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If you recall the Star Wars: Force Collection mobile card game from last year, you may remember how much of an utter disappointment it was – especially coming from a company like Komani.

Last week, Disney Interactive released Star Wars: Assault Team for iOS, Android and Windows devices – which are the game we hoped Force Collection would be.

A product of Disney Interactive, this is a turn-based combat game that spans the story of the entire film saga and features popular characters – including Boba Fett.

It’s in the style of a card game, by which it allows players to acquire character cards to assemble their dream team to complete missions and battle other players.

Unlike last year’s game – which was graphically no more than cardboard cut outs and lame game play – the graphics are brilliant and fun. There are hundreds of cards to come across, and you can improve your team’s skills through completing in-game missions.

When Lucasfilm announced it partnered with the video game Konami to release a digital card battle game, I was excited. I’ve always loved trading card games, but the nearest comic book shop is quite out of the way. This was the driving force for me to convert to reading digital comics, rather than buy single hardcopy issues.

When Star Wars: Force Collection became available on Sept. 4, I eagerly downloaded it for free. The online previews were vague, so I didn’t know what to expect. Within seconds though, I got a bad feeling. This application/game was a great letdown. It became abundantly clear this was merely a cash grab for Konami, not only is the game play confusing, but it felt more like a third week workbook prompt from a high school computer programming class.

The guys at’s The Sabacc Table podcast give a comprehensive review of Force Collection in Episode #6: Virtual Cardboard, downloadable for free on or at

My main motivation for giving this game a try was to battle with Boba Fett. Unless you have lots of disposable income, it’s virtually impossible to acquire more rare and popular characters. Not to mention, the game isn’t fun – literally, it consists of endless tapping “cardboard cutouts” of Stormtroopers who never strike back.

Boba Fett does make an early appearance in the “storyline” of the game, wanting your assistance in taking down a target. This rubbed me the wrong way, also. During this era in Star Wars, Boba Fett wouldn’t be recruiting assistance. If you don’t agree to help out, you then battle Boba Fett – a poor execution for a “boss battle.”

I’d love to see a virtual battling card game debut, maybe with similar technology being used by Hasbro’s Telepods. Imagine purchasing an action figure, which comes with a special trading card that could be scanned into a mobile application and used in virtual battles. Now that’s a game I’d love to see.

Force Collection simply piggybacks off the Star Wars name to eat away at our iTunes balance.