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There’s another round of Boba Fett scuttlebutt hitting the web, after Jeremy Bulloch reportedly had a slip of the tongue at Salt Lake Comic Con earlier this month.

During an interview with Big Shiny Robot, Bulloch was asked if he’d been approached about appearing in Episode VII. The short answer was no, but Bulloch started to continue his answer, before cutting himself off, with an “oops,” and covering his mouth.

While media is taking this as a possible hint toward Bulloch’s involvement in a Boba Fett project – there’s a lot of forced conclusions behind this speculation. Lucasfilm may have approached Bulloch for any number of projects in development, including a voice role in Star Wars Rebels or a cameo appearance in a spin-off film – whether or not that’s a Boba Fett film or Episode VII.

When pushed further, Bulloch said he’s not allowed to say anymore. No surprise, really. But I’m more prone to think he was about to say he’s doing a voice on Rebels.

I believe any spin-off projects are in discussion phases – nowhere near casting talks – he just stated nobody approached him for Episode VII yet, and I tend to think they’ll go in the direction of Daniel Logan or Temuerra Morrison for Boba Fett – if for no other reason than continuity purposes.

In related news, the folks over at report a source overheard Disney executives discussing their enthusiasm for Boba Fett during a breakfast meeting yesterday. An unidentified executive allegedly said they wish to move forward on the bounty hunter’s spin-off, but worry about his portrayal.

According to the eavesdropper, the executives want Boba Fett to remain a menacing presence, but are challenged by the thought on how to make him the hero of the picture – without sacrificing the villainous nature Boba Fett carried in the films.

How much of this breakfast talk is on point, is debatable. But my thoughts on the story, as it’s been reported, is I don’t know if I totally agree with their appraisal of Boba Fett’s nature. To put it simply: I don’t think I agree that Boba Fett is a “villain.”

First off, you don’t need to be an outright villain to be menacing. I don’t even know whether I fully agree he was a villain in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi – I grew up seeing him as a bounty hunter. Therefore, his actions may be villainous or heroic, depending on the contract.

Could Han Solo and Boba Fett be named couple of the year for 2013?

A few weeks ago rumors flew around the Internet about spin-off films featuring the smuggler and bounty hunter. Then at last week’s New York City Toy Fair, it was announced an exclusive 6-inch Black Series Boba Fett figure, toting Han Solo in Carbonite, would be available at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con.

(It has been confirmed Han Solo in Carbonite would only be available through the comic con, but it is unclear whether Boba Fett’s figure is also a special offer. Since he’s not been named in the first wave of figures in the new series, I’m leaning toward, yes.)

Hasbro also said it would release Boba Fett’s Slave I, with Han Solo in Carbonite, in traditional scale, as an exclusive this spring. The item is part of Hasbro’s Vintage Collection.

Additionally note, Boba Fett made an appearance in Dark Horse’s “Star Wars: In the Shadow of Yavin” #2, which hinted at future altercations between the smuggler and Fett throughout the story arc. Not to get off topic, but I’m still crossing my fingers the subplot will introduce a fresh angle to the two men’s relationship.

While it’s exciting to see new Boba Fett merchandise hit the shelves, I’m growing tired of how Hasbro executes the release of new figures and ships. Its common knowledge that Boba Fett’s was first offered as a mail-away offer through Kenner, and the controversial “missile firing action” tied to the toy.

If you take an inventory of past Boba Fett figures, quite a few have not been included in the base sets, but instead, have been obtained through special offers. Most often you have to purchase five Star Wars action figures and mail their proof-of-purchases.

Even action figures that aren’t mail-away offers are hard to find. Take for example the “Rise of Boba Fett” battle set, which included a young Boba Fett, Slave I in his father’s color scheme and a number of other figures and a star fighter. This set was an exclusive to Toys ‘R Us and not stocked very deep.

The Villain Set featuring Boba Fett, Snaggletooth and a Tusken Raider was a Target exclusive. There’s only a few recent examples of Fett action figures that have been found at multiple retailers and in decent quantities.

Due to the practice of releasing Boba Fett toys as exclusives or special offers, if you’re a targeted collector, like I am, this results in having to end up paying more in the second market. I hope that in future releases; if Hasbro continues to make it more difficult to grab Boba Fett merchandise they will at least execute their figure design in a new way.

Instead of another repaint of past figures, I want to see new accessories and molds. This is one reason I’m excited about the 6-inch Black Series action figure, and hope it will find its way into retail stores, rather than eBay or swap meets.

Hasbro appears to be putting a lot of effort and thought into the accessories in their 6-inch line. I’ve been musing upon what new weapons; items may be included in the Boba Fett figure. What are you hoping might be included with the 6-inch Boba Fett?

Jeremy Bulloch is scheduled to appear at the MCM Midlands Comic Con on Feb. 16 at the International Centre in Telford, UK.

The Midlands Expo is an annual convention for fans of gaming, film, anime, cosplay and more.

Fans have the opportunity to meet Bulloch, get his autograph and listen to him in an on-stage panel at the main stage.

Here are some additional contingent dates where you can have the opportunity to meet or see Jeremy Bulloch:

  • MegaCon from March 15-17 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.
  • Screen-Con on May 4 at the Parks Leisure Center in North Shields, England.
  • Star Wars Fan Fun Day on May 6 at the Burnley Football Club in Burnley, England.
  • Norwich Sci-Fi Film Toy & Collectors Fair on May 12 in Norwich, England.
  • Fanboy Expo from May 31-June 2 at The Jacob Building in Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • Niagara Falls Comic Con from June 8-9 at the Scotiabank Convention Center in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
  • Pittsburgh Comicon from Sept. 27-29 at the Monroeville Convention Center in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.