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imageDog the Bounty Hunter was interviewed last week by MTV during a promotional tour of his new show on CMT, “Dog & Beth: The Hunt.”

For some reason, he was asked to give advice on bounty hunting to Boba Fett – since there are rumors of a feature film spin-off for the Mandalorian.

This question seems out of left field to me. I got the impression he thought Boba Fett is an actual living person, who is being spotlighted in a new reality television show. At the very least - it’s obvious he’s not familiar with Boba Fetts mythos.

Here’s what he said:

“Be sure to know your prey. Be sure to know where he’s from, what he’s about, what his record is. Be sure you don’t go alone, have three or four people with you all the time and, may the Force be with you, because it will be.”

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