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Last week we reported an alleged rumor that the sequel trilogy – and spin-off films by extension if developed around the same time period – will be inspired by stories from the Legacy Era. If this is true, there’s a strong possibility of seeing the debut of Mirta Gev.

In the novels, Mirta Gev is the granddaughter of Boba Fett. She plays a pivotal role in the character development of Boba Fett – she was essential in him fully embracing his position as Mandalore, is key in him finding a cure to his failing health and is helps him bring closure to the death of his father and separation from his wife. Both issues haunted Boba Fett for decades.

Mirta Gev’s inclusion in the sequel trilogy or spin-offs would also bring another strong female role to the Star Wars saga. There’s been an increase in female fans over the years, arguably thanks to the female characters introduced in The Clone Wars. Disney would surely want to secure its girl fanbase, and a tough character like Mirta Gev would be a ideal candidate for that goal.

This leaves the question – who could play Mirta Gev? I’d like to throw in my own two cents. I think the perfect actress to portray Mirta Gev is none other than Lacey Chabert – best known by the masses for her role in “Mean Girls.”

However, this actress has a lot more depth than seen in the prissy high school girl she played in that movie.

Chabert already has a number of connections to Star Wars and Lucasfilm crew.

In 2011, she provided the voice for Mako in the video game “Star Wars: The Old Republic.” She also has a working relationship with Greg Weisman, producer of the new “Rebels” cartoon, when she voiced a few episodes of “Gargoyles” in the 90’s and most recently in Weisman’s “Young Justice” and “The Spectacular Spider-Man.”  

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