what experience you can afford.

Shotglass Digital launched a new companion podcast to its flagship, RebelForce Radio, which partners with Jedi News correspondents James Burns and Mark Newbold. The monthly podcast, Radio 1138, will feature in-depth conversations about Star Wars fandom centered in United Kingdom and other parts of Europe – which may go over the radar of U.S. based fan communities.

Its inaugural episode features highlights from a The Making of Return of the Jedi panel recorded live in London. The Q&A event was filled with engaging stories and Star Wars trivia from author Jonathan Rinzler, who was joined by Jeremy Bulloch.

Download October’s episode for free on iTunes or at to hear some great antidotes ranging from how many times Bulloch’s worn the Boba Fett armor off screen to the decision to have the bounty hunter befall the Sarlacc Pitt in ROTJ. has become a comprehensive source for Star Wars rumors and news, but I’m looking forward to receiving even more supplemental information about fan events and interviews happening overseas that those of us in the U.S. may not be privy to.

This should also be a great new source of actor news. We are rich with appearances and interviews from voice actors in the states, but this show could bring us more insights from Star Wars actors who work and live across the pond.


If you were impressed by the 350 card base set of Star Wars Galactic Files, then you’ll be blown away to learn the second series of this card line introduces more than 300 new cards.

After these additions, it would be hard to argue with Topps claim this is the most comprehensive Star Wars trading card set ever seen. The set also introduces new insert sets, sketch cards, autographs and more.

Boba Fett is featured many times in this expansion, including a Medallion Relic card, dual autographs of Jeremy Bulloch and Alan Harris a.k.a Bossk, an autograph card for Daniel Logan and Bulloch, amongst others – many more Boba Fett cards than seen in the base set.

This year, Topps also debuted a new trading card set, Star Wars Jedi Legacy, which visually follows the parallel journeys of Luke and Anakin Skywalker – the set consists of 90 base cards and three insert sets including Connections, Influences and The Circle is Now Complete. Although this is a Jedi-centric series, Boba Fett is included in a half dozen insert cards. These include a Jeremy Bulloch autograph card.

Jeremy Bulloch a.k.a. Boba Fett and Dave Prowse a.k.a. Darth Vader reunite in Glasgow. Bulloch shared this photo today on his Facebook page.

Emily Morton was kind enough to share some photos from Celebration Europe with us. Pictured top center is Temuera Morrison leading his fellow Fetts in a traditional Haka warrior dance.Pictured middle, left, Jeremy Bulloch aims Nerf gun during an onstage game. Pictured middle, right, Morrison and Daniel Logan reenact the Battle of Genosis. Pictured bottom are John Morton and Dickey Beer at their autograph tables on the Celebration floor.

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Jeremy Bulloch strapped into his Mandalorian armor on multiple occasions last week, as he joined staff for Caravan of the Force – a tour leading up to Celebration Europe II benfiting Make-A-Wish Foundation. Bulloch even appeared on stage of Celebration’s Boba Fett reunion panel, alongside Daniel Logan, John Morton and Dickey Beer.

When the panel was announced last year, I was hoping for a Boba Fett-oriented reveal. There were no news items shared, although there was a surprise appearance by Temuera Morrison, who participated in a re-creation of an Attack of the Clones scene with Logan.

The performers shared nostalgic memories of their experiences portraying Boba Fett, ranging from Bulloch being a proponent of Boba Fett surviving the Sarlacc, to Logan’s audition for the prequel films and Morton’s memory of receiving direction when standing in during Empire.

Even though there were no project announcements, I believe Lucasfilm officials held this panel to gauge the attendance and reactions from fans.

Here’s a round-up of all the Boba Fett related news from the past week or so. This is quite a month for our favorite bounty hunter, so rather than flood you with a series of posts, here are the highlights, including more news on SDCC and Celebration exclusives!

While making an appearance at a local convention in Cedar Falls last week, actor Jeremy Bulloch was joined by a chapter of Mandalorian Mercs to brighten the day of 7-year-old Jacob Fresher, a Star Wars fan who’s been fighting cancer the last two years. Jacob got to spend an hour with one of his heroes, received autographs and picked out his own souvenirs.

Gentile Giant announced it will offer an exclusive Boba Fett Deluxe Mini Bust at this year’s Sand Diego Comic Con. The bust is based off his appearance in Return of the Jedi and comes with multiple interchangeable arms, allowing numerous poses. Available at the Gentle Giant booth, this piece limited to 2,500 pieces is available for $150.

Another San Diego Comic Con exclusive this year includes Evel Fett, a 12-inch exclusive by Retro Outlaw. A mash-up of Boba Fett and iconic stuntman Evel Knievel, this figure features a removable cape and swagger stick. It’s available for $120 and the first 150 customers will also receive a free screen print.

LEGO announced its latest product from its Star Wars line, which features a Boba Fett Minifigure Keylight. This can be attached to your keychain and shines a light from the minifigure’s feet when its chest is pressed. I’ve yet to see a prototype of this item, so it’s not quite clear how bright the light actually is – but it still makes a great addition to your LEGO Star Wars collection.

Now on retail shelves is “Star Wars Mega Models,” a guide to building four papercraft models. The projects include a TIE Fighter, Boba Fett’s helmet, a miniature Yoda and Anakin’s Lightsaber. Most stores have this book on clearance for $11.04 and it can be found near other craft related Star Wars reference titles, including LEGO minifigure encyclopedias and origami guides.