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Barnes & Noble has a wide selection of bookmarks, featuring art from Empire Strikes Back. The Boba Fett bookmark grabbed my eye, with a floating head design of Boba Fett atop the shot of the bounty hunters lined up for Darth Vader’s roll call.

Check out this video from the eFX molding of Boba Fett’s hero helmet from Empire Strikes Back last September.

Our childhood bed sheets defined our youth. Our generation has a strong nostalgia for the past, and that love is being evermore growing in modern home décor – even for present day kid items. The Pottery Barn is now selling a duvet set for children that features vintage style graphics for Star Wars.

The design strongly nods to what we had on our beds as kids – the bed and pillow covers feature a slew of classic characters, including Han Solo, Leia, Chewbacca, the droids, and most prominently – Darth Vader and Boba Fett. If I had a guest bed, I’d try and convince my wife to let us use this bed set – it comes in both, twin and full/queen size mattresses. The price ranges from $26-$109.

Something that would go great with the duvet bed spread, and also going with the Empire theme, is the Boba Fett MP3 speaker, available through Entertainment Earth. Perfect for the tech savvy kid, the speaker features dual input – either auxiliary input or USB. It’s a simple, clean design that easily adds character to your kid’s bedroom (or your own) for $29.99.

If you haven’t read John Morton’s reflection piece at the Official Star Wars Blog, I highly suggest carving out some time to do so. Many fans are familiar with Morton as the Rebel pilot, Dak, but fans of the Fett also recognize him as one of the few individuals to strap into the Mandalorian armor in the Original Trilogy.

Morton stood in for Jeremy Bulloch for several scenes in Empire Strikes Back, actually completing two days of filming for several scenes in Cloud City. If you recall the film, one of his scenes is well remembered, Boba Fett staring down Darth Vader in the corridors of Bespin – Lando and Lobot nervously standing in rear.

He recalls his first time being asked for an autograph as Boba Fett, at a convention in 1997. Morton said he was apprehensive and instructed the young boy, to first gain Bulloch’s permission. He continues that Bulloch has passed along his blessing, and has always been gracious with sharing the spotlight – Morton eventually came to think of himself as “Bespin Boba” when asked for his signature.

This past Celebration Europe was the first time Lucasfilm brought all the Boba Fett performers on stage, to honor their contribution in a collaborative effort, no matter how small or large, to create a presentation of Boba Fett that not only appears uniform – but has resonated with fans for over 30 years.

While Morton wasn’t “featured” as Boba Fett until this past year, we hope he realizes, us fans, especially Fett-natics, have always held a special place in our hearts for John “Dak” Morton. In Karen Traviss’ Republic Commando novels, Spar looks for a clone he can pass off as a Fett heir.

Spar understands that the Fett name is more than one specific individual, but what the name correlates with – honor, respect and everything else Mandalorians value and enemies fear. In that same vain, the entity that is Boba Fett is beyond who the first to play the character was – but whether or not they brought the spirit of the character to the screen – even if it were but just during two days of filming.  

Check out John Morton’s post by clicking here, it’s a great read.

In the latest issue of Geek Magazine, its writing team sat down with Steven Melching, writer of The Clone Wars, and Chris Gossett, Star Wars artist, to gain their insight into the popularity of Boba Fett. This Q&A was a sidebar to a larger feature, looking at the Saga’s standing in the fan community.

“After briefly being introduced in The Star Wars Holiday Special, bounty hunter Boba Fett made a more impressive entrance to the Star Wars mythos in The Empire Strikes Back, in which he instantly captivated the imaginations of fans everywhere. The character’s enduring popularity led to him being added into the original Star Wars in the 1997 Special Edition release and becoming a vital part of the prequels years later. So why has Boba Fett become such a fan favorite opposed to some of his brooding brethren, such as IG-88 and Bossk? We turned to our Star Wars experts to get their thoughts on Fett’s enduring Mandalorian appeal.” - Geek Magazine


Melching accredited Boba Fett’s popularity to the mystique the character carried prior to the release of Empire. He believes the promotional action figure also endeared fans to the character – many impressed by his armor, specifically the fact he was rumored to have taken down Wookiees – even wearing a braid of his Wookiee targets over his gear.

“I think a big reason why Fett became so popular was because we really didn’t know a whole lot about him. He was described as a Mandalorian Shock Trooper. Who the hell were they?” Melching said. “Did they fight in the Clone Wars? Could he be this ‘other’ that Yoda spoke of? All this anticipation made his ignominious demise in Return of the Jedi all the more crushing.”

Gossett chimed in, saying the prequels screwed up the character in his opinion. Making Boba Fett a clone was one of the major problems in the prequels, he said. Gossett believes one of the characteristics beloved about Fett was he was Han Solo without a soul – Boba Fett was what Solo might have become if he made different choices as a smuggler.

“Showing that contrast was one of the functions Boba Fett served, and he served it damn well. The fact that Lucas just dropped him into the Sarlacc Pit was a sign of poor choices to come,” Gossett said.

According to Melching, the main protagonist of Episode VI was supposed to be Boba Fett. The Sarlacc was a quick solution when George Lucas decided to squash Episode VII-IX into Return of the Jedi – which was supposed to feature Han Solo versus Boba Fett, with the Skywalker story only introduced at the end leading to the next trilogy.

“Fans still refuse to accept that he died in the Sarlacc Pit… He became a major player in the Clone Wars series, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns up in Episode VII or as a central character in one of the rumored ‘spin-off’ movies,” Melching said.


Kenner/Hasbro has a 30+ year history of releasing Boba Fett action figures as mail-away exclusives. Here is a 1979 toy commercial promoting the bounty hunter before the release of Empire Strikes Back.


Yahoo! UK & Ireland caught up with Jeremy Bulloch during his appearance at MCM Midlands Comic and Entertainment Expo earlier this month. The interview expanded on Bulloch’s previous statements that he’s more than willing to strap on the Mandalorian gear and reprise his role as Boba Fett.

Bulloch has been very vocal about Episode VII, ever since the announcement was made last year. He’s been quoted in multiple articles, but since rumors have begun about a Boba Fett film, reporters are chopping at the bit to get their exclusive interviews.

Bulloch has had his thumb on the pulse of fans for decades, so hopefully those at Lucasfilm are listening to his input – namely, don’t bastardize the Expanded Universe. There’s very little G-level canon regarding Boba Fett. The character was introduced with great bravo around the time of Empire Strikes Back, but fans unanimously agree, the character was shafted in his treatment in Return of the Jedi.

George Lucas made up for this a little in the prequels, giving Boba Fett an engaging origin story in Attack of the Clones. Still, the story shed more light on the clones and Jango Fett than Boba. While the Clone Wars has given fans further adventures of the young Boba Fett – the majority of his story has existed in comics and books.

For thirty-some years we’ve had to rely on novels and comics to turn to Star Wars literature to get a taste of the bounty hunter. Much of what we most appreciate, love about Boba Fett comes from the Expanded Universe.

If Lucasfilm and Disney completely discard these stories and adventures, there’s a strong potential of fan backlash – if stories like Twin Engines of Destruction or the Bounty Hunter Wars are said to never have happened.

Fans are more prone to accept a compromise of two alternative timelines, which can only happen if the present Expanded Universe is continued and not retconned to fit with the film universe.

We don’t need to see an exact adaptation of the Expanded Universe, but it should at least be respected when making these films. After all, those are the stories that kept fandom alive and made these new movies possible.

Most importantly, Disney needs to redeem Boba Fett in the new films. No more defeats by blind smugglers like we saw in Return of the Jedi, or swapped in place of a slave bride as in his last appearance in Clone Wars.

The good news is Lawrence Kasdan is rumored to be the one scribing a Boba Fett film. Kasdan penned Empire Strikes Back, which was the closest film to flesh out Boba Fett in the badass fashion we’ve seen him portrayed in the Expanded Universe. Therefore, I have faith he is the man that can resurrect the character that for thirty years has had casual fans believing Boba Fett is still in the belly of the Sarlacc.

Kasdan can put the rumors to rest, Boba Fett is alive and well.