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Cassus Fett is the earliest relative of Boba Fett in known history of Clan Fett. He was highly influential in Mandalorian society, having been a field marshal who spearheaded the Neo-Crusader movement. His origins were secret, but for a few select in his inner circle. Cassus worked side-by-side with Mandalore the Ultimate to expand Mandalore’s influence through a number of conquests – which resulted in many battles against the Old Republic. Canon: C-Level

Jango Fett was adopted by Mandalorian warrior Jaster Mareel after his family was murdered by Death Watch during a battle on Concord Dawn. After serving in the Mandalorian Civil War, Jango become a renowned bounty hunter. His reputation as a warrior led to him to be contracted as the genetic template to create a clone army for the Republic. As part of his payment, Jango requested an unaltered clone son, Boba Fett. Jango would eventually face a fatal defeat at the hands of Jedi Mace Windu during the Battle of Genosis, where he was killed in front of his clone son, driving him to seek revenge against the Jedi Order. Canon: G-Level, C-Level

Fett owned a farm on Concord Dawn, where he served as a Journeyman Protector. During the Mandalorian Civil War, he was captured and killed by Death Watch for harboring Jaster Mereel. His son, Jango Fett, was adopted by Mereel following his death and the Battle of Concord Dawn. Fett’s wife was also killed when Shocktroopers moved upon their homestead during the battle, but not before an attempt to take a few out with her. Canon: C-Level.

Arla Fett was the sister of Jango Fett who was presumed dead by many after the Battle of Concord Dawn. She witnessed the murder of her parents when Death Watch invaded their homestead, then she was captured and forced to serve Death Watch for a number of years as an assassin. When she finally escaped, she was placed in a mental institution from post traumatic stress syndrome. She was broken out of the institution following The Clone Wars by Kal Skirata to collect intel on Death Watch. In exchange, Skirata and his team Force wiped her memories. Canon: C-Level.

Connor Freeman was the son of a clone who escaped planet Kamino and started a family of his own on planet Atzerri. His father was assassinated by Jango Fett by order of Count Dooku, who believed the clone deserter knew too much about the clone army. Jango spared Freeman and his mother, and left an inheritance to the boy. Freeman used the inheritance fund gambling against a crime lord, and after winning, received a bounty on his head. Boba Fett was hired to kill Freeman, but after learning the target was his genetic half-brother, Fett killed the crime lord, saving Freeman. Boba later used Freeman as a pawn to smoke out a party trying to kill him, whereas Freeman lost his arm in the process. Canon: C-Level

Boba Fett married bounty hunter Sintas Vel, while he worked as a Journeyman Protector on planet Concord Dawn. She gave birth to daughter, Ailyn Vel, which Sintas was forced to raise alone after Boba was exiled from Concord Dawn after killing the superior officer, Lenovar, who raped her. The two would later divorce and their marriage was kept a secret in order to protect them from retribution at the hands of Boba Fett’s enemies. Prior to Ailyn’s 16th birthday, Sintas accepted a job that resulted in her being froze in Carbonite for 40 years, eventually being freed by her granddaughter, Mirta Gev. Canon: C-Level

Ailyn Vel followed in the footsteps of her parents, Boba Fett and Sintas Vel, and became a successful bounty hunter. She was orphaned at 16-years-old, her father being exiled when she was a baby and her mother disappeared right before her birthday, she blamed Boba Fett for her mother’s death and devoted years hunting him down for vengeance. After killing a clone she believed to be her father, Ailyn spent a period of time wearing Mandalorian armor and masquerading as her father. Ailyn’s career as a bounty hunter, like her father’s, put her on a collision course with the Solo family – eventually leading to her demise. Canon: C-Level

Mirta Gev was brought up training for a singular purpose – continue her mother’s mission of killing Boba Fett. When Mirta finally tracked down her grandfather, the aging bounty hunter was on the verge of death due to a series of tumors throughout his body. She aided Boba in tracking down the medical data that would cure him of his ailments. Mirta was torn between a growing bond with her grandfather and her loyalty to her mother. The relationship between Mirta and Boba would turn into a partnership as they worked together on numerous missions. Canon: C-Level

Han Solo was constantly in Boba Fett’s crosshairs. Boba Fett initially hunted the smuggler following Han Solo’s failure to pack back money to the crime lord, Jabba the Hutt. Boba Fett caught up to Han Solo on Cloud City where the smuggler fell into a trap and was frozen in Carbonite. Boba Fett claimed his prize – but when Luke Skywalker executed a rescue mission outside Jabba’s Palace, a blind Han Solo accidently triggered Boba’s jetpack, launching him down the mouth of the Sarlacc. After escaping the Pit of Carkoon, the bounty hunter continued a cat-and-mouse game with Han Solo for years. Later in life, the two men found themselves unlikely allies. Boba Fett assisted the Solo family in taking down the plotting Thrackan Sal-Solo in exchange for the retired smuggler’s help in locating Boba Fett’s long-lost daughter, Ailyn Vel. Boba Fett would also train Han Solo’s daughter, Jaina, to defeat her brother, Jacen Solo, who turned to the Dark Side. Canon: G-Level, C-Level

While Boba Fett was recovering from being trapped inside the Sarlacc, a bounty hunter named Jodo Kast passed himself off as Boba Fett in order to score higher profile bounties. Kast was discovered by the bounty hunter Dengar, who reported his findings to his past colleague, Fett. To make an example of the imposter, Boba Fett sets a trap for Jodo Kast in the form of a high priced bounty. When Jodo Kast falls for the trap, he proves no match for the recuperated Boba Fett. Jodo begs for mercy, but Boba Fett plays with the imposter, stripping off his Mandalorian sigils and making him believe he had a chance of survival. In a cold fashion, Boba Fett murders Jodo Kast by blowing him up. Canon: C-Level  

Darth Vader recruited Boba Fett to help set a trap for the clone of Galen Marek, a.k.a. Starkiller, after the clone escaped planet Kamino before he could be destroyed. Vader paid Boba Fett to abduct Starkiller’s love interest, Juno Eclipse, and bring her back to Kamino, to lure Starkiller into a trap. Boba Fett was supplied with a squad of Stormtroopers and mech-spiders for the mission, which was executed perfectly as planned. Once Boba brought Juno back to Kamino, he set up a sniper’s nest to assist Vader during the Sith Lord’s confrontation with Starkiller, if necessary. After Starkiller’s defeat of Vader, the clone mourns the assumed death of Juno, and contemplates killing him to end his misery. However, when Juno miraculously awakens, Boba Fett decides to spare the clone. Canon: C-Level

The Governor of Concord Dawn was the father of the officer who assaulted Boba Fett’s wife, while Boba was off planet serving his role as a Journeyman Protector. After Boba Fett killed the officer he was exiled, but the Governor continued to want vengeance – years later hiring a group of mercenaries to kill Boba Fett. The assassination attempt failed though, and Boba Fett faked his death to smoke out the Governor. When the Governor went after Boba’s ex-wife and child, Boba Fett returned and finished him off. Canon: C-Level

Johan Cross was an Imperial Agent who worked as a spy for the Empire during the dark times. On occasion, his assignments led him to utilize Boba Fett as a means to an end. Cross framed Boba Fett for the assassination of a prominent member of the Dooku family, in order to manipulate Boba Fett into taking out political opponents of the Empire. This was a maneuver to ensure the Empire placed political puppets into the positions they wanted for better control over planets. Canon: C-Level  

One of Boba Fett’s first employers was the crime lord Jabba the Hutt, who agreed to harbor the young bounty hunter, while he was on the run from various parties. Jabba was fond of Jango Fett, who had performed good work for the crime lord and this was a way to posthumously repay those favors. Boba Fett continued to work for Jabba the Hutt, establishing a fearsome reputation and becoming one of Jabba’s most reliable bounty hunters. After Jabba’s death and Boba Fett’s escape from the Sarlacc, the bounty hunter would continue to find work from family members of Jabba who respected and trusted the bounty hunter. Canon: G-Level, C-Level

Darth Vader hired Boba Fett numerous times, often for high profile assignments or when Jedi were involved. One of Vader’s first assignments for Boba was to lure the escaped clone, Starkiller. The altercation between Darth Vader and Starkiller led to the capture of Vader, but as the Rebels took the Sith Lord prisoner and took him to their secret base, Boba Fett tracked the ship holding Vader captive. Darth Vader grew to respect the bounty hunter and view him as a great asset, continuing to use him as a weapon for the Empire. Canon: G-Level, C-Level

Dengar worked with a group of bounty hunters during the Clone Wars, which was led by a young Boba Fett. Their paths crossed multiple times over the years, sometimes working with together and sometimes against one another. Dengar was one of the bounty hunters recruited by Darth Vader to hunt down the Millennium Falcon, which furthered the rivalry between him and Boba Fett. However, despite their competition, both men saved each other’s lives on multiple accounts, including when Dengar found Boba Fett, near death, after his escape from the Sarlacc. Canon: G-Level, C-Level, T-Level

Aurra Sing took care of Boba Fett, following his father’s death. Sing had worked with Jango Fett in the past, but her ulterior motives for mentoring the orphaned boy was the large inheritance rumored to have been left to Boba.  Her plan to gain access to his funds failed, but she would later team with young Boba Fett to exact revent on Mace Windu – helping Boba infilitrate the Endurance, posing as a clone cadet. Canon: C-Level, T-Level

Bossk was a Trandoshan bounty hunter who partnered up with young Boba Fett during The Clone Wars. They worked together in an assassination attempt on Mace Windu, which resulted in both of them being arrested and imprisoned. After collaborating on an escape with Cad Bane, they successfully broke out and formed another bounty hunter group, taking odd jobs. Their careers as bounty hunters took them in different ways following The Clone Wars and they often found themselves competing for the same bounties. Although, they sometimes reunited on big jobs. Canon: G-Level, T-Level, C-Level