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While shows and video game projects are disappearing left and right, officially licensed merchandise has continued to pop up in retail locations throughout the United States. Some interesting Boba Fett items have been recently spotted – and reported on – by the teams over at and

Rebelscum posted earlier this week he ran across a half dozen or so Star Wars items during a visit to Pep Boys in Tampa, Fl.

Amongst his finds was a plastic Boba Fett garage stool – measuring a little under 3-feet tall and made of thick vinyl and chrome-plated legs. Pep Boy’s website describes this item as perfect for a fanboy’s garage or game room – but at an in-store price of $59.00 – it defiantly doesn’t fall in the realm of an impulse buy or random purchase.

Pep Boys is also carrying a plastic Boba Fett key chain, which comes with a plastic ring to attach keys on, and a plastic hook, which can be used to attach the helmet shaped emblem to a backpack and the likes. This item is more reasonably priced at $3.99 and can be found at select Pep Boy locations or ordered via their website.

Jedi News posted a very unique finding – window blinds, featuring a blueprint-like illustration of Slave I. The British-based company, Direct Blinds, is offering a wide array of blinds featuring iconic ships from science fiction franchises.

This item would really tie together your Geekcave, it’s a subtle but unique decoration for your collection’s room – the only thing that may stop you from ordering it immediately – is it’s price of 99 pounds.

That equals about $150 in American dollars – which doesn’t even include shipping to North America. Therefore, this is a perfect item for a collector with disposable income – for others, it’s something to bookmark until you have the money.

I received this bumper sticker as a gift from my wife. What other ways do you proclaim your fandom for Boba Fett?

Trading cards aren’t the only products being released through Topps the last few years. Two of the dog tags above, the items pictured above to the left and right, are examples of two Boba Fett dog tags the company has released. The reverse images show the products placement in a series of 24. The dog tag pictured in the middle was independently produced and features the same artwork on both sides of the emblem.