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In his toughest match since the Star Wars Character Tournament began, Boba Fett defeated Emperor Palpatine last night by 53 percent. This victory won Boba Fett a seat in the final four of the bracket tourney and pitting him against Darth Vader in today’s match-up.

So far, Boba Fett has defeated a fellow bounty hunter, his father and a Sith Lord. But can he stand up against the fallen Jedi – Darth Vader? It will surely be a close match-up – one in which we saw in the pages of “Enemy of the Empire.”

In that comic, Boba Fett used his clever tactics to gain an upper hand against Vader. If he pulls a win tonight, he’ll face either R2-D2 or Yoda in the final battle to determine the champion.

Let’s continue to rally and campaign for a win for #TeamBoba. We are so close to a final victory!