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UPDATE: It appears launched the Boba Fett/Jango Fett match-up this morning, meaning we have the weekend to continue campaigning for Boba Fett’s victory. Results are still slated to be determined April 2.

After his major victory against Dengar in round one, Boba Fett will be face Jango Fett in their second round match-up on March 30. Jango held an impressive win against Bossk earlier this month, receiving three-quarters of the votes.

It was pretty easy predicting the victors for the bracket’s first round battles. In fact, the results showed no major upset or surprises – but round two is a different story. These rounds will truly test each character’s fan base, and there are few communities larger than those who stand behind Fett.

Which Fett am I referring to – Boba or Jango? Well, that’s the question of the hour. Many predictions have Boba Fett making it either all the way or at least to the final four. This round two match-up will be the true test of those hypotheses, since it by nature it will divide fans – splitting Boba Fett’s voter base.

If Boba defeats Jango in the Mandalorian match-up, he’ll face either Count Dooku or Emperor Palpatine in the third round. Dooku escaped round one by only around 30 percent, and I predict his losing out to Palpatine. If that happens, Boba will face the Sith Lord on April 4.

Gear up this weekend, it’s almost time to once again show support for #TeamBoba.

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