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If you recall the Star Wars: Force Collection mobile card game from last year, you may remember how much of an utter disappointment it was – especially coming from a company like Komani.

Last week, Disney Interactive released Star Wars: Assault Team for iOS, Android and Windows devices – which are the game we hoped Force Collection would be.

A product of Disney Interactive, this is a turn-based combat game that spans the story of the entire film saga and features popular characters – including Boba Fett.

It’s in the style of a card game, by which it allows players to acquire character cards to assemble their dream team to complete missions and battle other players.

Unlike last year’s game – which was graphically no more than cardboard cut outs and lame game play – the graphics are brilliant and fun. There are hundreds of cards to come across, and you can improve your team’s skills through completing in-game missions.

The X-Wing Miniatures Game rolled out a Slave I expansion set last year, which included 19 new cards, 22 tokens, a maneuver dial, rule sheet and Slave I – which could also be piloted as a normal Firespray-31. You can find this expansion set Barnes & Noble for around $35. 

If you play X-Wing Miniatures and have used the Slave I/Firespray-31, we’d like to interview you about your experience and thoughts on the game and expansion. Email us at and we’ll set something up.

Have you unlocked Boba Fett as a character in Tiny Death Star, yet? This new 8-bit mobile game just hit most phone and tablet platforms, allowing users to build businesses and residence levels in the Death Star.

Rovio released its Cloud City update today. They hype surrounding this release was well deserved, the new level came with an initial 20 levels – featuring new game features, a clever approach to Boba Fett and new secret Easter eggs planted throughout previous worlds.

When Angry Birds Star Wars debuted late last year, fans of both franchises praised the game for its inventiveness. The characters could power up as you progressed through the game, mastering the Force, and there we discovered other neat functions – like Pigs with blasters, which if attacked correctly, would turn their fatal blaster bolts on their comrades.

Cloud City executes similar friendly fire scenarios. When you attack Boba  Fett, his jet packs throttles him through the air, taking out Pig Troopers and wrecking blocks. The bounty hunter first appears in the 17th level of Cloud City.

Cloud City also features air vents, which changes the trajectory of the birds. This can be used to get extra distance in flight, flinging debris at enemies and other clever uses.  

Rovio also planted five jet packs throughout the worlds, which if collected opens up a Boba Fett’s Missions – similar to the Bonus Level or Path of the Jedi. This stage can also be gained by paying .99 cents, but it’s easy enough to collect the jet packs.

The jet packs can be found on the Death Star (2-32), Tatooine (1-23), Hoth (3-27), Cloud City (4-4) and Cloud City (4-19). The Death Star level proves the most challenging to grab, but can be done with a swing of Luke Skywalker’s Light Saber.

Once you’ve gathered all the jet packs, Boba Fett’s Missions opens up and it features eight levels. I imagine more will be added over time, most likely whenever Jabba’s Palace is introduced to the game. Also, there are no signs of Slave I in the game yet, but I’m eager to see how the ship will function when introduced.

Rovio released an exclusive trailer of the Cloud City update to Angry Birds Star Wars late last week, showing the first footage of new dynamics to the game – including the anticipated addition of Boba Fett.

The images streaming out of and are being billed as the first public unveiling of Boba Fett, but images of the bounty hunter and Slave I, whether by accident or design, surfaced late last year through various Angry Birds Star Wars coloring books – as originally reported by The Boba Bounty.

MTV reports one of the new in-game obstacles features steam gates that have capacity to change the birds’ trajectory mid-flight. The Cloud City update will reportedly include 20 levels. Other surprises may lay in weight – since no new “good guys” have been hinted at (read Lando) through trailers or upcoming merchandise.

There’s no official date for release of Cloud City or how much of the levels include Boba Fett. We do know through promotional images, there are versions of Boba Fett with and without a blaster, and images of Slave I – which, will most likely appear at the “boss” stage of the planet stage.

Boba Fett’s jetpack should also prove interesting. While it makes the character more difficult to target, it also leads the bounty hunter into taking out his own side. This is nice, because he gives a nod to the anti-hero line Boba Fett walks in much of the Expanded Universe.

“I deliver. Once I’ve caught my prey, nothing stops me from bringing it in – nothing. If I take on the job, I complete it and everybody in the galaxy knows that.”

Zen Studios released the first trailer for its digital Star Wars Pinball game, the first tables including Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Starting Feb. 26-27, the games can be downloaded on Xbox LIVE, Playstation Network and through multiple mobile platforms.

The trailer teases viewers with engaging game play, which features fast moving graphics, authentic sounding audio and iconic homage to the original trilogy.

The first trailer introduces the gravely, accented voice of Boba Fett and pans to a view of a vast arena, which includes the Sarlacc Pit; secret doors harboring Stormtroopers, Jabba the Hutt and Darth Vader; icons of other bounty hunters; and dozens of moving pieces.

The Boba Fett game will feature several options to execute action. The goal for the player is to complete missions by scoring a certain amount of points, triggering letters to spell out specific words, or hitting various targets – all the while avoiding being sucked into the Sarlacc Pit.  

This isn’t Zen Studio’s first venture into digital pinball. After a number of original titles, they’ve released a half dozen Marvel franchise theme games. Officials stated there will be about 10 Star Wars digital tables available planned for this series.

I’m excited to check out this game, once it’s available. This is a fresh way to experience the Star Wars universe and there’s a reason pinball games have been a popular arcade style game for more than three decades. However, I wonder who this game is aimed toward – I feel it will be embraced more so by the original trilogy generation.

I have a feeling Zen Studios is also not quite sure which demographic will download this game the most, explaining their choices in initial releases. The Empire table will appeal to the OT players, the Boba Fett table will demonstrate stand alone character power and the Clone Wars table is probably targeted toward the younglings.

Depending on which of these versions proves most popular will most likely decide which direction the company steers for future releases.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think:

If you’ve visited the Star Wars section of any retail store, then you’ve surely seen Star Wars Fighter Pods. There are dozens of small plastic characters that can be collected. The small, plastic figures are stout and cartoon in design, but sculpted in great detail.

The packages also come with plastic, sculpted pods which open up to fit the figures inside. The characters are meant to be fitted in the pods and used for a battle game. Players are able to choose which characters they wish to play with and re-create or invent battle scenarios with friends.

The point of the game is to knock your opponent out of a battle zone by spinning, rolling your pods – or by launching them from vehicles. The rules are not set in concrete and purposely so, because players are supposed to create their own rules of engagement.

The collection features three versions of Boba Fett. These versions include the bounty hunter fixed in two positions – two of which show him standing at ease with his blaster rifle in hand and the second pose is him ready to launch darts from his cufflinks.

The difference between two of the figures is Boba Fett’s armor. In one he wears his traditional green and gray armor, and on the second, he wears white prototype armor.

These micro-figures are reminiscent to me of the playsets released in the early 1990s, featuring helmets or faces of Star Wars characters that opened up to reveal miniature scenes from the movies. These toys were a result of the popularity of the Mighty Max and Polly Pocket toy lines and featured micro-figures of popular Star Wars characters.

The fighter pods are a great way for children to exercise their imagination. The beauty of this line is children don’t have to play with these figures through battling the pods, but can treat them in the same vain as action figures.

I’ll also add that retailers sell these pods in individual mystery packs. Each pack comes with two pods and two characters, but the catch is you never know what might be inside! This adds the same element of surprise as opening a pack of trading cards, with the mission of collecting the entire set.

Create your own battles with these Star Wars Battle Pods