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Fanboy Moments is starting to promote their upcoming Bounty Bonanza tour, which hits the land down under the first week of March.

This is a dream lineup of scum and villainy – featuring appearances by Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett), Paul Blake (Greedo) and sculptor and prop builder Brian Muir as special guests.

Everyone is familiar with Bulloch and Blake, but for those not privy to Muir – he’s been involved in a hoard of pop culture franchises like Harry Potter, James Bond, Star Wars (of course),  Dark Crystal, Indiana Jones and more.

This event is different in dynamic compared to your usual convention. It’s designed to allow fans to “hang out” and socialize with their onscreen favorites, rather than a few minutes at an autograph table.

This event is early in planning, so who knows if more performers will be added to the roster of guests.

The two stops scheduled so far are Adelaine on March 1, Melbourne on March 2, Brisbane on March 7 and Sydney on March 8. Tickets range from $90 to $450, depending on what experience you can afford.

A few months ago we reported that Daniel Logan and Matt Wood were featured at a Star Wars panel at DragonCon. The podcast, Full of Sith, just released a special episode with co-host Bryan Young interviewing the actors for a question and answer session during the convention.

The episode is about an hour long and is a great listen to not only fans of Logan and Wood, but to fans of The Clone Wars in general. Most interesting, Logan answers some questions I’ve not heard repeated from the number of other interviews he’s given over the last few months.  

They discuss how the landed their roles in The Clone Wars, comment about the future of Star Wars and share fun stories from the production of the show.

You can download the podcast episode for free on iTunes.

Two popular Boba Fett cosplayers, who regularly appear at DragonCon, have been highlighted in the news the last couple of weeks. Both men have been recognized for the high level of craftsmanship in their costumes, and the different approaches each of them take make for an engaging read.

Yesterday, CNET ran an interesting article on Michigan-resident Andrew Miller who has spent hundreds of hours building his custom Boba Fett armor from Return of the Jedi. What sets this article apart from others I’ve read, is it takes a close look at the armor itself, testifying to the process and tedious nature of creating a custom suit and bucket. Click HERE to visit the 12 images highlighting the different parts of Miller’s costume and details of what went into creating that portion of the armor.

An article ran by The Marietta Daily Journal highlighting Cobb residents who are finalizing their costumes for the convention. Amongst the focused cosplayers, the journal mentioned John Strangeway, who has fabricated a stunning Steampunk Boba Fett. Strangeway said when he started attending DragonCon in 2008, he wanted to create something unique –which merged two of his interests – Boba Fett and Steampunk. The article dives into how Strangeway became interested  in both genres and what went into the invention of his costume. Click HERE to read the story.



RebelForce Radio broadcasted live from C2E2 over the weekend, where they caught up with actor Daniel Logan. His interview can be found 36 minutes into the episode.

  • Logan speaks on a number of topics include:
  • His growing up around conventions
  • Toying with the idea of getting a tattoo
  • Recalling the day he became an honorary member of the 501st
  • How he views Tuemera Morrison as a role model
  • Thoughts on the future of Star Wars cinema
  • He addresses unanswered questions about Boba Fett and The Clone Wars

Listen to Logan’s interview, and those of numerous other actors, by downloading RebelForce Radio through iTunes for free or hear it for free at

imageActor Jeremy Bulloch is schedule to appear at Disney Hollywood Studio’s Star Wars Weekend May 17-19.

Bulloch’s appearances in May are jammed pack. Here are more of his upcoming events:

  • Screen-Con on May 4 in North Shields, UK
  • Star Wars Fan Fun Day on May 6 in Burnley, UK
  • Sci-Fi Film, Toy & Collectors Fair on May 12 in Norfolk, UK
  • Sticcon on May 23 in Bellaria, Italy
  • Fanboy Expo on May 31-June 2 in Knoxville, TN
  • Niagara Falls Comic Con on June 8 in Niagara Falls, Canada
  • The Core Comics & Games on June 15 in Cedar Falls, IA
  • Texas Comicon on June 21 in San Antonio, TX
  • Exewing Sci-Fi Day on June 30 in Beer, UK

The British contortionist and magician Chris Cross made a proposition to Jeremy Bulloch, aka Boba Fett – Boba Fett would capture the performer, chain and padlock him, then Cross would have 90 seconds to escape.

All this would happen in front of a live audience on May 4 at Screen-Con at the Parks Leisure Centre in North Shields.

Bulloch accepted his challenge yesterday, according to Cross via Facebook. However, the escapologist also noted he’s awaiting final approval by the convention officials.

Cross has performed escapes at many public events and venues, including television shows like Greece’s Got Talent, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and more.

If this event is approved and actually happens, The Boba Bounty invites any convention-goers to post send us pictures from the event.

Jeremy Bulloch is scheduled to appear at the MCM Midlands Comic Con on Feb. 16 at the International Centre in Telford, UK.

The Midlands Expo is an annual convention for fans of gaming, film, anime, cosplay and more.

Fans have the opportunity to meet Bulloch, get his autograph and listen to him in an on-stage panel at the main stage.

Here are some additional contingent dates where you can have the opportunity to meet or see Jeremy Bulloch:

  • MegaCon from March 15-17 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.
  • Screen-Con on May 4 at the Parks Leisure Center in North Shields, England.
  • Star Wars Fan Fun Day on May 6 at the Burnley Football Club in Burnley, England.
  • Norwich Sci-Fi Film Toy & Collectors Fair on May 12 in Norwich, England.
  • Fanboy Expo from May 31-June 2 at The Jacob Building in Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • Niagara Falls Comic Con from June 8-9 at the Scotiabank Convention Center in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
  • Pittsburgh Comicon from Sept. 27-29 at the Monroeville Convention Center in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.