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Today it was officially announced Disney already has plans for a number of standalone Star Wars films. Many fans are hoping a Boba Fett film will be among these projects. Here is a continuation of possible storylines for a feature film.

Pitch #3: Years after the happenings of “Return of the Jedi,” the nephew of Jabba, Gorga the Hutt, has inherited much of the crime lord’s criminal empire. He has even expanded the reach of his power. Of course, one does not gain such a fortune without making enemies – other Hutts, who believe they have a greater claim to Jabba’s windfall. One such Hutt hires Boba Fett to assassinate Gorga’s beloved wife, Orko. Filled with rage, Gorga places a bounty on Boba Fett’s head – using his control over local pirates and bounty hunters on his payroll to corner the Mandalorian. Boba Fett must go on the defense as he finds himself as the most profitable target since Han Solo. The bounty is so enticing, Boba finds himself pitted against former partners, the most dangerous being the bounty hunter named, Bossk. This story would journey through the underworld, giving rich looks at the world of the Hutts, the nastiest cantinas and pirate organizations in live action.

Pitch #4: Following the Clone Wars, the planet of Mandalore was virtually crippled. Once the Empire formed, it was further squashed as its warriors were considered a great threat if given opportunity. However, this would change with the arrival of Spar, a clone who had escaped Kamino before the wars and was one of the rare specimens who retained all memories of Jango Fett. He had been working as a bounty hunter for years, but returned to Mandalore to return the planet to its former glory. His success in reforming a Mandalorian army caught the eye of Imperial spies who feel they must end the threat before it grows too large to contain. The Empire hires Boba Fett to journey to Mandalore and infiltrate the new Mandalore Protectors, gain their trust, learn their plans and then kill Spar and anyone else who may pick up arms. Things become complicated, though, for the bounty hunter, who begins to see too much of the father he lost in the man he’s assigned to kill.

The future is bright for Star Wars fans, which for years held fast the dream of one day seeing new films on the big screen. With the acquisition of Lucasfilm, not only have we received the promise of additional movies, but there’s the possibility of spin-off franchises.

There’s a long list of characters worthy of their own series of flicks, but perhaps none warrant a spin-off as much as our favorite Mandalorian – Boba Fett.

However, what would make for a worthwhile story? Taking a look at G-level cannon, materials from the Expanded Universe and a pinch of wishful thinking – here are four possible story ideas for a Boba Fett feature film.

Pitch #1: It took every ounce of training and experience he’d garnered over decades of battles to escape the belly of the Sarlacc. The digestive acids of the beast had done its damage, destroying not only his father’s armor, but the genetic copy of his father’s face – virtually destroying everything left of Boba Fett’s template – Jango Fett.

The bounty hunter is found at the brink of death and recovering near a scrap yard by sometime-ally, sometime-foe, Dengar, who must be convinced of Boba’s identity.

According to Dengar, he ran into Boba just a week or two prior while hunting down a target. Boba learns that while he was trapped in the belly of the Sarlacc, an imposter has been taking jobs under his name and wearing Mandalorian armor. When Dengar describes the markings on the armor, Boba concludes it’s the backup set stored away on his ship – now missing, which is the reason he’s been stranded on Tatooine.

The imposter is a man named Jodo Kast, a half-rate bounty hunter who took advantage of the situation following Return of the Jedi. Robbed of everything that Boba’s felt separated him from just being another clone, he calculates revenge.

His mangled face and body allows him to easily move about, putting pieces of the puzzle in place, all leading to a very public return and retribution against Jodo Kast – making him a public example of crossing the Mandalorian.

Pitch #2: The majority of Boba Fett’s youth was seeking revenge for the death of his father at the hands of Mace Windu. In general, Fett held distaste for the entire Jedi Order, and their “pet” clones that reminded young Boba of the father he’d never see again.

After Order 66, the Jedi disappeared and pushed into extinction, the young bounty hunter found himself needing to put away the baggage he’s carried for years. Wanting to learn more about his father, Boba Fett travels to Mandalore where he becomes a Journeyman Protector, and also begins to fall for a young Mandalorian woman, Sintas Vel. The only thing that grows faster than their romance is Boba’s reputation as a fighter and leader.

With the Jedi gone, the Empire has moved their sights on Mandalorians, who now pose the biggest threat to the Emperor – being they refuse to be ruled and are proven warriors. Things are looking up, until Boba learns that his commanding officer, Lenovar, had assaulted Sintas Vel while Boba Fett was away fighting a battle against a fleet of Imperial ships. When Boba Fett finds out, he kills Lenovar, but is exiled and barley escapes with his life due to the political weight of Lenovar’s father, the governor of Concord Dawn.

Forced to leave his father’s home world and the woman he loved, Boba Fett returns to his former life of bounty hunting. Boba’s reputation was not lost on the ears of Imperial intelligence officers.

When the Emperor learns of Boba Fett’s exile, he assigns Darth Vader to bring in the Mandalorian and we see the beginning of what becomes a long relationship between Boba Fett and Darth Vader. Boba is contracted to decapitate the upper command of the Mandalorian Protectors.