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Star Wars Identities is a unique traveling exhibition, which is currently making its way through Canada.

The exhibit showcases more than 200 original costumes, props, models and modern art pieces related to your favorite characters – including Boba Fett.

Not only do visitors get to encounter original prop pieces and costumes from all six films, but the installation also includes pieces from The Clone Wars.

Pieces include a model of the Millennium Falcon, concept art from Star Wars visionaries and even the original slab of Carbonite that imprisoned Han Solo.

Let’s not forget this exhibit is called Identities – and for a reason – what makes this installation unique is how it interacts with visitors.

Patrons are fitted with a smart technology bracelet, which allows them to respond to hypothetical situations – designed to assess their personality traits and help them discover what or who their character would be in the Star Wars Universe.

Star Wars Identities is currently at the Telus World of Science in Edmonton, Canada until April 1. Starting May 10, it will travel to Ottawa, Canada, where it will be on display at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum through Sept. 2.

More dates and locations will be announced soon. Over the next six years, it will be featured in 12 cities.

While no U.S. destinations have been unveiled as of today, you can still purchase some amazing collectible merchandise from its online store at