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Angry Birds Star Wars has reached its epic conclusion, but the story has just begun for Angry Birds Star Wars II. Rovio has released three levels thus far, but the prequel-inspired mobile game hints at an upcoming level based around Jango and Boba Fett’s focus in Episode III. But have you been able to find any Boba Fett Telepods in stores? Fans report they are nearly impossible to find.

There’s been speculation Angry Birds Star Wars II is a testing bed for future Star Wars mobile games. We’ll will have a full in-depth review of the game coming soon, along with thoughts on what it could mean for Star Wars proper.

The Bounty Hunters Telepods set includes a figurine of Jango Fett, an exclusive Count Dooku and the Slave I. As with the entire Telepods line, it also includes a magnifier, which will allow you to “teleport” purchased characters into the Angry Birds Star Wars II app being released in late September. The Slave I features Boba Fett’s color scheme. This item has a retail price of $15 at most retail locations.