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If you’ve been thinking about acquiring some Star Wars art for your walls, there are a number of pre-orders now available from well-known artists. Whether you lean toward fine art or comic book styles, here are some great options to decorate your Geekcave.

Scheduled for release this month, but still accepting pre-orders is a reasonably affordable fine art giclee print by Star Wars artist Brian Rood. Limited to 95 pieces – Wood’s piece, “Boba Fett Is On The Hunt,” is a stunning watercolor-style on canvas that measures 19 inches tall by 13 inches wide. The print features Boba Fett is an iconic posture, elegantly executed to fit the décor of any room and priced only at $125.

If you consider yourself a hardcore fan of Dark Horse’s, “Star Wars,” then you’ll want to check out the limited edition “Star Wars” #2 print of Alex Ross’ epic cover, featuring Slave I in pursuit of Millennium Falcon, and floating heads of Luke Skywalker, Wedge, Princess Leia and four X-Wing fighters. Fans should especially note, the canvas is signed by Alex Ross and limited to 77 hand-numbered pieces. This piece is priced at $195 and slated to ship this month.

In November, a limited edition giclee print by artist William Silvers, entitled “A Good Day To Die,” will be released through Entertainment Earth for $345. The canvas measures 26 inches tall by 13 inches wide and is signed by the artist – restricted to only 77 copies. According to the artist, this piece pays homage to the bounty hunters fate as seen in Return of the Jedi.

Looking for something colorful or breathtaking for your Geekcave? Some new Boba Fett artwork have made their way onto the Internet this past week.

It’s not too often limited edition prints are made at affordable prices, so it’s not shocker that Tom Hodges’ “Boba and his Bounty” sold out pretty fast. In fact, as you read this, the item has been removed from his etsy page – sold out before 8 a.m. two days ago.

If you missed out on Hodges’ piece, another affordable, but fantastic piece is available for pre-order at “Luke To The Rescue,” is a hand-numbered limited edition of 95 pieces, measuring 19 inches tall by 13 inches wide and available for $89.

The piece illustrates Luke’s heroic scene on the Desert Skiff in Return of the Jedi, as he faces off against Boba Fett during his rescue mission. The artist, James Silvani, has a unique and fresh approach to his artwork – fantastic for your child’s room or hanging over your collection of animated style Star Wars toys.

I’ve always seen action figures as more than just toys – I see them as pieces of art. Some artists have taken this view and expanded upon it, by creating amazing works of fine art, with vintage Star Wars figures as their muse.

One of the most recent artists to catch the eye of Internet reporters is Swedish-based painter Mats Gunnarsson. He is an oil painter, who has become keen on using the Kenner style action figures as the subjects of his paintings. Gunnarsson’s recent life-sized painting of Boba Fett is making its rounds on Star Wars sites earlier this week.

Even more impressive, is his portrait of all six bounty hunters from the Death Star’s bridge in Empire Strikes Back. Gunnarsson’s paintings captures the details of the sculpts, as well as uses light to present an almost life-like quality to the action figures.

San Fransico-based artist Rob Burden is another painter who uses vintage toys as the subject of huge portraits and murals. Earlier this year, he began a Kickstarter project. Burden set a goal to raise $24,000 to finance two Star Wars mural paintings – he exceeded that goal last month, the Kickstarter raised, to date, more than $34,000 – stretching his aim now to three giant murals.

Burden’s two oil paintings will be 10-foot x 14-foot – his largest projects tackled. The central character in one of the paintings will be vintage Boba Fett, who was chosen by contributors after a poll was taken. He previously created three 114-inch tall paintings of Threepio, Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper – funded from a $4,000 pledge.

Earlier this month the limited edition prints that will be available at Celebration Europe were shared online. The amazing artwork left me breathless, as well as friends of The Boba Bounty.

They’re available for pre-order at Prints must be picked up at the event and cannot be shipped.

Two Boba Fett centered prints are striking – “The Slave Princess” by Joe Corroney measures 18 inches by 24 inches and limited to 250 pieces.

“Homecoming” by Brian Rood measures 20 inches by 30 inches and limited to 250 prints. This is the type of high quality artwork that you can proudly hang on your wall and really bring your Geekcave alive.

The price ranges around $60-$70 American dollars.

Coming this July are some new pieces of fine art by artist Christian Waggoner. These 30-inch by 24-inch giclee canvases are limited to 25 pieces and carry hefty price tags up toward $1,250, but are signed and absolutely breathtaking.

You may be familiar with Waggoner’s work from his Boba Fett painting that pans closely to his T-visor, with the Carbonite slab of Han Solo reflecting off his helmet.

This new painting is similar in style, with a reflection of Lando Carlissian negotiating with Darth Vader on Cloud City.

A more affordable option is artist Raymond Swanland’s canvas giclee, limited to 95 available pieces, is 30-inch by 20-inch and features Boba Fett standing atop a building, blaster in hand as he keeps an eye out for his prey. This is also signed by the artist and is going for $395 – available in July.

These limited edition pieces are available for pre-order through Entertainment Earth.

While a little expensive, the artwork by these two artist would look great in any Geekcave or collection gallery.

   image      image

Chris Wyman at continues his reporting on Star Wars Weekends exclusives, with the sharing of this art print which will be available at Hollywood Studios. The above print is one of four pieces of art illustrated by Star Wars artist Stephen Hayford and is one of four exclusive pieces. If you can make it down to Hollywood Studio, this is a great grab and would go perfect in your Geekcave or collection room.

Visit for more information.

The Star Wars Celebration VI event took place this past August at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The celebration included a competitive art show, showcasing exclusive prints of Star Wars artwork by various artists – 36 pieces were chosen for display and purchasing, including two that focus on Boba Fett.

The piece, “Boba Fett – Concept to Realization,” was created by graphic designer Jeff Confer and is an officially licensed product of Star Wars, although no price has been set on the item. Its specs are 18 inches by 24 inches and limited to 250 prints. Confer has been commissioned to illustrate sketch card sets for Topps, Rittenhouse Archives and Bad Axe Studios. See more of his work and order exclusive prints at

The piece consists of four panels that show Boba Fett’s evolution from his white prototype armor to the classic green and gray armor we’ve all come to know. The print is cleanly executed and the colors are crisp with amazing attention to detail.

“On the Hunt for The Great Chewbacca” is an oil painting by artist Christian Waggoner and is also limited to 250 prints, each available for $70 and measuring 18 inches by 24 inches. Waggoner is known for his work on the Star Wars “Reflection” series, “Star Wars: Visions” and “Star Wars: Illustrations” that was published in September.

I really love Waggoner’s work. Boba Fett is painted in gritty style and draped in a flag. Holding blasters in both hands, the image is reminiscent of the patriotic paintings of heroes during wartime. Chewbacca is in Boba Fett’s sights, as his reflection is clearly seen on the surface of Fett’s visor.

Boba Fett also makes montage appearances in the following submissions: “The Empire Strikes Back,” by Katie Cook; “The Saga of Solo,” by Mark McHaley; “Ally or Enemy,” by David Rabbitte; “ROTJ,” by Brian Rood and “Return of the Jedi,” by Jerry Vanderstelt.

For further information, visit

This oil painting by St. Albert-based artist Rob Weaver is a door prize at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo in Edmonton, Alabama this weekend.

This oil painting by St. Albert-based artist Rob Weaver is a door prize at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo in Edmonton, Alabama this weekend.

A parody of Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks.” This painting includes Boba Fett sitting isolated at the far end if the diner’s bar. Who wouldn’t want to hang a framed copy of this over a futon or couch in their geekcave!