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When the Salt Lake City Comic Con FanXperience made its inaugural debut last year, it broke national records for a first-time convention, according to Forbes Magazine. On Jan. 29, more than 100 fans showed up in costume to participate in this year’s marketing material.

Amongst the cosplayers was non-other than Daniel Logan, who in his usual fashion, took time to meet fans and pose with them for photos and video. Logan recently moved from California to Salt Lake City, according to Deseret News, and will be a featured guest at the convention which is April 17-19.

Jeremy Bulloch is also slated to be a guest at the convention, so if you’re in the area, this is an event you’ll be sure not to miss!

Star Trek news is coming from across the aisle as our friend Daniel Logan is performing a role in a new web series based on the original Star Trek series.

Farragut Films is putting great, vintage looking production value into the series, Star Trek Continues, which follows the characters in their five year mission – which the original series only showed three years of.

Logan joined production for episode two, which is still filming, and plays the character Ensign Tongara. In this role, alongside Mythbusters Grant Imahara, who plays Sulu, Logan is a bridge officer covering the navigation and helm stations.

A few months ago we reported that Daniel Logan and Matt Wood were featured at a Star Wars panel at DragonCon. The podcast, Full of Sith, just released a special episode with co-host Bryan Young interviewing the actors for a question and answer session during the convention.

The episode is about an hour long and is a great listen to not only fans of Logan and Wood, but to fans of The Clone Wars in general. Most interesting, Logan answers some questions I’ve not heard repeated from the number of other interviews he’s given over the last few months.  

They discuss how the landed their roles in The Clone Wars, comment about the future of Star Wars and share fun stories from the production of the show.

You can download the podcast episode for free on iTunes.

High school student Amanda got the chance of a lifetime to sit down with Daniel Logan for a personal interview at Sun City Sci Fi’s Boba Fest last weekend in Texas.

If you haven’t listened to this week’s RebelForce Radio, then download it now to check out an exclusive interview with Daniel Logan and Tom Kane at last weekend’s Marigold Festival in Illinois.

Logan and Kane take a stroll down memory lane, recounting stories from the set of Attack of the Clones and production for The Clone Wars.

Normally, I’d give a rundown of everything talked about, but this podcast is so informative and entertaining – you really need to listen to it for yourself.

However, if that’s not enough to intrigue you – here are some items addressed:

  • Daniel Logan talks about how he landed his first acting role, and later the part of Boba Fett, stemming from his involvement in Rugby.
  • Logan entertains fans with onset stories, including, drag racing golf carts, swinging Lightsabers and how he learned his onscreen father was decapitated.
  • Tom Kane gives insight on being a voice actor, what it takes to make it in the profession and reveals behind the scene stories from sound stages.
  • We learn a little more about the unaired sixth season of The Clone Wars
  • Mandalorian Mercs reveal a special surprise for Daniel Logan

imageSome of the most comprehensive coverage from DragonCon came from none other than The Star Wars Report Podcast Network. A number of its hosts were in attendance, including Aaron Goins, who reported the happenings from the Daniel Logan and Matt Wood panel.

The Official Blog posted an article by Goins earlier this week, where he relayed to us what Logan and Woods had to say during their panel, which was moderated by Bryan Young. You can read the entire post by clicking here, but these were the highlights:

  • Daniel Logan hadn’t heard about Star Wars prior to auditioning. When asked about special skills, Logan listed the bo staff. Logan admitted that was an exaggeration at the time.
  • Matt Wood landed his first job at Lucasfilm at 17 years old, testing video games. It was a dream come true. He now is not only a voice actor, but sound editor for Lucasfilm. He was nominated for an Oscar for both WALL-E and There Will Be Blood.
  • Logan said not everything on set for Attack of the Clones was blue screen. The Slave I cockpit was a practical prop, along with the cave and balcony at the Genosis arena. He did have to use his imagination when interacting with Taun We, the only thing he had to work with was a lady in a hard hat.

You can listen to The Star Wars Report and Star Wars Bookworms podcasts for free on iTunes or visit

Emily Morton was kind enough to share some photos from Celebration Europe with us. Pictured top center is Temuera Morrison leading his fellow Fetts in a traditional Haka warrior dance.Pictured middle, left, Jeremy Bulloch aims Nerf gun during an onstage game. Pictured middle, right, Morrison and Daniel Logan reenact the Battle of Genosis. Pictured bottom are John Morton and Dickey Beer at their autograph tables on the Celebration floor.

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Jeremy Bulloch strapped into his Mandalorian armor on multiple occasions last week, as he joined staff for Caravan of the Force – a tour leading up to Celebration Europe II benfiting Make-A-Wish Foundation. Bulloch even appeared on stage of Celebration’s Boba Fett reunion panel, alongside Daniel Logan, John Morton and Dickey Beer.

When the panel was announced last year, I was hoping for a Boba Fett-oriented reveal. There were no news items shared, although there was a surprise appearance by Temuera Morrison, who participated in a re-creation of an Attack of the Clones scene with Logan.

The performers shared nostalgic memories of their experiences portraying Boba Fett, ranging from Bulloch being a proponent of Boba Fett surviving the Sarlacc, to Logan’s audition for the prequel films and Morton’s memory of receiving direction when standing in during Empire.

Even though there were no project announcements, I believe Lucasfilm officials held this panel to gauge the attendance and reactions from fans.

RebelForce Radio broadcasted live from C2E2 over the weekend, where they caught up with actor Daniel Logan. His interview can be found 36 minutes into the episode.

  • Logan speaks on a number of topics include:
  • His growing up around conventions
  • Toying with the idea of getting a tattoo
  • Recalling the day he became an honorary member of the 501st
  • How he views Tuemera Morrison as a role model
  • Thoughts on the future of Star Wars cinema
  • He addresses unanswered questions about Boba Fett and The Clone Wars

Listen to Logan’s interview, and those of numerous other actors, by downloading RebelForce Radio through iTunes for free or hear it for free at