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Following the first wave of Class II attack vehicles made available earlier this year, Hasbro will release Boba Fett’s Slave I next month. This is a repaint of the first wave’s Jango Fett’s Slave I, with the same weapon features and smaller scale. It’s slated to have the same retail price at around $20, but if history repeats itself – hold off and you can pick up this ship for a clearance price of around $13 at Target.

Earlier this year we saw a set of “His N’ Her” Boba Fett grilling aprons for sale, but at the steep price of more than $100. Later this year, probably around December, the company iCup, Inc. will release a much more affordable Boba Fett inspired apron, which will be an online price of $20. Why so much cheaper? Basically, this is an officially licensed product being released through iCup, instead of being independently made and distributed. While it comes out too late for summer BBQs, it will arrive just in time for those holiday cookie season.
Tech geeks will be thrilled to learn a new line of Star Wars USB flash drives are being released by Tribe, including eight characters. The Boba Fett flash drive will have 8 GB memory capacity and a 2-year warranty. The flash drive also comes with a chain to double as a key ring. Boba Fett’s helmet pops off to reveal the USB. You can pick this up for about $30.