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Boba Fett continues to climb the brackets in the This Is Madness: Star Wars Character Tournament, after defeating Jango Fett in the second round by 70 percent. This was yet another strong victory, on the tails of a 94 percent victory over Greedo in the first week.


Boba Fett’s next battle is against General Grievous, who has carved his way through his own respected opponents with strong numbers. I have little doubt Boba Fett will pull the win against Grievous – but there’s always room for upsets – just look at the surprising outcome of Luke Skywalker vs. Obi Wan Kenobi, and the recent defeat of last year’s champion, Yoda.

If proving victorious, Boba Fett’s fourth round opponent is still on the bubble. Darth Vader defeated Emperor Palpatine in round two by 82 percent, and he’ll now face either Jabba the Hutt or Pre Vizsla – with 12 hours remaining, Jabba is pulling the win by nearly half the votes. I’d like to see Vizsla take out the crimelord, but it’s still too early to tell.

I seriously doubt either Jabba or Pre Vizsla would defeat Darth Vader, meaning we may see a rematch between Boba Fett and Darth Vader in the semi-finals. This would then be a rematch to last year’s matchup that knocked out Boba Fett from the championship. Continue to cast your votes for #TeamBoba – with your support, we can go all the way!

With nine hours left to vote, Boba Fett is winning his first matchup in the This Is Madness: Star Wars Character Tournament by 94 percent. This would prove a landslide victory against Greedo in the tournament’s first round of 32 battles.

Upon finalizing his victory, Boba Fett will next face either Cad Bane or Jango Fett.  Last year, Boba Fett made it to the final four after defeating Dengar, Jango Fett and Emperor Palpatine – until succumbing to Darth Vader during his final bout. has stepped up their coordination of this year’s tournament, after listening to criticism last year about some matches not being evenly matched. There’s also a number of fresh faces in this year’s event, but I’m excited to see three Mandalorians included this time around – Boba Fett, Jango Fett and Pre Vizsla.

Greedo had to defeat three bounty hunting peers to earn his spot against Boba Fett in a preliminary match, but most people could easily predict Boba Fett’s win during this round. His second round battle against either Jango Fett or Cad Bane could prove more difficult though, as both have an arguably equal sized fan base that could pull votes – especially younger fans that are endeared to Cad Bane.

So, make sure you tell your friends to come out and vote for #TeamBoba. We came so close to the finals last year – this time let’s bring home the gold! Help spread the word by using #TeamBoba and #ThisIsMadness on Twitter.

Click HERE to vote.

In his toughest match since the Star Wars Character Tournament began, Boba Fett defeated Emperor Palpatine last night by 53 percent. This victory won Boba Fett a seat in the final four of the bracket tourney and pitting him against Darth Vader in today’s match-up.

So far, Boba Fett has defeated a fellow bounty hunter, his father and a Sith Lord. But can he stand up against the fallen Jedi – Darth Vader? It will surely be a close match-up – one in which we saw in the pages of “Enemy of the Empire.”

In that comic, Boba Fett used his clever tactics to gain an upper hand against Vader. If he pulls a win tonight, he’ll face either R2-D2 or Yoda in the final battle to determine the champion.

Let’s continue to rally and campaign for a win for #TeamBoba. We are so close to a final victory!

The match-up between Boba and Jango Fett went live this morning at midnight. Results will be determined April 2, giving a span of about four days to gather votes - so recruit as many friends and family as you can to vote for Boba! Here’s what we recommend:

  • You can only vote once, but you may vote multiple times on different platforms, so vote on your home, school and work computer, your phone, iPod or tablet devices.
  • Help spread the word by using #TeamBoba and #ThisIsMadness on Twitter.
  • Reblog this post to help spread our campaign to push Boba Fett into the third round.
  • Increase the volume of votes by lobbying friends and family to vote for Boba Fett via Facebook, Google+ and other social network platforms.

Thanks for your continued support in demonstrating the power of the Mandalorian’s fan base!

Earlier this month launched its This Is Madness Character Tournament, pitting popular characters against each other in a bracket style tourney until an ultimate winner is chosen on April 9.

Last night Boba Fett moved to the second round, after defeating Dengar by a landslide – receiving 96 percent of the votes. While exciting, the win wasn’t too surprising. Casual fans are most likely unfamiliar with the character of Dengar, unless they’ve read 90’s era Expanded Universe novels.

Today’s matchup between bounty hunters Jango Fett and Bossk will decide Boba Fett’s opponent in round two. Up until now the matches have been somewhat predictable, bearing no upsets and landslide victories, but I feel the Jango/Bossk pairing is more balanced and fair.

Boba Fett’s second round matchup will happen March 25. I imagine votes would be torn if Boba ends up going against his father – but in the end I predict a close victory by Boba. Having Boba Fett pitted against Bossk is the more interesting match to fantasize about, especially with the history between the characters developed during The Clone Wars.

Looking further at the bracket – and assuming Boba Fett walks away with a second round win – he will most likely be facing Cad Bane in the third round. This round will be a war of eras; the prequel generation carries a torch for Bane, which will weigh against the fandom of original trilogy and EU generations.

One of the biggest obstacles in Boba Fett going the distance in this tournament are a handful of jaded voters, individuals who begrudge the Mandalorian bounty hunter simply due to his popularity.

In the meantime, let’s relish in Boba Fett’s victory! This tournament may just be for entertainment, but there’s always a chance it’s a marketing tool in deciding the direction of future projects. To ensure the people at Lucasfilm and Disney realize the strong fanbase behind our favorite bounty hunter – keep campaigning for #TeamBoba!

On Monday, launched its first round of “This Is Madness” character tournament. This official tourney pits the franchise’s most popular characters against each other, separated between Dark Side and Light Side, until the final victors are pitted against each other on April 9.

Within the first few days Han Solo, Obi-Wan and Luke Skywalker have earned their spots in the second round. For the Dark Side – Darth Vader, Darth Maul and Jabba the Hutt have gone on to the next round – each of these winners, defeating their opponents by a landslide.

On March 23, Boba Fett will have his first match against the bounty hunter Dengar. If he wins, he’ll be taking on his father, Jango Fett, or the ferocious Bossk in the second round. Let’s pull together and spread the word – vote in support of Boba Fett on March 23, to help guarantee his spot in the second round.

To spread the word, use #TeamBoba to demonstrate your support for Boba Fett.