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While designed to sit atop your computer monitor, the Funko Boba Fett Computer Sitter just as nicely perches along any edge - whether a bookshelf, television or shadowbox. This is a fun way to accessorize your home or work office, or just add some character to your collection room.

Boba Fett Fabrikation: Funko unveiled a new line of products at New York Toy Fair, featuring some of our favorite pop culture characters – including Boba Fett. The new line is called Fabrikations, which are 6 inches in length and filled with foam. What sets these apart from your usual plush toy is they have free standing feet and rotating heads. The Boba Fett Fabrikation is scheduled to release this June.

Slave I Keychain: There wasn’t too much additional Boba Fett products coming out of Toy Fair, but another new item showcased was from Quantum Mechanix, which is producing replica keychains of Slave I. The design comes from digital scans from the Lucasfilm archive and is made from solid steel alloy – crafted at a 1:400 scale ratio. This item is expected the second quarter of this year, and is priced at a reasonable $12.95.

Rubies Costume: Rubies had some new costumes on display at Toy Fair, including an officially licensed Boba Fett/Jango Fett children’s costume. This item is actually two costumes in one – you can reverse the costume to dress up as either Boba or Jango Fett.

Goodnight Darth Vader: Also earlier this month, Lucasfilm announced Jeffrey Brown will release a second follow-up to his hit children’s book Darth Vader and Son. The third book, Goodnight Darth Vader follows our favorite Sith Lord as he faces the challenges that come with putting kids to bed. Lucasfilm officials confirmed Boba Fett will feature a cameo in the book. There’s no official release date yet, but it should hit shelves sometime later this year.

Boba Fett Collector’s Helmet: Shipping in April, a new Boba Fett collector’s helmet is up for pre-order on Entertainment Earth. This bucket is made from injected plastic and is priced at $99. While it’s a nicely made helmet, the paint scheme and weathering doesn’t match the films.

Boba Fett Fingerboards: The company, Tech Deck, released its Star Wars collection in January. These miniature skateboards feature an assortment of Star Wars characters, including two Boba Fett designs – one on a skateboard, and the other on a longboard.

Boba Fett Tunic Tank: The last item on our list is a new product by Her Universe. The fangirl-oriented site has created a Boba Fett Tunic Tank, which comes in sizes X-Small to 4-XL and is priced at $35. It features a print of Boba Fett’s armor on the front, and a stylized jetpack design on the back of the tunic.


If you follow our blog on a regular basis, then you know how busy the last year has been for Boba Fett collectors. Two-thousand thirteen was swamped with comic book cameos, convention exclusives, mobile game and roleplaying expansions – amongst other news items ranging from spin-off rumors and the launch of the #BringBackBoba Campaign.

We’ve reviewed some of the most popular highlights of 2013 and created a list broken down by months, which focuses on this year’s Boba Fett collecting. Some of the major happenings were the wrap up of Agent of the Empire, Boba’s 6-inch figure in the Black Series toy line, his update in Angry Birds Star Wars and controversy over the canceled 1313 video game.

If we missed anything you feel should be on the list, or would like to talk about your favorite Boba Fett product or project, jump over and discuss it at our #BringBackBoba Campaign page on Facebook.

image-Boba Fett appeared in Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets #4.
-Street artist Brian Donelly releases exclusive Boba Fett vinyl figure in Tokyo.
-Dark Horse Comics released Blood Ties: Boba Fett is Dead in trade paperback.
-Target carried officially licensed Boba Fett water bottles, puzzles and play packs.

-Mars rereleased M&M Boba Fett candy products for Valentine’s Day.
-Boba Fett appeared in Star Wars: In the Shadow of Yavin #2.
-Jeremy Bulloch named Boba Fett in his favorite five film rogues in Star Wars Insider #140.
-Zen Studios released Boba Fett Pinball for mobile devices.
-Boba Fett appeared on the cover of Wired Magazine.
-Rumors started about a possible Boba Fett spin-off film.
-Hasbro announced Boba Fett in second wave of Angry Birds Star Wars at NYC Toy Fair.
-Boba Fett appeared in Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets #5.
-Fighter Pods Series 4 included new Boba Fett figurines and Slave I.
-Ted dressed like Boba Fett in an episode of How I Met Your Mother.
-Boba Fett included in expansion of Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars Roleplaying Game.
-Fantasy Flight Games expanded X-Wing Miniature Game with Slave I ship.

-Kotobukiya released its Boba Fett silicon ice cube tray.
-Boba Fett makes semi-finals for’s March Madness tournament.
-Boba Fett levels added to Angry Birds Star Wars mobile app.
-Inside sources reported there was an unaired Boba Fett story arc planned for The Clone Wars S6.
-Gentle Giant offered 12-inch Jumbo Boba Fett as gift option for premier gold members


-Boba Fett appeared on stage during Walt Disney World announcement about Star Wars Day.
-Patton Oswalt mentioned Boba Fett in episode of Parks and Recreation.
-LucasArts sources report video game 1313 was centered on Boba Fett.
-Boba Fett appeared in children’s book Vader’s Little Princess.
-UK-based company Direct Blinds released blueprint Slave I window covers.

-Magician Chris Cross challenged Jeremy Bulloch in escape act at Star Wars Day event.
-Boba Fett appeared in The Assassination of Darth Vader released on Free Comic Book Day.
-Boba Fett appeared in Star Wars: In the Shadow of Yavin #5.
-We launched the #BringBackBoba Campaign.
-Winning T-Shirt for the Dark Side Design Contest featured Boba Fett. released Boba Fett car wraps for Star Wars Day.
-Her Universe released Boba Fett tank top for Star Wars Day.
-Boba Fett found in Series 2 of Angry Birds Star Wars blind bag figurines.
-Hollywood Studios released exclusive print featuring Boba Fett for Star Wars Weekends.
-Disney released “Sarlacc Attack” toy set exclusively for Disney Park gift shops. offered printable Boba Fett mask for Cinco de Mayo.

-Medicom released new designs for Boba Fett Be@rbricks Collection.
-Rovio released Boba’s Delivery cartoon for Angry Birds Toons.
-X-Raided offered limited edition Boba Fett challenge coin.
-Jeremy Bulloch began giving exclusive Boba Fett patches with copies of Flying Solo.
-Comic Images released Boba Fett rag doll.
-Sideshow Collectibles announces its Sixth Scale Prototype Boba Fett.

image-Artist Joe Corroney released The Slave Princess featuring Boba Fett for Celebration Europe II.
-Artist Brian Rood released Homecoming featuring Boba Fett for Celebration Europe II.
-Limited edition giclee Boba Fett paintings released by artist Christian Waggoner.
-Giclee painting featuring Boba Fett released by artist Raymond Swanland.
-Bounty hunter card set including Boba Fett offered as exclusive for Celebration Europe II.
-Gentle Giant offered Boba Fett Deluxe Mini Bust at San Diego Comic Con.
-Exclusive 6-inch Boba Fett with Han Solo in Carbonite offered at SDCC and Celebration Europe II.
-Retro Outlaw Boba Fett figure offered as San Diego Comic Con exclusive.
-Boba Fett actors reunite on stage at Celebration Europe II.
-Funko released Holiday Special Boba Fett Pop! Vinyl exclusive.
-Boba Fett appeared in Star Wars: In the Shadow of Yavin #7.
-Dark Horse Comics released Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets on trade paperback.

-Bioworld Merchandising released Boba Fett backpack. shipped out exclusive Vintage Collection Slave I.
-Boba Fett appeared in Star Wars: In the Shadow of Yavin #8.
-LEGO released Boba Fett LED Keychain.
-Gentle Giant announced its Boba Fett Holiday Special Animated Maquette.
-UD Replicas released Boba Fett leather motorcycle jacket.
-Boba Fett featured in Topps’ Star Wars Galactic Files II.
-Boba Fett throws first pitch at Los Angeles Dodgers game.

-Boba Fett featured in Petco’s new Star Wars Pet Fans Collection.
-Tribe released new line of Star Wars USB flash drives including Boba Fett.
-Retailers stock officially licensed inflatable Boba Fett jetpack.
-Hasbro announced Boba Fett’s Class II Slave I to hit stores in fall.
-Her Universe announces new Boba Fett dresses coming soon.
-Konami launches Star Wars: Force Collection for mobile devices featuring Boba Fett.
-Boba Fett featured in Angry Birds Star Wars II.

-Boba Fett featured in Topps’ Star Wars Jedi Legacy card series.
-Boba Fett featured on Angry Birds Star Wars Happy Meal pails.
-Artist Brian Rood released Boba Fett is on the Hunt for limited time.
-Dark Horse released limited edition of Star Wars #2 canvas prints.
-Funko featured Boba Fett in its Star Wars Papercraft Playset.
-Boba Fett appeared in Star Wars: In the Shadow of Yavin #10.
-Release of The Bounty Hunters Code: From the Files of Boba Fett.

image-Artist William Silvers featured Boba Fett in his painting A Good Day to Die.
-Boba Fett celebrated the 35th anniversary of his animated debut.
-Boba Fett merchandise given away in contests for Entertainment Earth, Think Geek and Mint in Box.
-Retailers stocked Boba Fett stationary sets and hot chocolate for holiday specials.
-Hasbro released Boba Fett in Wave 2 of the Black Series 6-inch line.
-Boba Fett featured in mobile application Tiny Death Star.
-Boba Fett wins majority vote in’s Episode VII poll.
-Star Wars drinkware featuring Boba Fett showed up at Target.
-LEGO Advent Calendar features Boba Fett, Jango Fett and Slave I.
-More than 20 Black Friday sales related to Boba Fett products.

-Boba Fett sketch by Joe Johnston raises money for Shine On Sierra Leone.
-Tiny Death Star adds Holiday Special Boba Fett to in-game characters.

How’s that for a year?! Lastly, as this year ends it also marks near the one year anniversary of The Boba Bounty. How have you enjoyed our reporting on Boba Fett collectibles and Star Wars speculation? What could we improve, adjust or expand on? Let us know your thoughts by commenting on Facebook or emailing us at

imageFunko announced yesterday its next installment of their Papercraft Playset series centers around Star Wars, especially highlighting Cloud City.

The set includes seven characters in Papercraft form including Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Lando, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker amongst others. The set requires no glue, scissors or other tools, but easily folds together so you can play out your favorite scenes.

Like most Funko products, it’s affordable and appropriate for any age. This would be especially good for teachers who are looking for something low cost and fun to occupy children’s time – or reward them for good behavior.

Also, with the holidays around the corner – this is great stocking fodder.

Everytime you turn around, Funko has a new wave of POP! Vinyl hitting store shelves. It’s no wonder, the company is releasing more than 50 exclusives over the next year, including a Boba Fett variant, painted to resemble his appearance in the animated Droids animated series. This is a repaint of its earlier Boba Fett bobble-head and is limited to just 300 pieces. It’s available for $15 during Celebration Europe later this month in Germany. announced plans for its Caravan of the Force, a two vehicle convoy, which will travel through Europe prior to Celebration Europe – raising money for Make-A-Wish Foundation. One of the persons joining the caravan is none other than Jeremy Bulloch, who will be joined by his wife, Maureen. Bulloch will be signing autographs at their stop to a local Toys ‘R’ Us in Brent Cross, London. Starting at 7:30 p.m., Bulloch will autograph a special Black Series backing card. For information, visit

With only a few weeks till thousands pour into Essen, Germany for Celebration Europe – we’ve received a peek at the official event’s merchandise, some of which features our favorite Mandalorian. Items include a Boba Fett hoodie, and a very sharp looking messenger bag.

Ever have one of those days? This vinyl bobble-head by Funko is painted in a solid green, and is sculpted with attitude. This item can be found at your local Barnes & Noble or other brick and mortar stores. The figure is also sculpted into its base and is built very solid. A great addition to any office or cubicle.

The Boba Fett bobble head released by Funko is a great addition to any desk or office. The 4-inch bobble head is made of sturdy vinyl and the bobble action, combined with the figure’s cartoony design, is great for alleviating a stressful work day – even if for a few moments.

There are a number of Boba Fett bobble-heads in the market, but this version is my favorite. Funko sculpted plenty of detail into the bobble head, including Boba Fett’s jetpack, utility belt and armor. The paint job is also cleanly applied and Boba Fett stands on detachable black platform.

The only downside to this item is the helmet faces down, so it’s hard to get a good look at the front of its helmet when you’re not sitting at its level.

Add this bobble head to your office, click here to find sellers.