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Today marks the 35th Anniversary of Boba Fett’s animated debut in the Star Wars Holiday Special! The Galaxy of Toys podcast released a special show on iTunes that pays homage to the holiday special and has insights into the introduction of Boba Fett from some of the most listened to Star Wars podcast hosts and reporters on the Web. Download it for free and give it a listen! Will you be watching the Boba Fett animated clip today to celebrate the anniversary?

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Rovio released a new Angry Birds Toons animation featuring Boba Fett earlier today. Here are some screen grabs from the cartoon, entitled, Boba’s Delivery.

Last week the production team for “Star Wars Rebels” hashed out story ideas for season one. Fans have begun tweeting spoiler-oriented questions to producer Greg Weisman. Obviously, the team over at Disney/Lucasfilm isn’t going to share anything at this point – but we can speculate – or hypothesize.

Here is a list of four ways Boba Fett could fit into the world of “Rebels,” some of which is based on various levels of canon we’ve seen dealing with the Dark Times between Episodes III-IV.

  • When the Rebellion starts its leaders realize an important element of their cause is information. This brings rise to another group to counteract Rebel spies, none other than Imperial agents. While agents are initially created to gather data on Rebels, their roles evolve into manipulating politics, businesses and powerful families. These missions often times brings them working side-by-side or trading information with bounty hunters like Boba Fett.
  • After the pacifistic government of Mandalore fell, the planet was held together by the splinter group Nite Owls, led by Bo-Katan. The new regime blames the takeover that occurred on turning away from traditional Mandalorian ways. However, they become an enemy of the Empire due to not agreeing to bow down before the Emperor or fight for them. With the Jedi gone, Boba Fett switches from revenging his father’s death to wanting to learn of his life and returns to Jango’s homeworld.
  • Years after the Clone Wars ended, the Empire faces the problem of dwindling troopers. The Clone Troopers who survived the war are now aging progressively faster and there’s no longer enough genetic materials from Jango Fett to create more. So, the Emperor recruits bounty hunters to hunt down remaining Jedi.
  • Boba Fett hadn’t yet adopted his “work alone” mentality yet in the canon established in The Clone Wars. The increased demand for bounty hunters during the Dark Times stimulates the formation of a Bounty Hunters Guild, which an older Boba Fett quickly climbs the ranks within. Although, it’s from his experience in the guild that he later decides to work alone.

How do you think Boba Fett could fit into ‘Rebels?” Share your theories over at our #BringBackBoba campaign page at

Another fun mash up - Boba Fett blended with The Jetsons. I especially like the illustration style of the blaster!

Another fun mash up - Boba Fett blended with The Jetsons. I especially like the illustration style of the blaster!

Boba Fett’s first televised appearance was on the Star Wars Holiday Special on Nov. 17, 1978. While the film only aired once and is an infamous sore spot for George Lucas, the one segment to received any sort of praise was an animated story featuring the bounty hunter.

After saving Luke Skywalker from a creature, Boba Fett offers his assistance in helping Skywalker and friends toward finding a talisman – which ends up infecting Han Solo and Skywalker with a sleeping sickness. Boba helps Chewbacca find a cure, but he is secretly gathering information and forwards it to Darth Vader.

The transmission between Boba Fett and Darth Vader is intercepted by R2-D2 and the Rebels are alerted. Boba Fett then escapes, promising they’ll all meet again.

Screen grabs from the Holiday Special are readily available throughout the Internet, which illustrate the vast difference in Boba Fett’s clothing and armor compared to his appearance in The Empire Strikes Back. Instead of the grays and greens, his attire is bright, polished and clean. There are no laser burns or wear and tear. He also carried a two-pronged electropole as his primary weapon.

The action figure released by Hasbro in 2007 as part of its 30th Anniversary Collection pays homage to Boba Fett’s animated debut. This figure stands apart from other Boba Fett toys, and not only because of the electropole. The lack of battle scars on the armor gives the figure a polished appearance similar to Imperial Troopers.

I also like the belt, which has a western gunslinger feel to it. A small blaster fits snugly in the holster and Boba Fett’s jet pack is balanced on his back, not affecting the figure’s balance. These bright colors pull a positive focus in any toy collection and the unique weapons allow different battle scenarios than other Boba Fett figures during playtime.

This action figure also comes with a special Boba Fett collector coin, which can be showcased in your geekcave, or even carried in your pocket to bring you some luck! Overall, this is an engaging addition to the line of Boba Fett figures. Not only is it a fantastic toy, but illustrates the evolution of Boba Fett and his ongoing relationship with Darth Vader.

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