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Barnes & Noble has a wide selection of bookmarks, featuring art from Empire Strikes Back. The Boba Fett bookmark grabbed my eye, with a floating head design of Boba Fett atop the shot of the bounty hunters lined up for Darth Vader’s roll call.

With nine hours left to vote, Boba Fett is winning his first matchup in the This Is Madness: Star Wars Character Tournament by 94 percent. This would prove a landslide victory against Greedo in the tournament’s first round of 32 battles.

Upon finalizing his victory, Boba Fett will next face either Cad Bane or Jango Fett.  Last year, Boba Fett made it to the final four after defeating Dengar, Jango Fett and Emperor Palpatine – until succumbing to Darth Vader during his final bout. has stepped up their coordination of this year’s tournament, after listening to criticism last year about some matches not being evenly matched. There’s also a number of fresh faces in this year’s event, but I’m excited to see three Mandalorians included this time around – Boba Fett, Jango Fett and Pre Vizsla.

Greedo had to defeat three bounty hunting peers to earn his spot against Boba Fett in a preliminary match, but most people could easily predict Boba Fett’s win during this round. His second round battle against either Jango Fett or Cad Bane could prove more difficult though, as both have an arguably equal sized fan base that could pull votes – especially younger fans that are endeared to Cad Bane.

So, make sure you tell your friends to come out and vote for #TeamBoba. We came so close to the finals last year – this time let’s bring home the gold! Help spread the word by using #TeamBoba and #ThisIsMadness on Twitter.

Click HERE to vote.

My local Meijer has marked down the 2011-2012 LEGO Star Wars sticker books, featuring dozens of Boba Fett stickers. Has anyone seen the newest edition on shelves anywhere?

When images of the female Mandalorian came out of New York Toy Fair, revealed later as Sabine, there was plenty of speculation about who she might be. I was more focused on what her role could suggest happened to Mandalore following the Darth Maul story arc in season five of The Clone Wars.

The fallout of Darth Maul’s hostile takeover of planet Mandalore has consumed most of my thoughts on the show’s last season. When we left, the planet was in Civil War. Bo-Katan’s splinter group, the Nite Owls, was in heated battle to regain control from Maul’s Shadow Collective, including Death Watch.

Although the pacifistic government was overthrown, the planet’s neutral siding would mean there’d be no intervention by the Jedi or the Republic. If the Nite Owls were defeated, this would mean the planet would remain controlled by organized crime – right? It may not be that clean cut.

While the audience is aware Darth Maul was usurped by Sidious, nobody else survived the encounter that could enlighten either side of the conflict. Of course, Sidious wouldn’t advertise his victory; in fact, he’d use it to his advantage – the natural puppet master that he is. If he left Maul on the planet, but under his thumb, he could now influence the happenings of a planet previously outside his influence.

Through controlling the figure head of Mandalore, it would provide an emerging Empire with two advantages. The first, it neutralizes one of the most threatening warrior classes; and second, it allows the existence of Imperial outposts with no resistance when the Empire expands.

Of course, there would be Nite Owl members who survive the clash and either continue to fight, or go underground. Either way, their children would be raised to distrust and hate the Empire that controls their planet – sending their planet into depression as its resources and industry is taken over and used to pump out weapons and items for Imperial forces.

Sabine’s bucket is very similar to the design of the Nite Owls, which leads me to speculate she could be an offspring of one of the members. Also, her artistic tendencies could be a product of being a youth during the pacifistic regime, where arts could have been pushed more over the older roots of being warriors.


Here’s another Boba Fett exclusive to add to your collection, as he’s featured on this year’s Star Wars Fan Fun Day patch. It was revealed late last week via the official STFFD Twitter page. You can buy the patch at for about $12, not including shipping and handling

When I first heard Hasbro was planned to lower the articulation on its figures, I was dubious. While happy the figures would be sold at more affordable prices pleased me, I didn’t know if I liked taking a step backwards. But I’m now a fan of the lower articulation.

We’ve become accustomed to the super articulated figures, but once seeing the lower articulated figures in person – I reached several conclusions.

The first, I wonder if artists can focus on sculpt more than engineering/hiding joints, because the figures are just more stunning compared to the Black Series 3.75-inch line.

The first wave of Saga Legends came out beautiful, especially the clean paint applications. Jango Fett from the Mission Series is very screen accurate and just as detailed as a larger scaled figure or statue.

Not to mention, I instantly fell in love with the Obi-Wan Kenobi/Darth Maul Mandalorian two-pack released this year. I was hoping Hasbro would create a figure of Maul in the outfit he wore during the Mandalorian arc, I wanted to add it to my sub-focus collection of Mando-oriented figures.

I was impressed with the Jango Fett, so I had high hopes for the Boba Fett 3.75-inch figure from the Saga Legends line. This figure is great in every way – the plastic is durable, the paint is clean, the sculpt is well crafted and the figure is well balanced – it always sucks to have Boba tip over when wearing his jetpack.

This line, especially Boba Fett, feels like it could have been produced during the 1990s, when Hasbro re-launched its Star Wars line. Actually, I think this is what the execution Hasbro should have done, rather than the bulked-up design many of the characters had.

I only have two complaints about this figure, which carry over in part to the Saga Legends line as a whole. The first is, while I’m fine with his Wookie braids being sculpted into the figure’s body, I miss the cap accessory. Second, while I understand the move toward lower articulation, I wish Hasbro would continue the practical holsters – and on that note – Boba Fett only comes with a rifle, I would have liked a secondary blaster, too.

One of my favorite features in the modern Star Wars toys is the holsters that can snugly keep blasters with the figure. I really wish they would continue this feature. Overall though, this is a great figure – if you can find it.

While Valentine’s Day has come and gone, many retail stores are still overstocked with Valentine products. If you wanted to add any of these items to your collection, or want to be set for next year, you can now grab a lot of these items at a 75 percent discount. Walmart is selling its Valentine’s Day cards for .60 cents a box, and Meijer is moving their Valentine’s Day workbooks at a nice discount, also.

Easter is not too far away and a lot of retailers have put out their seasonal Star Wars products, and you can bet Boba Fett is featured prominently on many of these new items.

As usual, Target is the forerunner in stocking officially licensed Star Wars items. One of the most fun for the family is probably a Easter egg decorating kit, featuring 46 stickers and two stencils. The set includes imagery from the Original Trilogy, specifically Return of the Jedi.  

Also found at Target is a variety of Star Wars Easter baskets. You’ll find these in their seasonal aisle, not the bargain bins. The basket featuring Boba Fett is constructed of high-quality and sturdy paper. Boba Fett is shown on one of the four sides, with the other sides showcasing Greedo, Han Solo and a Storm Trooper.

The images are the same as used in this year’s oversized calendar. It’s priced at $6, which is great price since it could easily be re-purposed for other storage needs.

Boba Fett Fabrikation: Funko unveiled a new line of products at New York Toy Fair, featuring some of our favorite pop culture characters – including Boba Fett. The new line is called Fabrikations, which are 6 inches in length and filled with foam. What sets these apart from your usual plush toy is they have free standing feet and rotating heads. The Boba Fett Fabrikation is scheduled to release this June.

Slave I Keychain: There wasn’t too much additional Boba Fett products coming out of Toy Fair, but another new item showcased was from Quantum Mechanix, which is producing replica keychains of Slave I. The design comes from digital scans from the Lucasfilm archive and is made from solid steel alloy – crafted at a 1:400 scale ratio. This item is expected the second quarter of this year, and is priced at a reasonable $12.95.

Rubies Costume: Rubies had some new costumes on display at Toy Fair, including an officially licensed Boba Fett/Jango Fett children’s costume. This item is actually two costumes in one – you can reverse the costume to dress up as either Boba or Jango Fett.

Goodnight Darth Vader: Also earlier this month, Lucasfilm announced Jeffrey Brown will release a second follow-up to his hit children’s book Darth Vader and Son. The third book, Goodnight Darth Vader follows our favorite Sith Lord as he faces the challenges that come with putting kids to bed. Lucasfilm officials confirmed Boba Fett will feature a cameo in the book. There’s no official release date yet, but it should hit shelves sometime later this year.

Boba Fett Collector’s Helmet: Shipping in April, a new Boba Fett collector’s helmet is up for pre-order on Entertainment Earth. This bucket is made from injected plastic and is priced at $99. While it’s a nicely made helmet, the paint scheme and weathering doesn’t match the films.

Boba Fett Fingerboards: The company, Tech Deck, released its Star Wars collection in January. These miniature skateboards feature an assortment of Star Wars characters, including two Boba Fett designs – one on a skateboard, and the other on a longboard.

Boba Fett Tunic Tank: The last item on our list is a new product by Her Universe. The fangirl-oriented site has created a Boba Fett Tunic Tank, which comes in sizes X-Small to 4-XL and is priced at $35. It features a print of Boba Fett’s armor on the front, and a stylized jetpack design on the back of the tunic.

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and if your other half has a Boba Fettish, this new eCard by artist Katie Cook could be the perfect way to show them some love. You can send this card by visiting THIS link.