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Had some free time today and put together this tree chart, which illustrates the familial ties in Clan Fett. I included Connor Freeman, but left out other clone offspring, because they have much stronger history and connections to each other - compared to other examples.


One of the biggest accomplishments brought on by The Clone Wars, was the introduction of powerful female figures. Amongst these ladies is none other than Bo-Katan, who we last saw in the fifth season’s Darth Maul arc.

Bo-Katan broke away from Maul’s Shadow Collective, creating a splinter group of Mandalorian Warriors called the Nite Owls. She also delivered one of my favorite quotes from the season, “Mandalore will survive. We always survive.”

Dave Filoni admits he loves the characters he developed, hinting we’ll see familiar faces in the upcoming Star Wars Rebels. Could Bo-Katan return in the new animated series? Once the civil war resolved, could Bo-Katan be the new leader of Mandalore? I am intrigued on seeing more of this character developed.

Kal Skirata

Depending on what time period between Episode III and IV that Rebels takes place in, there’s a huge question mark surrounding the fate of Clone Troopers.

Will the show writers address the fallout of thousands of aging Clones, no longer of use to the Empire, who find themselves now without purpose or maybe even a complication? Will they be simply abandoned, or will a new Order be executed, calling for the complete elimination of these troopers?

If so, this could give opportunity to introduce Kal Skirata, the Mandalorian warrior that Jango Fett recruited to help train the Grand Army.

The Expanded Universe portrays Skirata as a man with great love for his men, so when the Kamino project is scrapped, would he surface to the forefront, with a new self-imposed mission – salvaging what’s left of his squad and keeping them alive.


It took some tinkering to perfect the cloning process on Kamino. In some of the Expanded Universe material produced over the years, it’s detailed that early batches of Clones are created with some errors or defects.

One such case is Spar, a Clone who inherited the full memories of Jango Fett and lacked the genetic coding to limit his free thinking. Spar escaped Kamino before the Clone Wars and adopted the lifestyle of a bounty hunter.

Equipped with no only Jango’s skills as a fighter, but with his genetic father’s memories and experience, he could easily evade detection by the Republic, and later, the Empire. Would he also inherit Jango’s desire for an heir? What would happen then, if Spar and Boba Fett encountered one another?

Boba Fett is used to running into men who look like his father, but what about a man who possesses the mind of his father? Furthermore, what if after bonding, Spar is killed in front of him? What stories could they mine from this relationship?

Dred Priest

Dred Priest was another Mandalorian that Jango Fett recruited to train his Clone Commandos on Kamino.He possessed a leaning toward the ideals carried by Death Watch, so following The Clone Wars, he returns to Mandalore to rejoin his brothers.

But, only to find a great schism between the planet’s warriors. His return to Mandalore could conflict with the direction Bo-Katan wants to guide her people – as a system independent of the Empire, while Priest, wishing to use the Empire as a tool to spread a Mandalorian Empire. This conflict could result in further civil war on Mandalore.

Former Clone Troopers

What Mandalorians would you like to see pop up in Star Wars Rebels? Also, would you like to see former Clone Troopers - like Rex or Cody - adopt the culture and lifestyle of Mandalorians if discarded by the Empire?

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Mandalore had fallen into schism the last we visited it in The Clone Wars, and its leadership virtually dismantled. The premise of Disney’s new animated series deals with the rise of the rebellion, so is there room for a return to Mandalore?

imageThrough the Expanded Universe we learn the Empire catches Mandalore in its crosshairs, due to an interest in its natural resources. In addition to harvesting the planet’s Mandalorian Iron, the Empire also see’s the planet as a convenient outpost to the expansion of its power. What other reason would they set base on a planet in the Outer Rim?

Whether or not this concept will be explored in Star Wars Rebels, perhaps in later seasons, there’s another reason we may return to Mandalore. The generation that grew up with The Clone Wars has become endeared to the clones.

The clone troopers are beloved, and would Disney simply discard these characters completely? I doubt this, especially since Dave Filoni is personally attached to these characters, and he would know some continuity in characters is essential to keeping audiences watching each episode.

The problem then becomes, how do you include clones – who are aging aggressively, and according to present canon, are not around in the era right before Episode IV. The answer could come from what we read in Expanded Universe novels, like the Republic Commando books by Karen Traviss.

In Traviss’ novels we learn that Mandalore becomes a sanctuary for clones, especially those under the command of Skirata – a Mandalorian who assisted Jango Fett in the training of early clones. Of course, there’s no guarantee that they’d introduce characters like Fenn Shysa, Spar, Skirata, etc. But, they could carry over popular troopers from The Clone Wars and put them on Mandalore.

Mandalore could be the only safe place for former clone troopers, and the story could still fit within the stories premise. Are we assuming that in the title “Rebels,” the show is only referring to the Rebel Alliance?

Wouldn’t a faction of ex-clone troopers, discarded by their government, dealing with betraying their Jedi commanders, who are fighting against the occupation of their adoptive planet, Mandalore, be considered rebels?

Would you like to see clones featured in Star Wars Rebels? If so, in what capacity? Share your thoughts by clicking through to our #BringBackBoba Campaign page on Facebook.