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Target is always reliable for stocking officially licensed Star Wars merchandise, and one of the coolest items have been popping up in my area – well sculpted refrigerator magnets, featuring the busts of popular characters.

There’s a lot more characters included in the line than teased on the packaging – like the Jawa (my wife’s personal favorite) which now holds a reminder of an upcoming dentist appointment.

The magnets are really beautiful pieces. As I just said, the molds are spot-on and rich in detail, the paint is cleanly applied and the fabric of the character’s clothing has texture and feel to it. There not the strongest magnets, but have enough strength to hold notes, photos or reminders.

I have a major problem with this product though – their blind packaged. This is fine with trading cards or even low-priced toys, but not fine for something like magnets. Boba Fett is previewed on the packaging and I really wanted to acquire him to put next to our Jawa. But there’s no account to how many of these magnets you may have to buy to find him.

Blind boxed or packaged products can be fun, until you acquire a number of them then start getting repeats. Even if you are fine with having a vast collection of Star Wars magnets on your fridge – nobody needs 10 Chewbacca’s on their fridge.

Kotobukiya is now taking preorders for its Boba Fett silicon ice cube tray. This item is heat-resistant, so it can also be used to make brownies in the shapes of a Mandalorian helmet and a Mythosaur skull. It carries an online price of $12 and will ship out this March.